Today was the Crazy Eight Challenge at the Donut Dash race at Second Sole (a local running shop).  Unlike last year, the weather was pretty decent.  8 degrees and “feels like” -1!  Yes, that is an improvement over last year.  Last year it was wicked cold AND sleeting/snowing, and super windy.  We got a break this year!  My Sunshine app was right about the cold, but luckily not about the wind.

2017-01-08 07.25.09

It was correct about the layers.  Runners need lots of layers!  My most important layer was my new Athleta Polartec leggings!!  My first run in them and they were toasty!  I also wore a long sleeve tech shirt, a quarter zip tech shirt, thicker running jacket, AND a fleece vest.  I was not taking any chances.  I even put some handwarmer packs in my gloves.  I feel like I dressed appropriately though I did get warm when we ran in the sun.

2017-01-08 09.01.31

The camera adds 10 pounds?  My layers added 10 pounds!! Oh the layers… the pre-race picture looks like I already ate ALL of the donuts.  My friends look so good!  Not sure what is wrong with me. (haha, and look at GCM race ambassador Sarah.  She is fooling no one being on her tippy toes!)

2017-01-08 08.55.43

The challenge is a 4 mile prediction run.  You didn’t have to do the challenge, you could just enjoy the donuts at the end.  But us brave souls joined the challenge.  We ate one donut immediately as the race started.  And let me tell you, it was a challenge to get that first one down!  I was almost the slowest donut eater *again* this year.  The donuts were smaller than last year, and we only needed to eat one (instead of two huge ones!!), but still, they were cake-like donuts and it was just much slower than I imagined.  We had to turn in a predicted finish time for our 4 miles. I put 42:03 mins and Alan selected 40:00.

Here we are at the start of the race – the first donut…brrrrrrr


Alan is wondering why I am such a slow eater!!


A lot of people think “ewwww, I’d just throw up if I ate that many donuts and ran!!” but never once did I feel like I was going to get sick.  It actually didn’t bother me one bit.  Luckily the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th donut were eaten much easier – because I opted to drink some water and wash them down.  That made eating them much easier.  Sadly though, when I was eating that 4th donut it was just “food in my mouth” and I didn’t even feel like it was a donut or anything that I really enjoyed eating.  So sad. 🙁

We finished in 45:22.  A bit off our prediction, so no prizes for us.  But… there were more donuts at the finish, and I gotta say – I did eat another one!  I got a yummy frosted one with chocolate filling.  Yummm.  My love for donuts was renewed.  Here are my paces (yes, it was a prediction run but my watch was buried under my layers of clothes and I didn’t peek at it during the race.  I promise!!)  Looks like I got a little slower each time eating those donuts, but it sure didn’t seem like it.  I thought I was improving!!


This was a fun Toledo Roadrunners / Second Sole event and guess what… it was free for all TRRC members!  Gotta love that.  And other good news – I think my sore tailbone is improving.  Let’s hope so!!  I really need to run some miles tomorrow to work off these calories 🙂  🙂


Q:  Tell me about your running this weekend!  Are you race training?

Everyone has started their Glass City full marathon training this week.  I’m feeling a bit left out!

Q:  What’s the coldest temperature you’ve run in?

Q:  Ever done an eating challenge race?

Q:  Ever run a prediction race??




11 thoughts on “Donut Dash Crazy 8 Challenge!”
  1. I always forget to check the weather before going out to run so that app could be very helpful!

    My running this weekend could be described as one really awful run, and another really cold but awesome run. I live in South Florida so cold temperatures for me are arround 50 degrees (which is the coldest I’ve run in). I can’t even imagine what it feels like to run at 8 degrees, wow!

    I’ve never done an eating challenge race or a prediction race. I’m kind of scared of the first one. The second one could be fun!
    Nathaly Abrahan recently posted…The Story Of a Bad Run.My Profile

    1. I was totally scared about the donut challenge last year (the first time I ran), and it was 8 donuts last year. Afraid to make a fool of myself! Turns out it wasn’t a big deal and we were all in the same boat.
      You Southerners are missing out on a whole collection of running clothes and accessories that you don’t need! That’s why we run – cute running stuff, right? (Although I can’t say balaclavas are a fashion item!! Ha)

  2. When we ran on Saturday it was 4* and yesterday I think it was 2* so we were definitely layered up. We usually run an easy 6 on Sundays, so I was surprised when we passed the 2 mile mark and everyone stopped and turned. Apparently, they had already decided 4 miles was enough in those temps and I was more than happy to cut it short. Twice a year, our club sponsors a very informal Beer Mile. I have never done it because I hate throwing up and that seems to be the eventual result. Its always a blast to watch and we grill out after and of course drink up all the leftover beer. I think the coldest temp I have ever run in was -1* or -2* but it seems to be the windchill that makes running the most miserable in the winter. I start marathon training for Mt. Charleston today. See if I can get back in shape for a BQ attempt in the Fall.

    1. Woohoo on starting your training plan! I hope it is successful. I don’t think I could run intervals and not be in pain if I wanted to, so I guess my body still needs rest 🙁 That beer mile sounds fun, but I too would be a spectator at that event!! I think would throw up. Liquids in the stomach is a whole different challenge for sure!!

  3. I have been out in those temps, it is all about the layers for sure 🙂
    I just like that I would have an excuse to eat donuts lol I am always battling my weight and watching my budget so this would be a fun cheat day for me 🙂
    I am pretty sure I could eat one in seconds LOL

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