Happy Tuesday everyone!… oh wait, it’s Wednesday isn’t it?  I’ve been out of town on vacation, and after a late flight last night, and hitting my pillow at 2:30 AM… I’m a bit tired today!  So here’s what has been going on this past week of training…

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Ambassador 2017

Weekly Stats:


9 miles “endurance” , 9:53 – My goal was to keep this in Zone 3 on my heart rate, and it was a success!  My pace was a bit faster for a few of the miles, but I saw my HR creep up, so I kept it slow and easy.  And bonus, I didn’t feel achy after my run!  Hey that’s how it’s supposed to work!  woohoo



Rest day… but Fat Tuesday! 5 easy miles.  Technically it was a reset day, but our Moms Run This Town had a Paczki run so I joined in.  I was actually nervous about this run.  I had to get up at 4:30am.  The run was at 5am, and I was afraid 1) it was dark out, what if I trip?? 2) the forecast was for rain, what if I get sick?? 3) I just get nervous running with new people!  (there were a few people I did not know attending).  In the end, those were all just silly concerns because it was fun, it was no problem getting up at 4:30, I didn’t trip, the rain was light, and a good time was had!



Speedwork overload day!  I ran 6.5 miles on my treadmill in the AM, with the last 2 miles with 10 x .1 mile strides.  I got them going pretty speedy!  My last one was a 6:58, which is pretty smoking fast from my “normal” pace of 9:30 for the rest of the run.  I was happy with this run.  Then at night it was Dave’s 5K Training group.  We did 8 x 400m repeats.  The workout effort was decent because I was running with a group that was probably 30 seconds slower than my race pace.  The best part was the fact that it was DARK, COLD, RAINY, and FREAKING WINDY!  The wind was 23 mph!!  Given just one of those characteristics would sent me to my treadmill if this was my own run, but hey, coaching must go on so we got out there and did it.  And guess what?… I didn’t melt, die, trip, pass out… and we had fun!  It takes the challenge to a whole new level!


I hope my group, “The Rum Racers” (tropical theme name) doesn’t mind this picture of them.  I feel like I should get consent forms or fuzz out their faces 🙂  You did awesome everyone!!



Total rest day!  Phew, I needed it.  My plan actually said 4 recovery miles, but I needed a rest day instead.  Jasyoga videos instead.  Felt good!


Long run – 12 miles  – I ended up running this on my treadmill for a few reasons – it was cold outside 🙂  I was too lazy to get dressed up for an outdoor run.  I had to get ready to go on vacation and I felt nervous about being away from my house.  I know, it’s odd, but my treadmill is my comfort zone.  I was also nervous about this run because it was supposed to be a progressive run, with last 3 miles at race pace.  Once again, a bit of a fail on making my paces, but I got it done so yeah!  And, vacation went on as planned!!


4 miles – Vacation!!  Colorado running…  I gave it a good try.  High altitude running is no joke and I was exhausted for the whole run!  Oxygen, where’s my oxygen??


The rest of the day – skiing!!



More skiing!!  I had hoped to get up early every morning on my ski trip and run, because the scenery is *incredible*, but I was feeling just too sore and whipped to get my butt out of bed.  Hamstrings were sore, and that was a bummer…. but the skiing was excellent!

IMG_4911 IMG_5003

We got a bit of fresh powder 🙂  LOVE that my kids enjoy skiing the whole mountain with us.  Running has taken a back seat since Friday, and the rest is well needed.  I’m hoping some yoga and foam rolling will work out all of the kinks I’m feeling now.

You can find my other Training Tuesday recaps here!  Linking up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC again this week.  (there are a lot of fun blogs linked there in case you are looking for something new to read!)

Q:  How was your week of training?

Q:  Have you ever skied at Keystone, Breckenridge, Vail or Arapahoe Basin in Colorado?  If so, which is your favorite?

Q:  Paczkis?  Did you have one for Fat Tuesday??


11 thoughts on “Training Tues 3/7/17 – Glass City marathon edition”
    1. Not only is running exhausting, carrying skis around (to the car, etc) is super exhausting! Luckily we had an elevator to the parking at our condo. Stairs are evil!

  1. Great work outs!!! Yes, my treadmill is a comfort zone for me too!!!!! Love/hate relationship with that treadmill of mine! LoL!

    Love the early morning running group!! That is so great! Would love to have a group to meet with prior to a work day!!!

    Looks like vacation was a blast! I enjoyed all the photos on Instagram!!

  2. Learning to ski is on my bucket list but a friend just had her ACL and meniscus repaired today after an epic fall at Winter Park last week. Made me rethink my plan. Still might go out to Colorado next winter and give it a try. My Colorado friends strongly suggest lessons rather than just trying to wing it. Training for Mt. Charleston Marathon in Vegas and my first 20 since 2015 is coming up Saturday. Little nervous. Will be glad when it is done. Running in Colorado is definitely a challenge. I go out to do the BoulderBolder 10K on Memorial Day and I make it about 5 miles before the altitude gets to me. After that it is walk-run, walk-run, walk…..

    1. I would highly recommend lessons if you wanted to try skiing! It’s a lot less frustrating that way. My first mile of running went pretty good in the altitude, but after that there were a lot of resting breaks!

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