I mentioned in my Glass City Training Tuesday recap this week that I’ve been plagued with the re-occurrence of tight hamstrings.  It’s a dull pain that’s constant.  When I wake up, when I start to run, stand up, sit down, well… you get the picture.  It’s been building up lately, and it definitely reared it’s ugly head, so to speak, last week.

On the flight out to Colorado I was quite uncomfortable sitting on the plane for that long following my long run.  I really just wanted to get up and move around.  Luckily skiing didn’t seem to bother it too much, but going out for a run was not really an option.  Sucked.

Yo, I need help

Finally this week I decided I needed to make a call to have someone help me out.  Not being able to make a 12 mile run was pretty much all of the convincing I needed.  I put a plan into action on my own of some PT exercises (hip and glute strengthening), stretching, and rest.  It felt like I rested a whole bunch of days, but after I counted it up, I really only rested on Monday and Tuesday, but it seemed like a LOT more.  I even skipped a fun race on Tuesday night (the Pi race!).  However, after I made the call to the PT office, my pain seems to be miraculously diminishing!  WTF? That always seems to happen… like when you schedule a hair appointment and then your hair starts to look fabulous!  Anyhow, I decided to keep the appointment because this really has been going on a long time and I need a more permanent fix.

So I got checked out on my eval appointment with the therapist/sports guy/runner helper/miracle worker.  I decided to try a new person because sometimes a new point of view is needed!  He came highly recommended by several runners I know, so I figured, what the heck?  I was told a few interesting things…

  1. In the treadmill video capture, I appeared to overstride.  Should have more of a bend to my knee and foot landing under body more. Yep, I see that.
  2. Shoes – my Newtons might not be my best shoe for me. (waaa, what?)  Not a lot of heel cushioning, and I’m heel striking – which isn’t a bad thing, but the force of landing sends energy up to my hamstrings and glutes, thus causing pain. He gave me a recommendation on the type of shoes to go shop for (qualities to look for, but not the brand, my choice).  Sounded like a legit concept.
  3. Core strength – all related.  It’s not going to matter about the stretching, its about the strength.  Strong core, more things work better.  I need washboard abs.  Check!

As you can tell, this was not “Dr talk” but my own take on the conversation.  I hope I got it right!  So I’ll be shoe shopping very soon.  I do have two races this weekend (15K & 5K!) but I won’t wear them until after that.  I’m quite nervous about trying a new brand… but also excited – what if my problem went away with just a new pair of shoes??  I’d be so happy!  I don’t think it’s that simple, but I’ll keep my hopes up 🙂

So going forward what does this mean?  Mostly that I’m going off my training plan a bit and running how I feel rather than my usual “stick to the plan”.  Glass City might not be a PR race for me now, but I want to enjoy it and not be wishing it was over by mile 9!


Q:  Have  you ever changed brands of shoes because of a functional problem?  Did it fix it?

Q:  Do you have a regular visit to a specialist – ie, chiropractor, massage therapist – to keep your running in top form?

Q:  What is your favorite shoe color??

4 thoughts on “What’s up this week?”
  1. I also ran in Newtons for awhile and switched last summer after a stress fracture in my foot. When I started back to running, I was still really paranoid about the foot because it still hurt a little to run on it so, on the advice of several faster friends, I switched to Hokas. After trying a few different models, one TOO much cushion, one too narrow, I settled on the Clayton model. I am now on my third pair. I have been seeing a chiro to get Graston done on my legs for at least 8 years. Several members of our club also go and we swear by this guy. My massage therapist moved to Florida recently but I use to get a massage once a month. Need to find another. Good luck with the hamstring issue. My right one at the insertion point always barks at me when I ramp up the mileage but going to the gym regularly has helped.

    1. yep, that’s the spot for me on my hamstring too. That sounds more intellectual than “under my butt cheek” 🙂 You are all hooked up! My massage therapist did Graston on me last year. That was such an odd, but good feeling!

  2. I’ve heard that hamstring tightness is the worst! I’m glad you’re doing better by now. Last year I changed my Asics shoes for my Brooks due to my shin splints. It helped at the begging, because as you already know I had horrible ones a few weeks ago.

    I’m glad your pain started to diminish and that you have an idea on what you should do different to prevent that in the future!

    PS: My favorite shoe color is purple. I cheated last time by getting my Brooks Ghost 8 in bright pink (which I think is so pretty as well). I think I might go back to the purple next time though.
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  3. If you switch from Newton I’m not sure I can run with you anymore! I think we have like 30+ pair between us.

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