My son turned 12 years old this past weekend.  I gotta say, it’s pretty awesome to be 12 years old!  His birthday weekend started out with SkyZone trampoline park.  I think this is fun because my son is a bit smaller than his friends (or maybe his friends are just extra big?).  There is such a height difference at this age!


SkyZone was awesome and Sydney was very happy that she got to go too.


Then it was home for a bunch of swimming….


And all night long gaming!  (well OK, until around midnight when I told them to go to bed because I was tired!)


We also got to go golfing as a family.  He scored a hole in one!!

IMG_1292 IMG_1301

As winner of the golf game he got to pinch Alan!  Not sure how that deal came about, but he sure did love delivering the winning pinch!!


We went to dinner at Red Robin with my parents…


Home for cake and ice cream….


And then he showed Grandma how to play his new video game.  Despite her look, I’m sure she was understanding all of it!


Yep, 12 is pretty great.  He even feel asleep by the pool the day after his sleepover 🙂  it was a good one!


Now the secret… I’m a wear tester for Brooks right now!  I have a pair of shoes that are being considered for production.  Secret agent stuff!!  I was super excited when I got them, but now I’m a bit sad that they aren’t the shoes for me.  The toe box is a bit too wide, and I’m just not digging the ride.  They are being considered for the Fall 2018 product line!  I thought all of the wear testers were getting the same style of shoes, but nope, there are a bunch of different styles out there.  I had no idea they tested them that far ahead of their release date.  The whole process is quite fascinating to me!  Maybe they’ll send me another pair that are more to my liking.

Thursday is my Friday… so for me, the weekend is here!!  Woot!  Hope the rest of your week goes well.  Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Q:  Have you ever been a product tester?

Q:  Cake preference – chocolate or vanilla?

Q:  Are you better at “real” golf, or mini golf?


10 thoughts on “It’s great to be 12… and a secret!”
  1. What an epic 12th birthday!!!!!! Just think, next year, he will be a TEENAGER!!!!!!!!

    I’m glad you had fun testing for Brooks even if they weren’t the shoe for you.

    Omg, vanilla or chocolate cake… doesn’t matter to me as long as the icing is good!

    I hate mini golf!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Home Improvements!My Profile

  2. Secret Agent Stuff! Love it! LOL.

    Never been a “wear tester”, but I am a “pre-reader”. I work with three different authors and
    they send me advance copies of their books, usually 2 to 3 weeks before the public release. I read the books then write reviews so that when the book is released they already have a few reviews on Amazon. Not as cool as being a “Secret Agent” though!

    1. That’s cool!! Is it happens to be Matt Fitzgerald book, make sure you give rave reviews about the Glass City Marathon chapter!!
      I just wish it was a pair that I really liked!

  3. 12 is a fun year! I always think fondly of it because a few days before my 12th birthday is when my mom let me adopt my first cat — the best gift ever! 🙂 Oh to be that young and carefree again!

    That’s so cool that you’re a tester for Brooks. I can’t wait to see what they bring out for next year. Maybe I’ll be able to run by then! haha. I still have a brand new pair of Adrenalines sitting in my closet just waiting to be taken out. The day I can slip them on and actually go for a run is going to be a good day!
    Kristina Running recently posted…Catching Up!My Profile

  4. I was a tester too!! Are you in the Facebook group? Its so fun to see all the new (potential) models! I liked the ones I tested but they didnt have much cushioning which I think i need right now.

    1. Yes, I’m in the group!! You Lisa S? 😉 Lisa W for me! I was hoping they’d send me a more cushy pair. I’ve never run in Brooks before so their line is all new to me!

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