Tonight I was in the kitchen making dinner.  Having conversations across the house with family members, and then I heard a noise.  It sounded like a box falling down from somewhere.  When I called out “what was that??”, I got the reply

“The cat fell down the clothes chute!!”

What the what??!?

Sure enough, my dear Luna, who is a bit crazy and inquisitive at her tender age of 2 years old, went for a ride down the chute!!  Here is the clothes chute door, up on the 2nd floor of our house.


Luna loooooves to jump up on the clothes chute opening the second we open the little door to throw our clothes down.  She sticks her head in the hole as far as it will safely go, to figure out where the clothes are going.  As much as we discourage her from jumping up there, she manages to sneak past us.  She was perched up there, and we even told my son to not touch her (which we thought might scare her).  He can’t blamed, he was no where in sight when the “incident” happened.


Alan was there… and he approached Luna in an effort to persuade her to jump down.  In a slow motion type video, Alan reached his arms out and the cat slipped a little too far (head first….) and down she went.   The noise I heard can only be imagined as the cat feebly trying to stop herself from speeding down the tube hopelessly with her claws!!  OMG.

Unfortunately, it was laundry day on Sunday so there was barely a soft landing for her. 🙁  But *fortunately*, Luna was just fine when she was retrieved from the laundry cabinet on the ground floor. 🙂 🙂


Happy, live, kitty!


In fact, when we opened the clothes chute again, she thought long and hard about it, and decided that she wouldn’t jump up there to investigate again.


Wow, never a dull moment.


Q:  If you have a cat, is it inquisitive?

Luna also looooooves the ice cube maker.  She comes speeding as fast as possible to be right next to the fridge when she hears the ice clunking.  She also LOVES the vacuum cleaner.  She just hangs out and watches it while we sweep.

Q:  Do you have a clothes chute in your house?

Q:  Any odd things happening around your house??  

5 thoughts on “My cat took the ride of her life!! 8 more left.”
  1. LUNA! Well, at least now she knows where the clothes go, mystery solved, no more investigating needed. I am sure Cecil would have fallen down the chute on his first time up. He’s surprisingly clumsy for a cat!

    We don’t have a laundry shoot since our laundry is on the second floor. I would love if there was a vaccuum tube type thing like at the bank drive-thru to send clothes up from the first floor! Adam comes home from MMA class sometimes and leaves his stinky gym bag hanging around for far too long. I’d love to send it up a chute!
    Kristina Running recently posted…Training Plan for Heroes in Recovery 6KMy Profile

    1. It is kind of surprising that it has taken this long for Luna to fall in there! She is just obsessed with that little door in the wall. But probably no longer 🙂

  2. Awwww I am so glad Luna is okay! I bet the scratching she managed to do on the way down did slow her down a bit. Poor baby girl. My first thought is, as a cat mom, I would NEVER let her up there, and as a safety precaution, I would always have a pillow or something at the bottom. HOWEVER, our cats walk on the railing around our basement stairs all the time and it is a pretty far drop if they would fall. I certainly can’t stop them from being up there and I can’t line my stairs with pillows! It is crazy to me that they walk along the banister when it is seriously only like an inch wide and rounded a bit, not flat. But they do it with such ease! I do not touch them when they are up there though.

    At random times, Jelly gets very interested in the sink beside the washing machine. Before we got our new machine, ti would sometimes fill up with water or you could just hear water going down the pipes. Jelly would sit on top of the washer and just stare down in it.

    Both of our cats dislike the vacuum cleaner. Jelly is TERRIFIED, Chrissy is just annoyed.
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    1. Luckily cats are pretty tough 🙂 We have had at least one cat slip from the 2nd floor catwalk area of our house when they balanced across. Luna is so fast jumping in the clothes chute! We never leave it open, but she leaps at it when we do open it. After she starts her leap towards it, we don’t want to block her from it because we were afraid that would knock her into the hole, or she would put huge scratches in the wall trying to hang on to the edge of it. She has learned her lesson!

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