Back from Mohican marathon, and I took a few days off.  Literally, 4 days off!  I know, I know, you need a lot of rest after a race, but I listened to my body and took it easy.  The first 3 days my quads and calves were crying whenever I walked down stairs.  These stairs at the gym were a fright!!


But by Weds I was moving around a bit better and even had a night out with the Moms Run This Town group… but I joined the walking group for this “group run”!  Still just as much fun to see everyone, and I didn’t end up with sweaty hair!  🙂


By Thursday morning my legs were pretty much feeling 90% better.  Sydney is now looking forward to our Thursday morning “Daybreak Divas” run, so I couldn’t pass that up.  We did a slow 4 mile recovery run, complete with some picture stops.  I give her a ton of credit for waking up at 5:40am to do this run with me every week!!  She has been gearing up for Fall XC too and running 4 days a week.  She’s getting serious!


The outtakes are always the best!


The post run donuts are my favorite too…


Thurs night is my coaching night.  I took my Monday night off because it just didn’t make any sense to try to run so soon after the marathon.  Thurs night is track night and we had 6 x 800 on the plan… with 1 min recovery!  As luck would have it, it rained that night just long enough to make everything a humid sweaty mess, and the temperature was still 83 degrees!  Ugh.  The goal was 5K race pace (8:02) for the 800’s, which ended up being pretty ugly for me.  I even sat out 2 of the laps.  My splits were all in the 8:15 – 9:00 range.  We did have a few other people not keeping up with the goal pace, so at least I had some company!  I really didn’t feel sore legs, it was more of a case of the heat sucking the life out of me.  Hopefully next track night will go better!


One very wilted runner!


It’s going to be a fun weekend around here.  My son is turning 12 years old!!  He’s got some friends sleeping over tonight so I’ll pretty much be hiding from the Nerf bullets, and staying invisible!!


Q:  Do you have any Nerf guns at your house??

Bullets. everywhere.

Q:  How many days off running do you take off after running a marathon?

Not sure why I felt so good after this race – I won’t complain though!!

Q:  Are you enjoying any seasonal beer this summer?



8 thoughts on “Walking, running, and feeling the burn!”
  1. I can honestly say there is not now or nor has there ever been a Nerf gun in my house, but of course I don’t have any kids in the house either. Did recently find a couple of Nerf bullets in the yard while mowing. Three young boys living across the street. If I don’t have any races on the calendar, I will take a full week off, but if I have another marathon coming up, I will only take 3 days off and start back easy. I just had a Solemn Oath Seasonal beer last night. Brewery is only 1.5 miles from my house. These small breweries seem to be popping up everywhere. Another one is opening even closer in the next two months. The more beer, the better!

  2. Nerf guns definitely in our house…. with a 8 yr old boy living here…. yep! Guarantee to have nerf gun! LOL

    I usually walk for 20 min for 2 days post marathon as per my coach’s orders…. then mileage is low and pace slow…… ease back into things while listening to body

    Love that you and your daughter run on Thursday! That is awesome!!! So cool she is so exciting about running!

    Not much of a beer drinker

    1. Ooof. Two days sounds short to me – it takes me longer than that to unpack my race swag bag! 😉 I think about a week usually works for me. I do get a bit antsy by the end of the week, but I need the rest!
      Oh my yes – those Nerf bullets were flying for HOURS during the sleepover, and the next morning too! Zach has quite an arsenal of Nerf guns.

  3. Humid + hot is never a good combination. I always have to mentally prepare if I’m running right after a rainstorm because I know the humidity will be through the roof! More so than usual, haha!

    That’s so awesome that the love of running is being passed down in your family! You must be proud parents 🙂
    Kristina Running recently posted…MRI Results + Next StepsMy Profile

    1. One of the runners in my 5K training group is from Florida and she tells me about how she feels better adapted for the evening hot running. I believe her!! I just melt. I’m not adapted yet at all. Kudos to all of you down there getting out in that heat!

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