I remember when I used to think Toledo was the “big city”.  I mean, I still get a little nervous driving around downtown because I’m afraid I’ll turn wrong on a one way street, but beyond that, it’s really a treasure of fun stuff.

As an example, we started out a weekend recently with a trip the Mud Hens game (yep, free tickets again!!).


It was Harry Potter night.  I think that Harry really is the only one who can pull off this look.  That style of glasses is not for everyone!


That night we also headed over to Perrysburg to see the Glass City Balloon Race.  We didn’t see them race – we were there for the glow!  It was quite a beautiful sight!


Speaking of beautiful stuff – just look at the colors on these exceptional flowers!  We took a little stroll on Saturday morning at the downtown Farmers Market which is where the flowers were.


There’s a Libbey Glass outlet downtown too – every thing could ever need in glassware.. and then some more.


We were inspired by the Harry Potter night on Friday, and had our own Harry Potter night at home – complete with delicious mugs of Butterbeer.  Recipe is simple – a few scoops of ice cream, add cream soda, a squirt of butterscotch topping and a splash of vanilla and mix up with an immersion blender.  Don’t forget the whipping topping!


And finally, our garden is starting give us some vegetables!  Yum.


It was a fun weekend just being in town.


Q:  Do you go to a Farmer’s Market regularly?

Q:  Does your garden have any vegetables yet?

Q:  Favorite Harry Potter movie?

I liked most of the, except the one with triwizard tournament (Goblet of Fire).  That was just too dark!

5 thoughts on “Fun weekend in the city”
  1. Toledo gets a bad rap, and it has its problems like every other city. But if you can’t find something to do, you aren’t trying hard enough. We do have a plethora of entertainment options available.

    Q: Do you go to a Farmer’s Market regularly? – We used to. We had a CSA Share with Shared Legacy Farms. We just got too busy and decided someone else could better use the share.

    Q: Does your garden have any vegetables yet? Sadly, no garden this year. Spot still exists, but didn’t get to it.

    Q: Favorite Harry Potter movie? Probably Prisoner of Azkaban or Order of the Phoenix. I did not like the later movies as much.
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  2. Hi Lisa! I absolutely love the flowers!

    I always go to the local farmers market with my boyfriend. That one is full of Mexican and Latin American goodies which is always good, specially for the spices and cheese they sell there. Extremely good and it really takes me back to my country.

    I live in a small apartment so my chances of growing vegetables are pretty low. I onces tried growing a basil plant but it only lasted for a week:(

    My favorite HP movie is the third one. Can’t remember the name but I know that’s my favorite of them all!

  3. Confession – I have never watched a Harry Potter movie! I love you all in the glasses though lol too cute and that giant glass LOL I was thinking that is a lot of wine.

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