The Boston Marathon.  It’s the world’s oldest annual marathon, and ranks as one of the best known road races. It’s also one of the six World Marathon Majors (Boston, New York, Chicago, Berlin, London, Tokyo).  It’s rich in history and tradition.  And beer.  Lots and lots of beer!  Or so I’ve been told.  I guess if you’re not running, you’re celebrating Patriots Day – and enjoying a day off with a cold one!

Sam Adams agrees – the Boston Marathon rocks!!


I ran Boston in 2015 – on my birthday!  So awesome that it was my birthday… so NOT awesome that it rained that year.  BUT, I have to say, one of the best parts about the race was just being involved in it.  When you walk around Boston after the race, wearing your Boston marathon jacket, random strangers on the street come up and congratulate you on your race!!  How great is that?!  They know the training and effort that goes into such an achievement and are truly happy for you.  Boston loves it’s runners!!

Newton Hills, you are no match for us!


Dude, it was cold after the race!!

It just so happens that I received two of the exact same books the year I ran Boston!  So I’m having a giveaway.  This book is a very interesting look into the race – mile by mile.   You will learn about all the towns the race goes through, and the many runners that ran the course.

26.2 Miles to Boston: A Journey into the Heart of the Boston Marathon


I’d be happy to send this book to you… so you can catch Boston fever too!  To enter this giveaway, use the Rafflecopter below.
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Good luck to all who enter!!


Q:  Have you ever run Boston?  Which year(s)?

Q:  Have you ever run any of the other Marathon Majors?  If you haven’t, which one would be your dream race?

Q:  Got any plans for the weekend?

19 thoughts on “Boston fever – a giveaway!!”
  1. I ran Boston in 2011 and last year, we bumped into each other at the expo! The race certainly “runs” deep with tradition. I plan to run it every 5 years until my body (or race times) won’t allow me. We’ve only been to Boston 1 other time, it was a stop while we were on a cruise.

    1. Yes, I can confirm that is true! We did meet in Boston! And then at many XC, track meets and how about along the Glass City marathon course?? Which, by the way, inspired my family to run the relay this year. So kudos to that! Boston seems like an odd stop on a cruise (only because I don’t know much about cruises) – where was the destination for the cruise?

      1. Good for you guys participating in the relay, its a great family event…Bonding! Unfortunately, we are out this year because of too many scheduling conflicts. The cruise ship sailed from NJ and went north to Canada, good time with great sightseeing! We were only in Boston for part of the day and the funny thing was the Tigers were in town and I surprised the kids with tickets to the ball game!

  2. I ran Boston in 2015 after 10 years of trying to qualify. I got my BQ at Erie in 2013 and missed the cutoff times both 2014 and 2015! I was determined not to let my BQ go to waste so I ran for a charity. I have done Chicago, NYC, Boston, London, and Berlin. Still need Tokyo for the last Major. Running 18 this morning as a long run for the Mt. Charleston Marathon. I will be in Boston again this year but only to volunteer and run the 5K. A friend of mine who has run Boston many times gave me that book in 2015. Good read. I just passed it along to a friend who is going to Boston for the first time this year.

    1. Your pictures on Kristina’s blog of Boston look like it was really good weather! You will totally BQ again. Wait until you get to be my age, it will be so easy for you! 😉

  3. That is so AWESOME that you have ran the Boston Marathon on your birthday!

    I haven’t ran any marathons yet, but among the Majors my dad ran New York, Chicago, and Berlin. He classified for Boston but unfortunately was not able to travel there that year.

    1. It was so cool when they announced my birthday when I crossed the finish line!! Sounds like running runs in your family (haha). What a great motivation source for you! And great pictures of the two of you on your blog!

  4. I want to run Boston someday but I am sure it will be as a charity runner 🙂 I hope to do London next year and then maybe Boston after that! Whenever I plan to do Boston I’ll need to have access to a treadmill again since we don’t have any hills here! I have my bridge to do repeats but to get that rolling hill feel I think I’ll need to do some treadmill runs!
    Kristina Running recently posted…Runner’s Guide to Going From Beginner to BQ!My Profile

    1. Running London would be my first choice of the races overseas. It’s a trip I want to take anyways, so why not combine it with a race!! Fingers crossed you will get to run it!

  5. 2015 was my first! Yes, it was wet and cold! The rest of the week that yeat was beautiful! Training for Boston now and seeing this blog post reminds me why it was worth training for. Boston>3

    1. Wasn’t it crazy how the weather changed that weekend? I learned another valuable lesson for traveling to a race – pack running clothes for all situations! I figured I was going to wear shorts and a tank top at the race. Glad I had something a little warmer to wear!

    1. We have traveled there so many times for him running the marathon, I finally feel like I know my way around the town! Thanks for stopping by!!

  6. I hope that one day I’ll be able to qualify for Boston! Until then, I plan to enjoy a variety of distances and races. My favorite Marathon so far is probably Disney, even with it being part of the Dopey challenge.

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