Happy Tuesday everyone!  I can’t believe it’s another week done, and less than 4 more weeks until Glass City!!  YIKES.  I mean, WOOHOO!! 😉

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Ambassador 2017

Weekly Stats:

  • Training for:  Owens Corning Half marathon @ the Glass City Marathon
  • Days of running: 4
  • Miles run: 26.4
  • Gym visits: 3


Rest day. – Day 2 of my resting after the racing on Saturday.  Feeling pretty good, but I enforced my “2 day” rule.


6 miles easy + gym.  A slow run on the treadmill trying to keep HR low.  I was hoping for more Zone 3, but overall this was pretty good, so I’ll take it!  It was the first test of my new Brooks Launch shoes and they felt OK on the treadmill.  Afterwards I felt achy, so I don’t know whats up with that! 🙁  Due to a train blocking my route to the gym, I lost 10 mins of my lunch hour waiting, so it was a super brief gym visit.  But dang it, I made it to the gym!!!



7.5 miles = 3 miles easy, 4.5 miles Dave’s Training + upper body gym day – Weds are my busy workout days, but I love them because I get to see my buddies at the Dave’s Training group!  We did 3 x 1600 repeats at tempo pace.  Still feeling sore before, during and after my running!  Morning run was with the new Launch shoes and I felt achy again after the run 🙁  Evening was with Newtons and I skipped around happily!! (haha, but I probably did!)



Rest day – feeling sore (geez, this is the never ending complaint about my hamstrings!)  Anyhow, did lots of stretching and exercises to work on that issue.


Long run, 10 miles – cycling 17.5 miles – ugh, running 10 miles felt like 20 miles!!  Not cool.  I was feeling good when I started, but an hour into the run I was feeling the pain.  I had a bit of self doubt at the end of this run.  Not sure how anything past 10 miles is going to feel!  But in the end, I accepted the run for what it was… 10 miles done.  Yahoo!


Also went to the PT.  When he found out I was scheduled to run the Mohican Trail marathon in June, he gave me a sh*tload of exercises to do to strengthen my glutes and hamstrings.  No joke, all of them take me a half hour to do… and I’m supposed to do them *twice* a day!!  Wow.

Later in the day… went for a bike ride with Alan because it was toooooo beautifully warm outside to pass up that opportunity.  LOVE my bike.


3.2 miles, easy – with Dave’s training group.  This was a tempo run for our group, and luckily it was a much slower pace for me, so no angering my hammies.  And I brought my selfie stick to the training run.  I was the hero.  haha!




REST!  – I have been religiously doing that hour of PT exercises.  Hasn’t quite fixed me yet, but I’m sticking with the plan!

Well, that wraps up my weekly workouts!  Hoping the PT plan will get me on the path to painfree running still.  I’ll let you know when it does 🙂

You can find my other Training Tuesday recaps here!  I don’t have a Linkup today, but you can read Courtney’s race recap at Eat Pray Run DC this week.  Congrats to her on crushing that race!!


Q:  How long does your pre-run and post-run routines take?  

Q:  Do you own a selfie stick?

Sure, people make fun of them, but they are so handy!!

Q:  Did anyone race this past weekend?  How did it go??

6 thoughts on “Training Tues 3/28/17 – GCM Edition”
  1. If I added up all the PT exercises I have been given they would take hours. Now I just pick and choose a few exercises to do a few times a week. Did you decide to keep the Launches? I thought I saw something on instagram about the kinvara? (Or maybe that was someone else;)
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Month in Review: March 2017My Profile

    1. I find that my regular running paces outside are faster than my pace on the treadmill. Usually it’s about 30 seconds faster! The treadmill always seems “harder”, but I do like being able to limit the pace (like keeping it slower when I should be running easy, or being able to hit my interval paces).

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