Happy Tuesday everyone!  I can’t believe I’m two weeks into my training plan now.  I’m getting used to the language of the plan now.  GA runs.  LT runs.  Endurance pace.  Check!

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Ambassador 2017

Weekly Stats:

  • Training for:  4/23/17 Owens Corning Half marathon @ the Glass City Marathon
  • Days of running: 5
  • Miles run: 35.4
  • Yoga: 35 mins
  • Gym visits: 3


8 miles “endurance”, 10:00 pace + gym day – this technically a “long run” pace, but since it’s only 8 miles, Pfitz calls it “endurance” instead.  Treadmill run. Kept the pace at 10:00 min pace to take it easy.  My hamstrings have been hurting for the first mile of my runs so I’m trying to keep the cause of that at a minimum.  I have also been keeping my eye on my heart rate, so I wore the HR strap for my run.  The majority of the time the HR was the same, or very close.  It’s higher than I’d like it to be.  I’m hoping it will come down as my training progresses!



XT day + gym day.  No running, but I have decided I am going to try to get on board with some yoga.  So it was a trifecta day – yoga in the AM, rowing & stair climber on my lunch hour!

Trying to pay attention, but focusing on laundry instead of breathing!
Rowing was pretty cool. Haven’t done that in a long time!



Speedwork – LT run, 7 miles + gym day.  As written this was 1.5 mile warm up, 14 mins of LT pace (half marathon pace 8:13), 4 mile jog, 12 mins LT pace and the rest cool down.  Oh good God, this was exhausting and humbling.  I was unable to keep up my paces for the fast part, stepping off the treadmill several times during this working.  I guess this just shows me that I have lots of work to do!

Exhausting!! Whose stupid idea was it to run so fast??


Rest day – 20 mins yoga.

Not a yoga picture, but look at my cute kitty enjoying the sunlight! Ignore the clothes laying in the corner.


10 miles, long run 9:12 pace.  Probably went to fast on this run.  Next time I’ll be closer to 9:45.  It was nice to have Alan’s company on this run!  Fun thing – we saw about a dozen turkey vultures sitting in the trees above our heads.  They were HUGE!  I have been told they are about a month early to the area.  (good to have friends who know their bird facts!)

Hello trail! Long time no see!!!!

Not my picture, but this is what turkey vultures look like… (picture source)

1-turkey vultures


3.3 miles with the kids, 9:33 pace.  Blizzard Breakfast run.  It was a nice easy pace.  My son was setting the pace and I think he did great!  Had pretty sore glutes for the first mile of this run.



7 miles, with hill repeats.  You may have read in this post how I translated 6 x 12 seconds of running into 5 miles.  Yep, I’m that bad at math and distance!!  I did get to enjoy a really pretty sunrise this morning!


So that’s training week 2!

You can find my other Training Tuesday recaps here!  Linking up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC again this week.  Courtney just got a pretty sweet PR in the half.  Woot!!


Q:  How were your workouts this past week?  Do any racing??

Q:  Do you ever use the rowing machine?

Q:  Do you have turkey vultures in your area?

10 thoughts on “Training Tuesday 2/7/17 – GCM edition!”
  1. So far, so good on the marathon training. I haven’t run a marathon since New York in November 2015, so I am a little anxious to see how this goes. No racing other than trying to keep up with a couple of friends who are faster and always claim they will slow down for me but never do. Used rowing machines when I was doing CrossFit and it is a great workout. No turkey vultures that I know of, but I do occasionally see wild turkeys on the Prairie Path. Raining and 45* here this morning. What a crazy winter.

    1. I’m bummed about our winter. I love snow. Everyone said it was going to be a bad winter, but I guess that prediction was wrong. Bring on the snow!!!
      Wild turkeys are cool too! Always surprising to see large birds like that.

  2. Oh the LT runs. Tough, but stick with it, they will get easier! I remember doing the ones like this where you get a few minutes rest between sets and thinking “I’ll never be able to string these together later in training.” But I did and it felt easier than the split LT runs.
    Heather [is probably running] recently posted…January ReviewMy Profile

    1. I find my pace on the treadmill always to be slower than my running outside. That’s not really a bad thing, but when it’s time to run fast, it makes it seem doubly hard!!

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