When I met with Matt Fitzgerald a few weeks ago, I had already known of his wide array of books before I met him. I started thinking about what I could ask him. I came up with a few questions which I always wonder about (I mean, besides why do I have chronic hamstring issues!)….


1) What is your favorite way to cross train?
Matt: Hmm, favorite? The majority of my cross-training is done in the form of steep uphill treadmill walking. I like it because I can do it at home within conversational distance of my wife, Nataki. But being outdoors is more fun, so I would say I generally enjoy riding my ElliptiGO more.

*My thoughts: This!! I have started incorporating treadmill walking into my life. I’m probably not doing it nearly as intense, or as long as Matt does it, but it gives me a good workout goal for the morning and I still get to watch my TV shows! I really do enjoy waking up really early (no joke) but I lack the coordination or perseverance in waking up super early to do a workout video or lift weights, so this is a great workout for me. We also talked about the need for balance in our lives with working out AND spending time with the spouse/family, so this is a win for him. As for the ElliptiGO – I have never used one, but I would SUPER thrilled if someone gave me one. I’d love to use one!

Grrr. Strength training!
Grrr. Strength training!


2) How many days a week do you think someone should strength train (weights) during race training?
Matt: Two to three times per week. I think twice per week is sufficient, but I do it three times. I’ve even been keeping up on this schedule on the road–lifted weights this morning!

*My thoughts – I’m happy to hear that he thinks two days a week is sufficient. My lunch hour is my weight training time and my schedule is finally allowing for that to happen again. I have everything I need (and more) to weight train at home, but I never do it because I find many other things I really “need” to do instead.


3) What is the highest mileage week you’ve had during training… and how many miles do you typically get a week now during marathon training?  (** Matt is currently on a project where he runs a marathon every week for 8 weeks, so this is not a “typical” training cycle or season for him)
Matt: The most miles I’ve ever run in a single week is 94. Those days are long behind me, though. Nowadays I run just three to four times per week. All the rest is cross-training. At the peak of a marathon training cycle, my weekly running volume seldom exceeds 55 miles.

*My thoughts – this answer made me happy. I’m happy to see proof that someone can be crushing it on the race course and still running only 3 days a week. It’s hard for me to “dial it down” often. Especially when I come off of marathon training! I feel like running high miles almost every day is the norm and it’s hard to give myself some down time. For the record, 62 was my highest mileage week in 2014 when I was training for the Glass City marathon!


4) Bonus question… what was your favorite part of the Glass City course?
Matt:  My favorite part of the Glass City Marathon course was the bike path–the long stretch with the yellow dividing line in the middle. So smooth, straight, and flat–ideal for locking into a steady groove.

*My thoughts – this was a very interesting answer! I was expecting the answer to be something about a part of the course where there was a lot of energy and cheering, but this part of the course is actually sometimes the least “populated” in terms of spectators. However, I totally understand what he’s saying about a long straight spot! It does feel good to not be making turns and just get into groove… except this is at mile 21 and at that point in the marathon I’m ready to just be scrapped off the pavement usually 🙂 Also, this is the spot I broke down in tears when I saw my daughter and made her cry last year (what a fun memory! Click here to read about it! LOL, it’s all good)


Q:  Have you ever been on an Elliptigo?

Q:  Do you enjoy long straight sections of race courses, or some curves?

Q:  What burning question do you always wonder about?

4 thoughts on “Flipping the questions – I interviewed Matt!”
  1. Friend of mine bought an Elliptigo a few years ago and somehow she managed to crash the damn thing and ended up with a steel rod in her leg. She posted the pictures of the surgery on FB! TMI! She still loves the Elliptigo but her running days are over thanks to the steel rod. I think I prefer curves if they aren’t too sharp. I look way ahead on the straight sections and think, “How did all those people get that far ahead of me? I have to run THAT far just to be where they are NOW?!” Good to hear that he doesn’t go high mileage in training. I feel like I need to be running 65-75 miles a week but anything over 55 gets me injured.I go to the gym 3 times a week (M-W-F) but I go light on the legs on Friday because I run long on Saturday.

    1. Oh wow, that is crazy about the Elliptigo accident! You have a good point about seeing other people on the straight sections. I usually think, how did I get so far behind the pace group??

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