Mexico!!  Where do I even start about our vacation?  I honestly can’t say anything bad about Mexico – it’s the best!  We had considered going to other destinations this year, but decided to go back to Mexico (for the 11th time!) to the same resort we went to last year – Barcelo Maya Grand (our 2nd year there).  We were not disappointed in our choice!  [Get ready for a LOT of pictures.  I won’t even be mad if you just want to scroll through them and not read today 🙂 ]

Even though we took several trips outside of the resort, the all inclusive definitely provides enough entertainment that you don’t have to go anywhere.  Let’s start with the dining…. yum!  You have the option to dine at several restaurants – Italian, Mexican, steakhouse, seafood, Japanese, and of course the buffets.  One of our favorite places is the hibachi table at the Japanese restaurant.  Dinner and a show!!


One night Alan and I went on a date night, so we got to enjoy that delicious food twice on our trip!


My kids favorite was breakfast.  The breakfast buffet was amazing.  No matter what your favorite still of food, it was there.  Healthy stuff – fruits, yogurt, green smoothies.  Pancakes, waffles, churros, donuts, eggs every way (omelet chef!!), hash browns, potatoes, bacon, ham …. ok, you get the idea.



I do have to share my favorite picture of Zachary and I.  This was a day when my hair decided to behave.  That Mexican humidity makes my hair a crazy mess!


Alright, now that my stomach is grumbling, let’s move on to sports!  There were “dry” sports, like ping pong (our favorite!) and foosball.


New to the resort was bowling.  Actually they do have an indoor bowling alley (!), but this was a new outdoor lane.  My kids loved the ball return on the side 🙂


Mini golf was also a lot of fun, and a huge challenge.  Sand traps and obstacles galore.


As for water sports, we tried almost all of them – even these Aqua Cycles!!  The kids weren’t old enough for stand up paddle boards, and we didn’t have time to do the kayaks.  The aqua cycles were silly, slow, and hurt my feet when we paddled.  But hey, it was fun to try it once!

Alan has really turned into a skilled catamaran pilot (is that a thing??).   We haven’t flipped over once in his many years of self taught sailing.  Not sure it’s a thing to brag about, but he’s never even watched a YouTube video on it (he claims he will one day though!).


I’ll tell you all about the snorkeling and scuba diving we did on another post.  Moving on to other entertainment…  Just walking around the resort was a fun thing to do.  So much to see!


They had banana plants… (or is it banana trees??)


Every night they had show in one each of the three theaters.  They really put on a show!  It was always live music and dancing and singing.  One night was “Circus” themed and they had some very flexible acrobats.  Another night was “girls” vs “guys”.  That was very entertaining!


The only “problem” with the shows was that they started at 9:30 pm.  I kid you not, we were exhausted pretty much every night and were in bed watching Nick at 8:30 if we didn’t go see the shows!  I’m sure it’s no surprise by looking at our pictures that we were in motion every minute of the day!!  I can remember only one that time I sat in the lounge chair by the pool on this trip.  yikes!  But I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

If you’ve made it this far, give yourself a high five!!  One more picture to go.   Funny fact:  our underwater camera died on this trip, and this was the last picture on the media card.  Selfie time.  Nailed it!  LOL


Thanks for stopping by! I have few more posts in process about my trip because I have so much to share, so please stop back!!

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Q: Do know how to sail a catamaran?

Q: Have you ever been on a Aqua Cycle??

Q: Do you like foosball?

Back in the day I ROCKED at foosball.  Sadly, I am out of practice!



6 thoughts on “Mexico… a little bit of everything!”
  1. Looks like you had a blast! We took Abby to Mexico in April of 2016, she didn’t want to come home (5 years old at the time). We told her she would have to be in school and such but she didn’t believe us. Oh well! Still one of my favorite family trips.

    Simple answer to all 3 questions: No. Not a big boat fan, only aqua cycling I’ve done is at Aqua Hut in a pool, and I stink so bad at foosball it isn’t even remotely funny!
    Daniel Clark recently posted…Boy Scout 13.1 Training – Week 6 RecapMy Profile

      1. Not a diver, actually don’t particularly like the ocean. It’s majestic, and freaks the hell out of me. Nikki wants to get certified for diving, but I am not so interested.

  2. Wow, Adam looks like he could be on a “Hunks of Mexico” calendar in the boating photo!!! 🙂

    I’m glad you and your family had such a fun time together. That resort looks like just the kind of place you guys enjoy because you are very active and up to try new things. I am with you- 9:30 is LATE. We’re the same way on vacation- we are up early and go hard all day.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…BEAMMMy Profile

    1. Hands off, he’s mine! 🙂 On our honeymoon we went to the Cancun nightclubs – and those didn’t even get going until almost midnight. I certainly don’t party like that anymore!!

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