Remember National Running Day?  I just found these pictures on my phone and forgot to tell you about it!    


Mostly I wanted to show you the cool swag we got at our race this year.  “Run Hard, Live Long”.  I have a feeling if it was designed by my Dad it would have said “Run Hard, Ruin Knees”… but I digress. 


Having one on our vehicle will be like doing a secret TRRC handshake or wave when we see fellow runners!

It was a 7K this year (June 7th!).  In true Willford spirit, we arrived at the race course 4 minutes late.  No worries, it was just a fun club run!  We were the last people to cross the start line.  Do we get a prize for that?


I think it was the first day I ran in the evening heat because it was a tough run!!

I also wanted to get around to properly introducing the latest foster kitten that we have.  You may remember that we had a pair of long hair kittens, but they have continued their journey to their forever home because they made the weight/size needed to be adoptable.  When we dropped them off, we picked up another kitten who was the runt of the litter and still hadn’t made weight when the rest of his family went up for adoption. 


We have just fallen in love with this little guy because he’s just soooooooo relaxed.  He doesn’t try to run up our screen door or windows, scratch the furniture, or do any of those mischievous things that some kittens do.  He just hangs out and meows loudly on occassion.


We’ve named him Rocket, because…  (Guardians of the Galaxy, image from here)


It will be hard to give him up, but he is actually going to be adopted by the family who was previously fostering him and this family.  They haven’t been able to stop thinking about him.  No wonder 🙂



Q:  What’s the oddest distance you have raced?

Q:  Do you typically show up early for events?

haha, I am always so late / last minute.

6 thoughts on “TBT National Running Day & Rocket, aka chill kitten”
  1. Awwww Rocket is a BABY!!! Now listen, Christmas was the runt of his litter! Can you believe it!? He ended up approaching 20lbs and now he is on a diet and is “only” 15.9. He’s my full grown main coon boy.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Weekend Wrap Up!My Profile

    1. Wow, Christmas is a big boy! Lots of kitty to cuddle 🙂 We think my mom’s cat is at least part Maine Coon. She’s a big cat and my mom says she feeds her very little, but she is just a big cat! She’s also very unfriendly. Hisses and swats at us! But, she’s all buddies with my mom of course!

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