I really should have waited until my basement was completely back together, but I just couldn’t wait to show you what we’ve done at our house!  “We” is actually a stretch because my husband pretty much did 95% of the work on this, not me, but I did contribute ideas, so yeah me!

We built our house 13 years ago, and we’ve talked about finishing our basement for probably 8 years now.  The project started in the winter of 2016, but really kicked into gear this past spring & summer.  I’ll focus on the workout space.  It has always been a humble spot downstairs, with a TV and some misc stuff on a pool solar cover box.


Framing started, and that was a long process.  Alan spent a long, long time framing everything.  The treadmill got moved around, and we had to look at lumber for a long time.

8D9F66C4-BA3A-458D-BE0D-31875BB7385D IMG_4502

When drywall came in, it really started to look finished.  Well, it did to us!  (oh no, someone free my treadmill from that plastic wrap!!!)

IMG_5077 IMG_5144

We were going to have a drop ceiling, but changed plans and had the ceiling finished with drywall too.  ooooooh, what a nice look!


We finally decided on a color, and got the walls painted, and the trim installed.  Ready for carpeting!


After the carpeting was installed, it was the BEST!  Seriously, new carpet is the most luxurious feeling! (that’s Sydney making “carpet angels”!  LOL!!)


And finally, we dragged the treadmill out of storage (where it was hiding during the carpeting process)….  (look at all of the crap hiding in the storage room that we have to sort out and organize now!!! *winter project!!)


…and we are able to workout in comfort!  Note we still have to hang mirrors, put the rest of the workout equipment in there, finish painting, hang up the TV, and so on…. but hey, it’s still awesome!

IMG_1596 IMG_1613

I feel totally spoiled by this space!  If it ever rains around here, I’ll be downstairs finishing up my tasks (painting near the ceiling) and putting the room back together.  But right now I’m loving the fact that I’m not dealing with the dark, spiders, dirt & dust downstairs!  I’ll give you an update again when we actually get it decorated 🙂

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!  Chat it up with me!…..

Q:  Have you ever done a renovation on your house?  Did you do it yourself, or hire the project out?

Q:  Do you like to paint walls?

Paint them yes, do the prep work?  No!

Q:  Do you have more carpet, tile or hardwood floors in your house?

We have a lot of carpet, and tile.  No wood floors for us.


9 thoughts on “The big (premature) reveal!”
  1. LOVE IT LISA!! What a great space for working out and lounging. I bet decorating it will be fun. 🙂 Please show us that part too. Maybe a vlog? Don’t feel spoiled! You deserve a nice workout space.

    Our whole house is wood floors except for the bathroom (tile) and the sunroom has laminate wood. It really helps to make our house look bigger having the flooring the same, continuous color. Our house is only 1200 sq ft so anything to help make it look bigger helps!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Weekend Wrap Up! (Part 3)My Profile

  2. Looking good! Been there, done that! Is all I can say. I finished our basement as well. Same basic process. Took most of a winter. I love painting, hate finishing dry walk. Always hire that out. Our house was 100% hard wood and ceramic tile. No carpet.

    Looks great!

  3. OMG! It looks AMAZING!!!! I know you guys have put a lot of planning and work into this, I’m so glad it’s all paying off now. This seriously looks like such a dream area! I know you guys are going to enjoy the heck out of it!
    Kristina Running recently posted…Catching Up!My Profile

  4. Looking great! Just not having the floor be always cold when you take off your running shoes has to be a plus!

    Q: Have you ever done a renovation on your house? Did you do it yourself, or hire the project out?

    Both. Obviously they always turn out better when I pay someone. I semi finished an area of our basement with a drop ceiling, paneled walls, tv, and some rubber style carpeting so we had a workout area (treadmill, bowflex, spin bike, etc). Also use it for football season when I want to get away 🙂

    Q: Do you like to paint walls?

    After 11 years in the house (we painted before we moved in), I just got done painting the living room a few Saturdays ago. 1928 house with odd shaped walls, fireplace, etc made for almost 2 hours of trim work and no time whatsoever to roll. Took about 5.5 hours overall for 2 coats of paint. Reminded me that I do not like painting my house.

    Q: Do you have more carpet, tile or hardwood floors in your house?

    Entirely hardwood or faux hardwood at this point. Carpet left in the house was terrible and the original wood is always questionable to try and save.
    Dan recently posted…Boy Scout 13.1 Training – Week 1 RecapMy Profile

    1. Our new carpet has really amplified how terrible the carpet is in the rest of our house for sure!!! I’m seeing replacement happening in the near future.

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