Did you know that since 2009 the Glass City Marathon has given over $300,00 to local charities?  The 2017 charities are:

You may have heard of some of these charities, but a few are new to me.  Take a minute to read about the cause they support.  They help out people in a wide range of situations around our town.

You can choose to be a fundraiser for one of these charities, or just make a donation on your own.  Just as running has changed your life, you can make a difference in someone else’s life by making a donation to one of the race charities!

Signing up to run for a charity is easy.  Just click on the link of the charity you are interested in and you will be directed to the information specific to that organization.  At that point you can choose to be a fund raiser, or make a donation another runner’s campaign.  You can even create a team and join some friends on the fund raising effort!


Q:  Have you ever run for a charity?


5 thoughts on “Glass City Marathon – giving back”
  1. I always love to see races that give back! I have run for charity the last two years and will likely run for charity again this year once I pick my goal race! When friends and family ask what I want for my birthday, Christmas, etc. I’m never really sure what to say, so I like that running for charity gives me the option to ask for a donation! Plus the group I run with offers free coaching and a fun facebook group! 🙂

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