Have you made a to do list this summer?  My kids came up with a  good list this year and we have been busy crossing items off.  I got to cross one off my list recently:  enjoying a drink by the pool!


Oh and also a trip to Sonic for half off shakes.  Yummmmmmm


Here’s what Zachary wants to do:


Here’s what Sydney wants to do:


We biked on the new bike trails on the 4th of July, which was a good time.  Another item on the list was a visit to Imagination Station.  Imagination Station is a hands on science museum in downtown Toledo.  First stop was riding the bike across the tight rope.  Scary fun!


Then it was the Boyo  (Body weight yo-yo).  We all mastered the concept and shot up to the top.


We built an arch out of blocks, which fell over about 3 seconds after this picture was taken!


Might be hard to tell in this picture, but we were in a tilted room, so the kids were able to climb up the walls, and it was really hard to walk across the floor.  Freaky!


Zachary and I had steady hands as we built this domino spiral, which fell beautifully when we started it.


We befriended a dinosaur (it was pretty funny to watch him walk around).


My favorite part was the Extreme Science show about explosions.  BAM!!!  The exploding balloons with different gases in them were super cool to see.


And how about our super white teeth?  Nice!!


If you ever come to Toledo, make sure you visit Imagination Station.  It’s a lot of fun!!

**********  How about you?  …….

Q:  What’s on your summer to do list?  Are you getting stuff crossed off?

Q:  Do you go to Sonic?

Only for the half off shakes!!  Then we roll our full bellies back home and groan about how much we drank.

9 thoughts on “Summer To Do – Imagination Station”
    1. The weight keeps the bike pretty steady, but if you were moving around a lot it would sway back and forth! No way that it could flip… but you do have a really secure seat belt!! 😳

  1. This summer has not feel like a summer to me. Lots of work going on! But I absolutely LOVE the fact that you guys have a summer to do list. That’s a great idea and I will have to copy that idea;)

    I will never go to Sonic, but I heard that their shakes are really good! So maybe that could be the first to do item on my Summer to do list.
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    1. Teehee! I thought there was a scary Sonic story! Phew. I’ve only had shakes there. The rest of the menu looks really good, but not so healthy! Well because you know, shakes totally are healthy. Ha!

  2. The kids lists is such a fun idea 🙂 I bet they love it!
    The Science museum looks great, the bike is super cool…I have not seen that exhibit at any I visited!

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