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One of our holiday traditions at this time of year is hitting the slopes.  In case you are new to my blog, we love to ski!!  We always a trip up North to the Petoskey, MI area and spend a few days skiing.  This year we went to Nubs Nob and Boyne Highlands.

2016-12-27 15.09.32
Ready to drive 5 hours. Too bad we forgot the movies for the DVD player! DOH!!


Even though it had rained all day right before we left at home, the ski resorts still had good snow coverage.  Almost all of the mountain was open at both resorts.

2016-12-28 14.13.23

We skied the whole resort.  Even those double black diamonds.  Watch out for us!

2016-12-29 13.11.18

We goofed around.

2016-12-28 14.59.23

We enjoyed a hot chocolate break.  Guess who is missing his two bottom teeth??

2016-12-28 14.25.20

We had dinner at a great brew pub, Petoskey Brewery.  I had a grilled cheese panini.  Yum!!

2016-12-28 16.25.03

We usually end up staying at the same hotel each year because they have great free breakfast.  Along with skiing, we love making big waffles in the morning on our ski trip 🙂  This year we ended up trying out another hotel because they not only had free breakfast, but they also had their dining area open from 6am until 10pm.  Yes, that’s right, free food!  You didn’t have to tell me twice about that deal, we booked it.  So the first night we arrived we had dinner at the hotel instead of going out to our usual dining location.  They had the best soup there!  Breakfast was also just as good because in addition to waffles they had everything else you would want – hot foods (eggs, sausage), cereal, toast, yogurt, and … donuts!

2016-12-28 08.21.37

But there was one other feature that drew us to the hotel – brand new adjustable, massaging beds!!  That’s right.  Adjustable, massaging beds!  The beds were divine.  Not sure how else to put it.  Apres ski we pretty much hang out in bed watching TV after dinner.  It’s a great way to relax after skiing.  But these beds took it to a whole other level.  I’m not sure we’ll ever enjoy a plain old flat bed again after experiencing those massaging beds.  Ahhhhhhhhhh  Of course the kids each want one in their room now.

2016-12-28 20.02.44 2016-12-28 20.03.25

Adjustable beds are spoiling us!!  If you ever need a room in Petoskey, look up the Michigan Inn & Lodge.  (btw, this was not a paid recommendation.  I just enjoy telling you about these fun and interesting things when I run across them!!)  And finally, note to myself, I need to branch out from ski selfies because there is no way of telling which resort we are at!!  Get some background in the picture 🙂

2016-12-29 13.54.05


Q:  Have you ever slept in an adjustable/massaging bed?

Q:  What is your favorite breakfast food?

At home I like to eat cereal. I just love milk in the morning.  But at a hotel I’m all about the waffles!

Q:  Do you have a tradition of traveling anywhere during the holidays?


4 thoughts on “Ski trip tradition, free food & oh so comfy!”
  1. What fun! That is FREAKING AWESOME they basically had free food all day long! I do like to find hotels with free breakfasts. Normally they are really tiny bfasts because I tend to book us very cheap hotels. But the place we stayed at once in Denver had a HUGE selection. In fact, the one day at bfast not only did we eat, but we made pb&j sandwiches to take on our hike that day. I guess we weren’t supposed to do that but we did. 🙂

    1. The funny thing is that this was at a motel – which I usually avoid for ski trips because they are drafty, and you know we need a hall in case Zack tries to escape (!!). For $79 a night we just couldn’t pass it up. We’ll be back again! And yep, we made a PB&J to go to (not allowed), but we ran out of lunch meat so Zack needed something to eat for lunch that day!! We always pack our lunches for skiing. We’re all about saving $$$!

    1. Massaging beds was definitely a first for my travels, but I think all hotels should put them in !! Your breakfast sounds really good. Alan has been eating a lot of eggs lately. For some reason they were super cheap for several weeks so we bought a lot of them!

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