Did I officially miss the “Plans for 2017” submission time for blog posting?  I think not.  Because hey, I’m that person.  Yep, that neighbor who leaves their Christmas lights out (and turned on!) until a week after New Years day.

2017-01-05 07.39.25
My house this morning!!

I am a late starter when it comes to decorating for Christmas (nothing Christmasy until AFTER Thanksgiving, thank you!!), but when it comes to taking stuff down, I linger in the glow of my xmas lights and decorations as long as I can!

2017-01-04 08.08.17
I will miss the glow of my lights – they are coming down this weekend!


But I digress.  Here are my plans so far for 2017.  Goals people, we are talking goals!!

I’ve got “life” goals, and then “running goals”.  Briefly, they are:

  • Find balance – I think this will mean doing a lot more cross training, which will be cycling.  I *don’t* want to run all the miles in 2017.  My body needs a break!
  • Try new running things – venturing out onto the trails (see below)
  • Keep up with financial statements – this is my nemesis at home.  I have a years worth of financial statements at home which need to be reconciled.  Need to stay on top of this!
  • Keep my email inbox to a minimum!  Ugh.  Always a challenge.
  • Keep up with meal planning, and use coupons – it stresses me out when I don’t have a menu plan for our family dinners, and worse when we go to the grocery store more than once a week for random cooking items.  Problem easily solved with some planning ahead!
  • Strength train twice a week.
  • Warm up, and stretch after each run.  I just have to do it.  I was in a good habit of this during marathon training but need to do it year round.
  • Qualify for Boston again (?  maybe ?  it’s really hard!!)
  • Run a sub 24 min 5K  (is that even possible?? Again, that sounds really hard too.)

Here are some running events already on my calendar to tie into some of these goals…

January 8th – Donut Dash (Crazy Eight Challenge).  Do you remember my Donut run from last year?  It was epic.  I ate 4 of the 8 donuts I needed to finish this race.  But GREAT NEWS… the amount of donuts is now lowered to 4, and they will be regular donuts (not super sized).  This will be a fun 4 mile “race”!

2016-01-10 09.04.01

February 4th – Toledo Roadrunners Blizzard breakfast.  This is not a “race” but another fun run for the club.  Complete with pancake breakfast afterwards. Yum!!  Traditionally this day is super cold or snowy, so those calories are well earned!

March 18thThe Blarney Shuffle 5K.  Yet another fun run! Last year I started at the back of the pack, and ran my way through the crowds on the course.  That was a lot of fun, maybe I’ll do that again this year!!

2016-03-19 17.01.28
There may have been drinking involved in this St. Patty’s day race.

April 23rd Owens Corning Glass City Half Marathon / Yark Subaru Relay.  By now you should know I am running this.  Enough said.  Race “A” for Spring race (half marathon) and super fun relay with my kids.  It’s got it all!!

June 18th – Mohican Trail Race (26.2 edition) – This is my marathon for the season.  Trail running, a brand new challenge!!  My husband said 6 1/2 hours would be a very good time for this (vs my normal 4hrs), so expect something between 6.5-8 hrs with the hilly terrain!  (yikes!!, excited and nervous about this!)

September 10th – Erie Marathon – Another BQ attempt? I haven’t committed to this idea quite yet, but it is percolating in my brain!

October 15th – Columbus half marathon.  Love this race.  Wouldn’t miss it!

That’s about all that I can think of now.  There will be many other races thrown in there during the year.  And did I mention I’m going to look at the list of triathlons and duathlons in my area??  Since I have a cool bike now, I’m going to put it to use.  Duathlons sounds appealing to me right now.  The “balance” and “try new things” all wrapped up in one!


Q: When do you take down your Christmas lights/decorations?

Q:  Do you have any races already planned out past June 2017?

Q:  Do you menu plan (weekly?  monthly??) or use coupons?

8 thoughts on “Better late than never!”
  1. Christmas lights came down last week during a brief warm spell. It was 6* this morning so I am glad I got it done. I usually wait until after New Year’s Day, but couldn’t pass up a relatively warm day. I am looking at the Tunnel Marathon in late September as a BQ attempt for 2019. I may go down to Atlanta in November and run the Atlanta Half on Thanksgiving Day. I have aunts, uncles, and cousins living there who I have not seen in years. Right now those plans are in pencil. After I attempt the Mt. Charleston Marathon in April, I will have a better idea where my running is going.

    1. I think 90% of our neighborhood took theirs down when it was warmer too!
      Is that the marathon in WA? If so, it looks very scenic! The reviews of it were really good too.

  2. Mohican will be a blast – I promise! And if you need a running partner for Erie, I’m in as well. Not me, I’ll get Biff to pace you. ha

  3. I still see lots of decorations up – you are not alone lol
    The donut run sounds really fun lol I am not sure I have one near me though, so far no search has turned one up!
    You have a nice plan lined up to keep you moving all year 🙂

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