Can you believe I still have more stuff to show you about our Mexico trip?  I have a few more pics in my library, so I’m going to just post them now and finish up my recap.  If you missed any of the other Mexico posts and would like to read them, there are Recap 1, Mexico animals, Recap 2, Under the sea,  Xel-Ha  (yep, I’ve got *lots* of pictures!).

Without further ado, here’s more stuff from Mexico!  First, I have to share this colorful picture of my family.  A lot of families book a professional photo session and get incredible pictures done on the beach with their matching white shirts.  I am envious of those people because I could never make my hair look nice enough for a photo session, so every year I make sure we do get our picture taken with the exotic animal people!!  I mean, how can you resist monkeys you can hold in your hand, or big iguanas??  The pictures always turn out stunning.


Flashback to the first time my kids had their picture taken.  My son was not thrilled to be involved.  Not one bit.  In fact, I may have strongly insisted that he hold that creature!   I’m sure you can’t tell that by their picture.


Nowadays, he’s a pro!  (Awww, my favorite picture of him).  The parrots licked our faces… it tickled, and it was weird!!


Sydney liked the monkeys the best!


We ended up buying all of the pictures – because you can’t just put a picture of only one kid on your iPhone screen – you need both!  (no favorites, please!!)


We had lots of silly times at the pool.


In true “Mom fashion”, I still had to clean up after everyone… even at the swim up bar!


One day we took a shopping trip to Playa del Carmen, a little town by the ocean.  It’s a quick trip away from our hotel using public transportation.


Sydney and I both picked out a puffy hanging heart ornament.  I love looking at the colors in my office at work, remembering our trip.


This guy was all painted up to look like a statue.  It was amazing!  Especially when you thought he really was a statue, but then moved.  Who says Mexico isn’t a safe place to go?  LOL!!


I think this the favorite picture of Sydney and me.  We were on our way to the dive shop after breakfast, to go on a morning catamaran ride.  I could really get used to that lifestyle!  In just a few years she will be heading off to college.  (waaaaaaaaaa!)  Ok, it’s more like 4 years, but that will fly by!


That wraps up my vacation recap!  I hope you have enjoyed these peeks into our trip.  Our family really has a love for Mexico.  Maybe some day you will see Alan and I on an episode of House Hunters International.  Well, maybe not because I’m too spoiled by the awesome resorts we’ve gone to.  Can’t beat the service!


Q:  Is there a place that you repeatedly travel to?

Q:  Have you had any family pictures taken lately?

No!!  But maybe this Fall I will convince my family to do it.

Q:  What is your favorite show on HGTV?  


6 thoughts on “A final Mexico vacation post!”
    1. I know – a few of my friends are becoming empty nesters with colleges kids. Which is kind of funny – some of my former schoolmates are grandparents! Yikes.
      That statue guy was just sitting on the bench when we first saw him. Awesome makeup on him!!

  1. You have permission to NEVER stop posting about Mexico travels! We went over spring break to Tulum and absolutely loved it.

    I also love seeing people’s posts on travels– I posted yesterday on a trip to Norway! I think it’s so fun to experience places through other people’s pictures….it’s a tiny taste of being there.

    1. Thanks! I will have to check out your blog posts. I love reading about travel and seeing what other people have experienced!!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  2. Don’t lie, you weren’t cleaning up after everyone, those 4 drink glasses were all yours!! Kidding. That was a awesome trip, worth every penny. Especially for the animal pictures.

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