First, update on my Dad again… he is actually doing more stuff in PT!!  He is heading in the right direction for sure now.  However, we meet with the knee surgeon next week to see when they can perform the knee surgery again and get him fixed up correctly.  I hope it happens soon so he can just get healed up!!  Here is a picture my Mom sent me.  Made me smile 🙂 🙂

2017-01-18 11.04.45

Waaaaaaaaaay better than seeing him 10 days ago in the ICU!!  Don’t worry, he was just sleeping and I thought he looked peaceful – but that was all he wanted to do!!  He was out of it.

2017-01-07 11.02.54


I wanted to tell you about a couple of free, and super handy apps that I use on my iPhone.  I have no idea how I survived without a smartphone for most of my life.  Seriously!  My phone keeps me organized, entertained, and pretty much keeps my sanity every hour of the day!

Stretching app!  (by lolo)

What, you don’t need an app to tell you how to stretch?  After I get done running I need to stretch.  My advanced “Master Runner” body is telling me that everyday.  However, if I do it on my own it goes from 5 stretches at 30 seconds each to “I gotta get this done, 5 seconds of stretching is just fine”.  Well I found an app that makes me do my stretching.  I have several apps from this same company.  “Easy Abs”, “Killer Butt” (!!), “Easy Arms”, and “Easy Legs”.  Not sure why the butt is killer, but let’s just go with it.  Anywhooo… you can pick the type of stretching that you want to do, your “skill” level, what equipment you might have, and each day you get a different order of stretches.  This app is now $2.99, but heck, it is worth it!  I think I must have got it on sale for .99 cents at some point.  They do run sales sometimes!  They also offer several apps that are free so you can try them out.

2017-01-16 20.10.08

I love that there are models doing the moves so I can do them correctly!  Oh, and last week when I did my arm workout at home, I used my Easy Arms app.  Easy?  Maybe to follow along, but oh my aching arms the next day!!

2017-01-16 20.09.59

Family Organizer – Cozi

If you don’t have kids, you might not find this one as exciting as I do, but still, there are many features in Cozi to love.  It’s calendar, to do list, and shopping lists all rolled into one.  Just that fact that I can put something on a shared grocery shopping list, and the chances are almost 100% that my husband will see it (while he’s at the store!!), and purchase it, is a game changer.  I’m sitting at work thinking of things we need to make dinner for the week, and Bam! – add it to the list!  I can even indicate if it’s Sam’s Club, the Grocery Store, or other lists I have set up.

Most importantly though is the family calendar.  Everybody gets their own color and it is my Bible on who is doing what around my house.  My daughter even has it on her iPhone now and doesn’t have to ask what is going on!

2017-01-18 19.15.20
A day off work for me?? I’m looking forward to this week already!


I sync up the Cozi calendar to my Gmail calendar so I just have to look in one place most of the time.  You can also access everything on the Cozi website too.  Love that!!

Photos!  I love my photos!! – Dropbox sync

I wanted to have an easy way to transfer my pictures from my phone to my PC so I could save them, and also resize them for the blog.  Dropbox has been working great for me so far!  I do have to transfer some of the uploaded files off the service every 3 months or so due to the free size limitation, but that gets me in the habit of putting them on our server at home.  What, you don’t have a file server at home??  Did you expect anything less from a Tech Chick? 😉

What about you?…


Q:  Do you have any apps that you use on a regular basis?

Oh, Waze is a great one too for maps and driving!

Q:  Do you have a network/server at home?  

Alan and I are both from IT careers, so we are all hooked up!

Q:  How much would you pay for an app?

I did buy a motion sensitive camera app for $3 over Christmas.  Can you tell from my Instagram feed?  haha  That was my xmas bonus treat to myself 🙂  ps, if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should!



8 thoughts on “Some pretty awesome apps on my iPhone”
  1. That stretching app looks very interesting! I bet it would get me doing new stretches. As it is now I have my routine and I!

    I sync my photos on my phone with Google Photos since they give unlimited storage for free! Plus I think they organize the photos in a more user friendly way! I used to have an at-home server when I was in grad school, but now I host everything in the cloud. One time i knocked my server onto the ground and lost so much stuff and that’s when I made the transition. Silly me did not have a backup :(!
    Kristina Running recently posted…5 Workouts You Can Do At Home Or in the Gym!My Profile

    1. Interesting that you mention Google Photos – yesterday I was switching over to it, and was uploading 4,368 pics from my phone! It was like my life was flashing before me as I watched them go 🙂 I’m not sure how best to get them to my server if I use Google Photos, so I’m still considering it – but I do like all of their features. I might convert!

  2. If anyone needs a centralized server at home, a Synology NAS is a great way to share everything. And with the models that support 2+ drives, you can have everything mirrored (or in a RAID) so that if one drive dies, you just pop it out, install a new one, and it won’t miss a beat or lose any data. Don’t even have to power the NAS down when replacing the drive either.

    1. I wonder how accurate the distance is on the treadmill. Have you tried it? I think I need to adjust my stride length in Garmin to get a better treadmill reading… but then I got lazy and just gave up on that idea 🙂

    1. Yes, happy happy news on my Dad!!
      Sydney was using that app for Spanish too I think. Spanish is a good language to learn! I feel like I’m learning it via helping Sydney study for her tests 🙂

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