One of the perks of being a Toledo Roadrunners club member – a free cookout!  I’m glad we were able to attend because it was just a fun way to see our friends AND enjoy some great food.  And oh, did I mention there was a run too??  It was about 95 degrees when we started the run. PHEW, that is freaking hot!!  Here we are, nice and dry.  I was comparing shoe sizes with my kids…


The black clouds started rolling in as we started our run into the woods.  Just a fun run, and I paired up with Zachary.  We were “team orange”!


FYI, he has a lot of orange shirts.  We were “team orange” for tennis a few weeks ago too!


Along the way I got to chat with some friend from our Moms Run This Town group.  Half way through it was for sure, we were outrunning a storm.


Or were we?  It started to downpour!  We made a mad dash to the end, but were soaked by the time we made it there.

IMG_1078 IMG_1079

No worries, they were grilling burgers and dogs, and had lots of yummy fruits, salads and some beers too.

IMG_1084 19092696_1383872138375945_4714858321146598971_o

And some oh-so delicious cake!


Sometimes I take the most unflattering pictures!  You get the idea, we were enjoying the evening. 🙂


And by the time we left, it started raining hard again.  The temperature had dropped about 20 degrees too!


Rain or shine, it’s always a good time to get together with our fellow running friends.  We are looking forward to the next cookout!  If you want to learn more about the Toledo Roadrunners, check out their website.  You should be a member if you’re in the area!!


Q:  Do you have a favorite color to run in?

Zachary is orange, but I’m actually more of a pink fan.

Q:  What’s your favorite – burger or hot dog?

Q:  Have you run in the rain lately?

5 thoughts on “A rainy TRRC cookout & run”
  1. Phew…didn’t make it into any of your pics 🙂

    Actually didn’t run, but my wife and daughter (kids run) did. I simply tended the fire and did what Tom needed.

    My wife came back drenched as well. Thankfully, she wasn’t too upset about it.

    It was our first Road Runners event outside of just “races”, but it won’t be our last.

    To answer your Q’s:

    Q: Do you have a favorite color to run in? Blue shirts, black shorts.

    Q: What’s your favorite – burger or hot dog? Tough! Probably burger.

    Q: Have you run in the rain lately? Hightail to Ale in Detroit…rained the whole time…

    1. Phew indeed – that might have been a little creepy to see pictures of yourself on here!! Seriously though, you should have said Hi!
      TRRC is really a great deal for our family – love keeping everyone involved in the running community!

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