I don’t want to freak you out… but THE GLASS CITY MARATHON IS RAPIDLY APPROACHING!!  Ok, now that we got that out of the way, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the course.  I mean, it’s not like you’re going to get lost or anything, but you want to be in the know on race day.  That way you *won’t* freak out.

If you’re running the 5K, you’ll be starting at 7:15 am, after the other races.  But for everyone else, the full, half and relay runners will all be starting together at 7:02 am.  You’ll be split into corrals based on pace.

The course maps can be found on glasscitymarathon.com, but also on the RaceJoy app.  If you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it now!  In addition to race maps, you can look up your bib number (for packet pickup!), track runners, post your progress to Facebook, and more.


Here’s a peek at the Mercy Health Glass City marathon, and relay, course:



The Owens Corning half marathon course splits at the entrance to Wildwood park.


And lastly, the Medical Mutual Glass City 5K has a scenic route around the University and nearby neighborhoods.


The relay runners will be running on the full course, with exchange points along the way.  They will receive a packet with detailed instructions on how to get to, and get between, each relay point in a timely, stress free fashion.

A stress free race day is what all of us need! 🙂  So make sure you review the course map for Glass City so you’ll know your way around!


Q: Have you ever gotten lost on a race course?

When I ran a 50K in the park, I thought for sure I was lost because I hadn’t seen anyone in forever.  Turns out I was just slow and everyone had already passed me!! 😉  Remember that Alan?  Good times!

Q: Do you like to post your race progress on Facebook?

I do!  It’s fun to get your friends cheering you on!

Q:  Do you review race courses (or obsess over them maybe??)?

I’ll admit, I’ve run a lot of races without even looking at the course map.  The element of surprise is a fun thing too!  haha

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