Today’s post will be some throwbacks (since it’s Thursday!!) and a shout out to my husband who is running his 7th Boston.  He’s a bit down lately due to some hip pain.  And you know, any pain before a race SUCKS.  Won’t be his fastest Boston, but here’s hoping he comes out of it no worse off than he started it!  I think that is a goal we can all hope for in racing, right??

Ever since my disappointing training last summer, and failed qualifying attempt in September I’ve been pretty much over thinking about qualifying for Boston again.  I mean, my body has just been breaking down lately and telling me “No way”.  BUT, going back through my Boston pictures in a pre-race psych up has really got me thinking about it again!!  I mean, did you see me cross that finish line (on my birthday!!).  I think “dang, I looked strong!”  I know I felt otherwise after those 26.2 miles, but after seeing this again, it made me smile.  Really big 🙂 🙂 🙂

And here are some other goodies from years past…

2011 (Alan’s first year)

It was amazing how he took the lead on those Kenyans and Ryan Hall for most of the race!!  hahaha (I chuckled when I saw this picture again.  I crack myself up!)


We had an amazing cheer squad assembled to encourage everyone to run strong!!



The kids ran a race up and down Heartbreak Hill in Newton.



This gave me scary chills when I found this one on my Facebook feed.  I still vividly remember posting that and calling my Mom.



True dat!



This is me hanging out before the race in Athlete’s Village.  It’s pretty glamorous, no?



We got to chat with Meb and other elite runners in Boston last year! #runnercrush


Yep, Boston still does have a strong pull for me.  Sigh.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get past these freaking injuries and give it a shot again soon.  Chasing that unicorn.

Some races are for gutting it out, and pushing it hard, and others are for all of the friends and excitement of the race.  If you’re running Boston, I hope your race goes well and remember… “it’s wicked hard, but you got this!!”


Q:  Have you ever run or spectated at Boston?

Q:  Have you met any elite runners?

Q:  What is your dream race?

7 thoughts on “Wicked hard, but you got this!”
  1. I have the absolutely best family to support me during races! And it is hard to believe that this is Boston #7 already. Best race ever! And I have faith that the next time you train, you will get a solid BQ and we can run it together again. Not in the rain either hopefully!

  2. I have volunteered at Boston 4 times including this year and I have run it once the same year you were there — 2015. I met Meb at the Houston Marathon 2 years ago and he signed my Boston Red Sox cap. The next day, we were doing a shakeout run and passed him on the street running the other way by himself. I met Bill Rodgers last year at the Boston expo through a friend who attends running camp with Bill each summer. I met Joan Benoit Samuelson at the 2015 Boston expo when my friend and I walked past her sitting by herself at a table with absolutely no one around. My dream would be to go back to Boston with a BQ good enough to actually get into the race. I ran my only BQ at Erie in 2013 and then missed the next two Bostons by a matter of seconds. Had to go as a charity runner in 2015. I feel your pain about trying and failing to BQ. I signed up yesterday for the Tunnel Marathon on September 17 as a last ditch effort for 2018.

  3. I’ve met many elite runners who used to train with my Dad back home. I remember them being very very skinny, to the point where wondered “how they can be strong being so skinny?” lol.

    My dream race is to run the Disney half-marathon and/or marathon. I’m dreaming about it since 2012, when Dad ran the full marathon and told me it had been one of the best marathons he had ever ran at that time.

  4. Hi TechChick! It’s Zipmom. It was really nice meeting you and you are even sweeter in person than you are on this blog! I got goosebumps reading your post about the race, and I’m sorry hubby had a tough day. But you two have the best support team that anyone could ever wish for – each other and your children. And you will get through this period. You have the determination, and that is 99% of it.

    Answer to your question #2. I rode on the bus with a 43 year streaker this year – fellow Ohioan Russ Gill – from Columbus (which he runs every year). He was incredibly humble and kind and I could have talked to him for hours. He had developed a case of runner’s knee 1 week before this race and he was worried about finishing. He showed up with just a baggie holding his expo Kind bar. No KT tape, no braces, no compression gear. Another forum sleuth looked him up and it appears as though he got his medal, and I really really hope he kept his streak alive (I think streaker rules changed in 2015 to include a time limit). He talked about the race in the 70’s before it became what it is today, the hardest years (a blazing hot 96 degrees in the 70’s), his pet peeves (there is nothing in between full strength gatorade and water on the course). But wow…so much wisdom. He said “I should write a book about this” and I agreed wholeheartedly.

    1. Hi Zipmom!! I was great to meet you too! And thanks for the encouragement 🙂 There is such great excitement going on in Boston on race day. It’s hard to resist being part of that!!
      That is a great story about that streaker! I can just imagine him. So great that he finished!! Fun to hear stories about the past races too, and to see what it’s grown into today. But geez, not letting women run in the early days?? Not cool. haha!

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