It’s all about the little things, you know what I mean?  A generally blah day, but the little things turn it around.  For example, Friday.  It was my day off work, so I figured I should run outside.  That “feels like 7 degrees” on my weather app was not enticing me one bit.  But then, I saw this on my Starbucks app… really?  Molten Chocolate??  And I had my iPod all full of new and interesting podcasts… that was all the motivation I needed to get my butt outside.


Once I got to the park, I was not thrilled to actually get outside and run.  In fact, my fingers were freezing so bad from taking a couple of pictures that I had to circle back to my car and stick a pair of mittens on top of my running gloves.  But once I did… heaven!!!


My run was not exciting at all.  The podcasts kept me entertained, but my glutes were pretty much sore the whole time and I contemplated if trying for a PR at Glass City in April was a realistic goal 🙁  IMG_4505

Luckily my day turned around when I stopped at Kroger for my Starbucks drink.  I found this kickass bouquet marked down to only $4.99!!  Score!


Then I stopped at Rite Aid to pick up some Valentine treats for my sweethearts and found out I had $20 in rewards awaiting me, so this was free!!


Next, when I got the mail, I got all of these magazines!!!  I will admit it – I’m kind of a magazine hoarder, but I love magazines and I have great hopes to read them all.  And best of all, those are all free subscriptions due to rewards from airline miles and answering surveys.


Annnnnnnd…. my daughter went to her first dance.  Valentines day dance at the Jr High with her friends.   I think I was more excited about this than she was!!

That’s Sydney in the middle 🙂


Oh – one bad thing did happen.  Our kitchen sink clogged and Alan spend 3.5 hours unclogging it.  That really sucked.  Not the way anyone would want to spend their afternoon, snaking out the pipes.  BUT, he had the skills to fix it, and we have vowed (again) never to put grease, meat, potatoes, or celery down it ever again.


Hope you had a great start to your weekend!

Q:  Have you run across any great “little fortunes” lately?

Q:  What magazine subscriptions do you get?

Q:  Have you ever had to unclog your kitchen pipes?  

It’s so gross and stinky!!!  Kudos to Alan for being such a handy man!!



7 thoughts on “Little things ~ Friday Fun”
  1. Look at those pretty girls! I hope Sydney and her friends had fun at the dance. Plumbing issues- UGH! They are the worst. Really test the marriage, imho hehehe. 🙂 I’m glad your day turned around. It really is the little things. 🙂 I used to subscribe to a ton of magazines!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Weekly Workouts!My Profile

    1. At least Alan and I were both guilty of putting bad things down the sink this time. Often times it my fault!! The stuff that gets clogged in there smells so nasty. Gag!!!

    1. I know… hard to split my time between blog reading and magazine reading!! But, for a cost of zero, I can’t resist those good old paper subscriptions 🙂
      Thanks – her first dance turned out well. I was happy and relieved about that!!

  2. What a great day except for the plumbing issues. I’m glad Alan was able to unclog the drain himself!!

    When we were getting ready to hand in the keys for our old apartment, we rinsed some paint brushes off in the sink. Something must have been stuck in the drain or got stuck in the drain during the months we weren’t living there because as soon as the water hit the pipe this AWFUL smell came out of the sink. Like literally the strongest most disgusting smell in the entire world.

    Luckily we still had an extra day in our lease so I immediately submitted a work order for a maintenance person to come out and deal with it. Adam and I got out of there so fast. It was honestly a smell like you could not even imagine!!!!
    Kristina Running recently posted…Catching Up on a Monday!My Profile

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