Happy Mothers Day to all of the mommies out there! I’m not sure how it happened, but I was with my Mom and my daughter yesterday and I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures!  We went shopping for flowers and vegetables for our garden.  The greenhouse was incredibly busy. Everyone was planting around here. Then we went out to lunch. We had a good time.  Here’s the results of our planting.  Going to be a hearty harvest this summer!


Today for Mother’s Day I was spoiled by breakfast in bed.  They made a delicious spread of food and showered me with gifts. Sydney made this beautiful string art.


Zachary made a cookie mix with a great card. Like how he knows I love Newtons and wearing tech shirts. 🙂  (ps, I am actually wearing a tech race shirt as PJ’s in that picture!!)  I also got a beautiful outdoor planter of flowers.



We spent the day at Cedar Point. It was our first time of the season. The waiting lines were super short and the weather was great!


My kids wanted to ride on the Witches Wheel for the first time.  I haven’t rode that one in a long time.  Not as bad as I expected, but still, it’s a bit spinny for me!  Here it is at full tilt…


There were some adorable little goats at the petting zoo.  OMG, I could have taken one home with me.  sooooooooo cute!


We ended up getting stuck at the end of a ride waiting for a loooong time to unload because there was a “guest illness”.  I am certain that is code for “someone just threw up in line”.  ewwwww.


On the way to the park we stopped at McDonalds because they had free small McCafe drinks from the McDonalds app. Couldn’t pass up that free deal!  Yum.  I was going to stop at Starbucks for a treat, but free always wins!


Speaking of deals, we decided to splurge at Cedar Point and get ice cream (because I wanted ice cream, and it’s all about Mommy today!!). Normally I would not spend $20 in ice cream, but we also had a gift card so technically it was also free. I was basking in the glory of this delicious cone until I heard there was a super special deal for season pass holders (which we are) where you get BOGO free sundaes on Sunday.  What the heck?? I could have just split two sundaes for only $6?? Dang it. That ticked me off. At least we have vowed to get that deal on the next Sunday that we go. I certainly won’t forget about it!


Speaking of which, they had a special ice cream flavor – salted caramel fudge truffle. Oh my, yes!

Hope you had a great weekend, and got to be pampered, or spend some time with the Mom in your life.  I want to also send a special hug to my mother in law, Bunny, who we wish was still here with us.  I know I probably don’t say it enough, but we miss Alan’s parents a lot and think of them often.

Going to be a busy week around here.  I’m getting ready for our garage sale this weekend.  It’s a lot of work!


Q:  Garage sale fan – yeah or nah?

I love going to them.  I am getting very tired of pricing my stuff and having them!

Q:  Favor ice cream flavor?

I go for the chocolate & vanilla mixes.  Moose Tracks is a favorite!

Q:  Do you have a garden?

8 thoughts on “Cookies, coasters, and ice cream”
  1. Happy belated mother’s day! It looks like you had the perfect day. What thoughtful gifts too — if only someone thought to get you a baby goat, the ultimate mother’s day gift! 😀

    Your veg garden looks great! I saw on megan’s blog that she is getting started with her garden now too. I’m jealous as I think we’re reaching the part of the year where it’s too hot to plant any veggies. I can’t wait to try again this fall… although I am very hopeful that my broccoli plant will sprout something edible. It’s still growing but it looks more like a weed than food!
    Kristina Running recently posted…A Few of My (New) Favorite Things!My Profile

    1. I have never tried to grow broccoli, but I did double my snap pea plants, so hopefully I’ll get more than one handful this year!! Do you have any trees, like oranges or avocado?

  2. Happy Mother’s Day Lisa!! Your kids are so cute and that card is just the sweetest. I’m glad you spent a nice day with your family.

    I wouldn’t spend $20 on ice cream either, that’s why I think those kind of deals are the best. My favorite ice cream flavors are also the chocolate and vanilla mixes. Anything like oreo or stracciatella will do it for me. Cookie dough is also one of my absolute faves.
    Nathaly Abrahan recently posted…Weekend Recap: I Feel Like a Runner Again. Recent Eats.My Profile

  3. What great Mother’s Day gifts from your crew 🙂 So sweet!
    I am dying to go to Cedar Point, the hubs and I love roller coasters and we’ve been wanting to do a trip there for a years now. I hope to get there next year.
    The goats…omg, so cute!

    1. You MUST go to Cedar Point! The coasters are the best there. My favorite is Maverick. It’s so smooth and comfortable. We’ve also learned that the smoothest ride is in the front seat of any of the cars in the train. Doesn’t have to the be the very front row, but the first row of any section of the train. It’s true!!

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