As I had mentioned back in early May, I’m training for the Mohican Trail run and I’m doing the “weenie run”, which is the marathon distance.  It’s also called the “kids run”.  So yeah, it’s just the short distance as this event which is has a 50 miler and 100 miler run going on at the same time.  Alan completed the 100 miler last year.  While I’m hoping to come out of it with better looking feet than he had, I’m also hoping a little bit of trail running will help me out since I’m pretty much a road runner.


Last weekend Alan and I went to our local trail.  They have beautifully paved trails as well as crushed gravel trails, but they also have the “Scout Trail”.  It’s not near the elevation changes that I’ll see at Mohican, but it does have mud, sticks, weeds, water and bugs!


The day we ran it was actually raining.  At first I thought I would not like race day to be raining, but it was quite pleasant because the trees diffused the rain and it kept us cool.  I think it excited the mosquitoes a bit too much though because we were eaten alive whenever we stopped moving.  Seriously, mosquito swarms in May??


Parts of the trail were completed blocked with water puddles, and eventually I just gave in and stomped right through them. (kudos to me, I didn’t even complain once! 🙂 )   Even though I dislike compression socks/sleeves (too hot!!!! A royal pain to put on/take off!!), they were necessary for a trail run to protect my legs.  Surprisingly I did not come down with a poison ivy rash from the trail!


The Scout Trail merges with another trail that has been built up for riding bikes.  This feature was a teeter-totter.  Fun to run over, it would be quite interesting to ride over!


Or biking on this!


We did a point to point run, which was about half of the trail = 7.5 miles.  PHEW, I was whipped by the end of the run.  Don’t worry, it’s only almost 3 more times longer than that 🙂   Despite that, I felt like this was a really good simulation for some of the trails at Mohican, or at least some of the environment I will encounter – and I walked away with a good feeling about it all!


This week I’m tackling 14 miles on the trails for my long run.  Fingers crossed!


Q:  Got any big plans for Memorial Day weekend?  Anyone racing?

Not me.  Looking forward to cleaning my house, seeing friends, and cooking out!

Q:  Do you like, and wear, compression socks or sleeves?

Is there a secret to them?  How do you not overheat in them?

Q: Do you have a favorite brand/model of trail running shoes?

Q: Are mosquitoes a problem where you live??

Ugh.  HATE those freaking bugs.


16 thoughts on “Trail running in the Oaks”
  1. Merrell pace gloves are my go-to trail shoe.

    Great job getting through the mud and not complaining. I tend to vary between two mindsets when hitting the trails. Either “why the hell am I doing this? I’m a road runner.” or “look at me, I’m such a bad ass!” Sounds like you are falling into the second mindset.
    Heather [is probably running] recently posted…5k #20: Shanty 2 Short’s 2017My Profile

    1. We are having a cookout on Memorial day, which will also be an early b-day party for Sydney with my parents. I’m already thinking about all of the yummy food involved!!

  2. That trail looks really cool! I’m doing a long bike ride Saturday, a 10k that I’m mostly treating as a long run (have to get 10 miles total) Sunday, and I’m in a community band concert on Monday. It should be a good weekend. I wear compression socks after long runs sometimes, but I’ve never worn them during a run. I feel like I would definitely overheat! Ugh mosquitoes are the worst. Our backyard tends to flood if it rains too much, and we get a ton of mosquito. I hate them.
    Denise recently posted…Updates!My Profile

    1. I have visions of enjoying a summer night on our patio, but we are always eaten alive with mosquitoes at our house too. So much for that idea!
      You’ll be in the band concert? What instrument do you play?

  3. Not racing this weekend. However, I do have a long run scheduled in my local park, which I absolutely love.

    I do wear compression sleeves sometimes, I think the key is to get them from a thin material.

    Mosquitoes are a problem where I live. I’m not that prone to get mosquito bites and I don’t know why. But they still are a pain, specially when running outside.
    Nathaly Abrahan recently posted…I’ve Transitioned From Brooks To Asics And Here Is Why.My Profile

    1. You are lucky about the lack of mosquito interest!! We only have Pro Compression wear right now, so I did just buy another pair of compression sleeves today. A different brand so I’m hoping they won’t be so warm. I’m also hoping I will like having just a sleeve instead of a full sock. Love my regular running socks too much!

  4. I hate compression socks/sleves, but they help my shin splints, so I wear them for longer/harder runs. I found that the wicking under-armor ones aren’t as hot as the knit ones out there.

    I love a little bit of trail running, but I haven’t invested in specific trail running shoes. I typically wear my favorite pair of Brooks Ghosts or GTS’s when I’m hitting the trails. Do you recommend them?

    1. Good tip on the compression wear! Alan and I only have Newton trail shoes (BOCO AT) so I don’t know about other brands. My BOCO’s have different lugs with better grip and the material is also more water repellent than the regular ones. They are also really good for running in the snow!

  5. Looking forward to some quality time with you on the scout trail tomorrow! And we definitely have to plan a trip to Mohican so you can get better prepared for the hills! There is about 10x the difference in elevation change at Mohican compared to the Oaks. 🙂

  6. That bridge looks so crazy! I can imagine myself falling right off the side if I tried to bike on it haha! I hope you have a great trail run this weekend!

    Mosquitos are a MAJOR problem at my house. Adam and I have stopped sitting outside because a.) it’s hot out and b.) we keep getting bite despite our defenses. We burn citronella in a little tabletop fire pit and we have two citronella candles but nothing seems to work! I think the mosquitos have built up a tolerance! It’s like I’m seeing their evolution right before my eyes!
    Kristina Running recently posted…What It’s Like When I RunMy Profile

    1. We’ve got a service around this area called “Mosquito Joe”. I don’t know if it really works, but I see a lot of signs in our neighborhood for people using it. I’m just hoping the neighbors on all sides of us use it and we can reap the benefits of it, but that hasn’t happened yet! 🙂

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