Happy Tuesday again!  Big news – I started my official training for the Owens Corning Half Marathon this past week!

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Ambassador 2017

Weekly Stats:

  • Training for:  Owens Corning Half marathon @ the Glass City Marathon
  • Days of running: 6
  • Miles run: 36.3
  • Gym visits: 1


3 miles, 10:38 pace.  Holy freaking God.  My legs were insanely sore from the kettlebell workout.  The first mile was so painful, but after that they loosened up and felt good to be moving.  However, I walked around like I had a stick up my butt all day!!!  No joke.

Happy to have survived 3 miles today!!


4.5 miles, 9:54 pace.  Slightly less freaking God pain, but still… took a good mile to get the legs moving without discomfort.  Eeeek.  Stick in butt walking still going on.



6 miles,  9:30 avg & gym day.  My legs are still feeling slightly sore, but way better than earlier in the week.  I did some faster miles today – a few 1/2 mile intervals.  Even saw a “7:” on my pace for an interval.  Whew, it was a sweatfest because we didn’t have the fan pointing at the treadmill (due to basement finishing work).  #firstworldproblems


Stealth-like gym shot of my [slightly] big muscles! haha


Rest day!


6 miles, 9:59 pace – Was going to be 10 miles long run, but I said “eh” on that, and decided to only do 6 miles.  Treadmill time, TV time.  Didn’t want to wear myself out before training official started!



8 miles, 8:59 pace – I met up with friends this morning and ran 8 miles.  We finished our run with a trip to the donut shop.  We believe in well rounded workouts.  hahaha



6 miles GA, plus strides, 8:53 pace – My first official day of half marathon training!  A “GA” run is general aerobic, which I figure should be 9:00 pace.  My strides were random, and that brought my pace up for the last mile.


Well, that wraps up my weekly workouts!

You can find my other Training Tuesday recaps here!  Linking up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC again this week.  (there are a lot of fun blogs linked there in case you are looking for something new to read!)


Q:  Do you have a favorite destination after your run?  Coffee shop?  Donut shop?

Actually, after the donut shop I did go to the coffee shop to meet another friend.  I felt very social that day!!


15 thoughts on “Training Tuesday 1/31/17 – GCM edition!”
  1. After our club runs on Sunday, most of us walk down to the local Einstein’s for coffee and bagels. In the summer we can congregate outside at the sidewalk tables but in the winter we totally take over the inside. I feel sorry for the other customers and the owner because we take up almost every seat. He has always been a good sport about it and we do buy a lot of bagels. On Saturdays, we run in the Morton Arboretum and then have coffee in the Visitor Center. Couple of other running groups also run there so it can easily be 50+ runners in the dining area.

    1. I should have ordered a hot coffee instead of my favorite iced coffee… I shivered for 30 mins drinking it at the coffee shop!! of course, changing out of my sweaty clothes would have helped too. Good thing my friend didn’t mind!

  2. Wow, great first week!!

    OMG I did kettlebell squats once and it took me DAYS to recover. I was so sore I could barely get through my easy miles for the rest of the week! What a workout!

    I usually to and from home, but this time of year I love a hot cup of coffee or tea after a run! Last night I got through my run knowing chicken tortilla soup was waiting in the crockpot….so motivating…and yummy!

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