Thanks for stopping back to my Mexico vacation recap.  We did a lot of things on our 10 day vacation, so I’ve still got lots to show you!  Across the street from our hotel (Barcelo) is several cenotes.  Cenotes are a natural pit or sinkhole that contain fresh water (not salt water), aka Mexican Swimming Holes!  We visited the Cristalino cenote.  The water is very clear, but also very chilly (relatively speaking compared to the ocean & pool).  It’s just like swimming in Ohio!

The entry fee was $150 pesos for adults and $100 pesos for kids.  We had exactly $500 pesos left in paper money.  But when we got there, the lady said Sydney was the “adult” fee (apparently she’s too tall!), so $550 pesos.  I scrounged up some coins and handed her $527 pesos.  And then I smiled really big.  Just smiled at her and gave the “no more money” hand gesture, which apparently worked because she let us in.  Gotta love my communication and negotiation skills!! ($150 pesos is about $8.50 US).


One of the highlights at Cristalino is the cliff to jump off of.  I will admit – I was NERVOUS to jump!  It’s a 12 foot cliff.  Even some of the kids there were chickening out when it was their turn.  Fun fact, we were the only people with blond hair at the cenote that day!! 🙂

This is me, Alan, and Zachary jumping together.

We also found out that they have those fish that give you spa pedicures!  Do you know what I’m talking about?  People pay money to have fishies nibble at their feet and supposedly that gets rid of the dead skin?  I’m not buying that story, but it was hilarious to have them biting at us.  It really tickled!!


The caves at the cenote had birds that flew in and out and made nests in the rocks.  We even saw a big iguana just sitting in a hole in the rocks too.  It’s a really beautiful little hidden gem.

Now let’s talk about running!  I ran a few days on my trip.  First run was with Alan.  I had to decline the invite to run with him the next day because he was too fast for me (and I was slowing him down!)  My hamstrings were bothering me, so I ran a few days more and then the rest of the trip I just woke up early and walked instead.  It was a bummer not to be running, but I needed to listen to my body because it was say “ugh, stop now!”   I didn’t want to miss the sunrise though, and that early start to my day.  Heaven!!


One morning the kids decided to join me for a run.  Sydney really wanted to run on the beach on our trip, so we did!  And of course we had a fun time taking pictures…


How about some jumping too?


And running together 🙂  🙂  🙂


And the outtakes.  I call this “booyah!”


And “carefree runner girl”   Don’t we all feel like that when we’re having a good run? 🙂


After the run on that day, I decided to take a break from running.  I won’t be running until Aug 12th, in a 5K by my house.  Sydney wanted to the do the race, so I figured I’d take it easy and join her.  Hoping the hammies get all calmed down and I can start my next training cycle (for Columbus Half Marathon) refreshed.  Fingers crossed!!

Thanks for stopping by!!  You can find the other Mexico vacation posts here:  recap post, animals


Q:  Do you get pedicures?

Oh god no!  No one needs to see my feet.

Q:  Would you run in shoes on the beach, or barefoot?

I have tried both – barefoot was really hard!!

Q:  Are you afraid of high jumps?





9 thoughts on “Mexico – cliff jumping, spa treatments, and running”
  1. Cenotes are cool! We explored one at Xel-Ha ( However, we couldn’t get Abby off the zip lines once she discovered them, so exploring the caves became less of a priority.

    I couldn’t stand running on the beach. I ran onto the beach, took about 20 steps, and turned around to run around the resorts.

    No one touches my feet! Just no.

    I’m largely afraid of heights but I’d love to jump off a high ledge into water because it seems like fun!

    As always, looks like you are building great memories with the kids! I hope they enjoyed the trip.
    Daniel Clark recently posted…Sylvania SuperKids Tri/Du, Run & Splash-N-Dash Recap!My Profile

    1. Spoiler alert – I’ve got another post completely about XelHa! Yep, this Mexico vacation recap just keeps going, and going…. haha! Well, with a running hiatus you gotta find something to talk about 🙂

      1. Hah! I will look forward to that then as it’s still fresh enough in memory for me.

        Also, Abby and Nikki are running Saturday and I’m course marshaling, so it sounds like I’ll be seeing you in your return run! Even if it isn’t at your goal pace (mine never ends up being!) 🙂

  2. Hi Lisa! I’ve been seeing your pictures from your trip to Mexico and I think they are really amazing! I’m so glad you and your family spent the most amazing time together:)

    I usually will do my own pedicure every two weeks. However, I did go to get a pedicure (and manicure) for before my graduation ceremony. I immediately told the lady who got me that I am a runner and that I do my pedicure by myself. And after a while doing my pedicure, she told me I needed to do it better next time lol.

    I haven’t run in the beach, so I don’t really know what do I like better. With shoes I won’t burn my feet, right?

    I am extremely afraid of high jumps, lol.
    Nathaly Abrahan recently posted…RACE RECAP: FULL MOON 5K TRAIL RACE, A DOWN2EARTH RACE.My Profile

    1. Oh, that is funny about the comment on your pedicure!! I do keep my toenails painted all summer (well, you know, black toenail coverage!!). In the winter I just let my toenails recover from all the polish usage.
      So running on the beach without shoes really makes it hard because shoes usually stabilize your feet. It could be heat protection too, but we ran early enough in the day that the sand wasn’t warm yet. It also gives your calves a huge workout!!

    1. Always having to convert pesos to dollars was interesting. I’m sure they don’t give tourists the advantage when a round up or down is necessary. For the most part we didn’t have any problems communicating when they didn’t speak English. This was one occasion when I had to rely on shrugs and hand gestures!

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