Frequent visitors to my blog may know that I, TechChick, am a computer programmer.  In addition to my many other technical tasks and skills at work, I also write some code for fun now and then.  I was looking for some old code for a customer the other day at work and I ran across something on my drive.  A WORKOUT TRACKER!  When I found it, I didn’t even know what it was.

If this program had a real name, I think it would be called the Tracker 1997, because that’s when I wrote the program.  Yes, 1997.  O.M.G!!  It was pretty funny to see this program which has fallen to the wayside due to Strava, Garmin and my RunningAhead log.

Check out the cool features of my program..  Apparently only getting 12 workouts in for the month just wasn’t worthy because look, it only got a half smiley face.  Note, 2009 was the year I ran my first race!  It’s when I really became a “runner”.

workout program2000

It has features like this recap report of what I did during a certain time frame.  I don’t even know what the “rollerblade machine” is!  And look, I ran 8 whole miles for the month of July 2009.  Dang!


I could also get monthly bar charts… because tech people like charts!


And here’s some fun stuff… my kids were born in 2003 and 2005.  Just look at my weight charts from those years!  Here is 2003 –  My weight was off the chart when Sydney was born!  Well, not really, I think I only gained 18 lbs.  She was born at the end of May, so it looks like I just lost my baby weight on the drive home from the hospital. Wow!!  I was actually wearing a pair of my regular jeans a few weeks after I had her.  I thought that was “normal”.  Geez, crazy!!  As you can tell, I didn’t know any other people with babies at the time!!


And then here is my weight back in 2005 for Zachary.  He was born at the end of June.  Still off the charts, but those last 5 pounds stuck around a little longer.


And finally, this is my *favorite* chart of all (once again, us techies love charts!)…  “what I did” chart!  Love those “Amazing Abs” classes!  (actually, I really did.  They were killer!!)


I hope you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me.  I’ve also written another program to keep track of my Christmas card mailings.  Ugh, soooo geeky.  I also had to cringe at the choice of fonts, but trust me, “back in the day” font were total CRAP.  I will admit that the yellow graph background color is my favorite color that I use in programs regularly still.

Do you need a custom program built for you??  Maybe I could help you out 😉  PS, with much better looking fonts for SURE.


Q:  Do you use an app to keep track of your workouts/weights/fitness?

Q:  Have you ever taken a programming class in college?  Loved it, or hated it?

I loved it.  Obviously.  AND, I met Alan in a programming class.  It was meant to be.

Q:  What were you doing back in 1997?

(Please tell me you were at least born by then…haha)

10 thoughts on “The hilarious thing I found on my computer…”
    1. Oh my goodness!! I love this post. I was in law school in 1997. Interestingly, my career path ended up combining tech (sort of) and law. I passed the bars of two states after graduating but ended up not practicing law. Instead, I took a job with a large company that sold software to (primarily, at the time) lawyers. I worked very closely with software developers and other “techies.” So I was definitely in the tech world but never a techie per se. I made some great friendships with computer programmers and have a huge appreciation for what they do. I took an HTML class once and HATED it!! Also, I my Apple Watch 2 should be arriving at my house TODAY and I can’t wait to start using it to track distances that I run.

      1. I think people either love programming, or hate it. I had to work with a new developer at our company and after his project, he left the programming field!! It stressed him out beyond belief. I’ve got a lot of patience when it comes to programming 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  1. This is so funny! Seeing your program brings back memories because I totally remember what computers were like back then. We had a family computer and we were on it ALL THE TIME. I used to go in chat rooms and talk to strangers! Crazy!!!! I do not use anything to track my workouts anymore. I haven’t plugged my Garmin into the computer for a couple years now. I write my weekly workout post but that’s it.

    I never took a programming class. The only computer classes I had to take were ones that taught how to use Microsoft Office.

    Let’s see, back in 1997 I was 15 years old and pretty much hated my life!!!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…My first foray into Domestic ForensicsMy Profile

    1. See, I told you I love graphs!! I have seen some pretty crazy formulas and macros done in Excel and Word. I’m like “I’ll just write a program instead!”. Sharing computers was the worst. No way to survive school without them now!

  2. This was quite an interesting post. One day instead of looking back at your programs to see what life was like you’re going to be looking back on these blog post! 😉

    To answer your questions!
    Q: Do you use an app to keep track of your workouts/weights/fitness?
    I do not normally use an app to track my workouts. Currently I am following a marathon training guide, so that’s kind of like tracking my workouts, but not really logging anything.
    Q: Have you ever taken a programming class in college? Loved it, or hated it?
    I did take two programming classes at the beginning of my college career and I have to say that I’m indifferent about it.
    Q: What were you doing back in 1997?
    I was two years old in 1997. That’s the year I want from the youngest to big sister!

    1. You youngster!! 🙂 I had another blog about my kids when they were little, and I had a book made from the posts. I do enjoy reading those posts about their early days! How the heck did we survive on such little sleep?!

  3. I had to look – found the workout program & code that I used for my workouts. I did extract all the data at one point, goes back to 1995! And great, I realized I weight 8 pounds more than I did back then. Booooo!

    1. Just goes to show how much your hard work has paid off. Wait… I still pretty much weigh the same. What does that say about me?? (that I maintained well!)

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