I may have told you last year that I’m not a very “confident” scuba diver.  Last year I was actually a bit nervous about diving because I hadn’t been diving in 14 years!  After a bit of a nervous start last year the dive went well – but this year I’m happy to say I did really well!  The kids aren’t certified divers yet, so they had to take a training course at dive shop on site.  And what did we do while they were in “class”, go to the adults-only pool of course!!  😉


They even had these luxurious lounge beds.


But I digress…  on to scuba diving!  After the kids were done, we got geared up and headed out on the dive boat.


This is me and Zack.  Luckily my mask is pink because every looks very similar underwater with the same black masks!!


The GoPro camera took really great pictures.  Love to have these memories of our trip!


We saw a wide array of sea life including lobsters, shrimps, barracuda, pufferfish, parrotfish, and many many many more that I haven’t finished identifying yet for my scrapbook!  The coolest sea creature we saw was a lionfish.  The color isn’t the best on this shot, but they are magnificent looking in real life.


Here’s a better picture of what this fish looks like.  So pretty, right?


Do you see the barracuda in this picture?


This is a shot of my kids going down with their instructor.  The dive shop, Dressel Divers, does such a great job with the students!


I’m really proud of my kids learning this sport.  Hopefully it will be something they both enjoy when they are adults too!


Back on land, our first stop was the pool bar.  You get really thirsty from swimming in the salt water!!


Thanks for stopping by!  You can find “Part 1” of my Mexico vacation post here, a bit about the animals we saw here.   I still have a few more posts about my trip – because I had so many fun pictures I wanted to share.  I hope I’m not boring you!


Q:  Have you ever been scuba diving?

Q:  Do you get sea sick riding in small boats?

Q:  Have you ever been to an “adults only” resort?

Nope, we have not!

4 thoughts on “Mexico – under the sea!”
  1. I have never been scuba diving! It actually scares me. How deep did yas all go down? I haven’t even been snorkeling but I would be willing to give that a try.

    Paul and I are SO excited to go to a tropical resort some day, and when we do, it will DEFINITELY be an adults only resort! I am glad there are a lot of good options for resorts with kids and resorts for if people want to have a getaway without kids
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    1. With the training the kids had, they can go up to 40 feet, but only for the duration of our vacation. 40 feet is a very good depth to see a lot of sea life and still have good sunlight.
      Another Mexican mega resort we went to several times had one building (one resort) that was adult only. They could use all of our restaurants and such, but no children allowed at their pools and restaurants (we were not allowed to go there). They have a lot of adults only options in Mexico. You’d love it!

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