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Earlier this week I mentioned that I had a fun time on my long run last Friday.  It was fun because I ran into my friend, just out of the blue.  At first I actually passed her, going the opposite direction, and gave her a high 5.  Then I thought, well this is silly, I should just run with her!  I had no idea how far or fast she was going, but the company would be nice.

Here’s a shot from Strava where we ran into each other.  Strava has a cool feature where it shows other Strava runners along your route.  Very cool to figure out who someone was (maybe you know the name, but didn’t really know who they are),  or just watch a progression of a race.


So I caught up with her.  Luckily she stopped to take off a layer, because I was not catching up to her very fast!  We ran together for a couple of miles.  Then I went off on my way to finish the rest of my run.  When I looked at our pace on Strava I thought it looked like we were racing because those were the fastest miles I ran that day!  She said she was just trying to keep up with me, and I was just going faster because she wasn’t slowing us down!!  Funny how that happens!

When I got home and told Alan about our random meeting, I noticed something odd about the Strava run now… Alan popped up as a fly by too because he just uploaded his Garmin data!  What the heck, Alan ran where I was?  We didn’t even discuss our routes before we left, and I started long before he did.  Apparently we would have run right into each other… if I hadn’t of stopped to take a phone call mid run.  It looked like I was hiding in the wood when he was running on the street! 🙂


What are the odds?  I just love the random meeting up with friends… and spouses 🙂


Q:  Do you use Strava?

Q:  Have you ever high-fived another runner, and they left you hanging??

Wondering if it’s just me that this embarrassing event has happened to!!

Q:  Do you run with your phone?

7 thoughts on “Fun on the run, Strava saw you!”
    1. It is very interesting technology!! We think it’s funny when we look at a friend’s fast intervals and we can see that they actually stopped their watch and were resting between sets. haha! Gotcha!

  1. I downloaded Strava but never used it. I never run with my iPhone so I finally just deleted it. I just bought a used Apple Watch from a friend so I can ditch the iPod but this is a Series 1 so it doesn’t have GPS. I will be the goof on the trail wearing an Apple Watch on one wrist and a Garmin on the other. I usually only high-five runners that I know but I do say Good Morning to all that I pass. Most return the greeting but now and then there will be a runner that totally ignores me. Happened yesterday. Guy just stared at me as we passed. Guess he was having a bad day?

    1. I have a runner in the summer that I always see. She never acknowledges that I pass her either! I have made it my mission to say Hi loudly and someday get a response from her 🙂

    1. Absolutely no phone needed! In Strava there is a link that will automatically upload (or do a manual upload) from your Garmin account. You can set your profile to private, which I do because I don’t want a stalker finding me! (hey, it happens!!). Your allowed friends can see your data, but no one else. Give it a try! If you join, let me know and we can be Strava friends! It gives you a bunch of fun statistical info. (and fyi, the other mode is to use Strava as a replacement for a Garmin, like RunKeeper or something like that).

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