Happy Tuesday Wednesday everyone! (busy week) We are in the home stretch right now… only a “few more sleeps” until race morning!!!  Glass City marathon is happening on Sunday!!  My last few weeks have really gone off my training plan and I’m just running however I feel.  I will be able to cover the distance (13.1 miles), but there will be no PR gong ringing for me.  And that’s OK.  It really is.  I’m just excited to be running the race with my awesome relay team and having my kids involved in a big race.  They’ve cheered at many big events, and now they get to be part of the action!!

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Ambassador 2017

Weekly Stats:


0 miles – still sore 🙁  Have decided to stop doing PT exercises.  They are making me too sore.


Walking on treadmill.  No running, but wanted to get up and exercise, so opted to walk on the treadmill instead.  I wanted to watch my shows!!


Walking on treadmill, running on treadmill, group Track night!  – Even though I could feel my hamstrings being tight and sore even as was laying in bed, I decided to get up and walk on the treadmill again.  A 30 min walk was OK, so I decided to run 3 miles.  That was decent, and no more painful than it had been to walk.  5K Group run was 8 x 300m.  I’ve never run 300’s before, but I keep the pace up for my group and got it done!  So excited for this group (and the others) to show what they’ve got on race day!  (ps, can you believe they all look so good after running intervals??!)


We also went out for some beers and food after our run.  Yeah beer!!!



3.1 miles – It was a great morning and I decided to run around my neighborhood on a whim.  Do you ever have one of those days when you open the door and decide you need to put on some running gear and just get outside??  I even ran some speedy splits!  This whole “I’m not doing my PT exercises” thing is going pretty good for me! In fact, I met with my PT this afternoon and decided to back off on everything until after Glass City.  So that is pretty much where it stands now.  In “let’s see” mode.



3.1 miles – Another run with the same finish time. How bizarre!!  Anyways, I had to get a few miles in before we headed out for our Boston trip!

Flying to Boston, Baby!


Boston!!  Spent the day walking around.  Tired feet!!!



3.6 miles – Easter!  Talked my family into a shakeout run along the Esplanade, on the Charles River.  We merged into a huge group of runners doing the shakeout run with Runners World.  Fun!!


And we ate a bunch of candy 🙂IMG_5544

I know you wanted to hear about Boston… but I’ll have to make that another post.  I’m short on time this week with all of the race activity going on.  If you’re running Glass City it’s time to nail down those last minute plans…

  • where do you get your bib? (expo details here)
  • where are you parking?  (check out this link)
  • where are you eating?  (restaurant info here)
  • where will your relay team be meeting up?  (relay info here!)

Can you believe race day is Sunday???  Seems like it was only weeks ago that we started this 🙂


Q:  Did you have a fun Easter?

Q:  Do you have all of your race plans made for Glass City??


4 thoughts on “Training WEDS – 4/18/17 GCM Edition”
  1. Are your kids running in the race? Is there a kids’ component to the race? The marathon that I run a lot, the Air Force Marathon, has a kids 5K (I believe- I honestly don’t pay much attention to anything besides the marathon). Our Easter was great- church followed by lunch at Chuy’s followed by a gorgeous hike on a day that was supposed to be rainy and yucky but ended up wonderfully conductive to outdoor activities :).

    1. There is a kids race happening on Saturday at the GCM expo. My kids have run that for the past several years. This year we are all doing the relay over the marathon course. Kind of an “upgrade” from the kid’s races!

  2. I’m very excited for you Lisa. I hope you rock at the GCM race! 🙂

    I did have a pretty nice Easter Sunday. I went to the church twice that day and then had lots of food.

    Looking forward to hear more about Boston!!

    1. Thanks! I am looking forward to race day – the weather forecast looks great so far!! I will need to sit down and write about Boston soon. Busy, busy GCM week!

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