In June I ran the Mohican Trail race with Alan.  And while it was an awesome experience, it was lacking a very notable part of the race – the “hand over hand root climb”.  It’s a part of the course where you literally had to climb up roots to get the top.  It was weird because right when we started the race the director said “You may have heard rumors that we’re not doing the root climb.  Rest assured that we are!”.   But we didn’t!  So, to make up for missing that experience we had to go back to Mohican and do it.  And, “Mohican Adventures Park” was on the kid’s Summer To Do list (see our To Do list here!)

We started out our day of fun at Mohican Adventures.  I gotta tell you – this place is the best!!  It’s an aerial park.  It has 3 “levels” of skills that you can go through.


We did a  pretty good job of conquering all of the obstacles!  There were some people that did not.  When that happened, a worker had to make their way over to the person in need and use a pulley-kind-of-thing to get them down from wherever they were stuck.  We actually saw several people needing that kind of assistance!  Some people were just over their skill level and couldn’t continue.  Some people were just afraid of the challenge and couldn’t go on.  One girl in front of us was stuck on a platform, in tears, and needed to be “rescued”!  The only “good” thing about that for us was it extended the amount of time we were on the course.  Our 1 hour pass ended up lasting 2 hours because of waiting for other people!


And wow, were my arms sore the next day after all of these challenges!!


We got to walk on rafts!


Walk on this high rope was freaky!!  My legs were really shaky and I was wobbling back and forth at the end.


Safety first 🙂


Mohican Adventures also has mini golf.  We played on the course where it was totally luck, not our skill level.  It was silly fun!  Here we are trying to find the hole in a cave!


My son’s favorite part of the park was go karts! (well, it was a tie between the aerial park and go karts really)  He went full blast around the track.  A really interesting thing – there were Amish people driving go karts!!  They were good at it too!!  And how did they get to the park?  Amish taxi.  No joke, that really exists.


After all of that fun at Mohican Adventures it was time to look for the climb.  Despite the fact that it started raining, and we were short on time, we ventured out on the Mohican trails.  Heck no, rain was not stopping us.


Alan, our fearless trail leader couldn’t find the root climb on our first trip around the loop.  This journey was taking more time than expected, and we were getting wetter!  Surprisingly, we were not the only crazy people out on the trails that afternoon.  We had to venture through super overgrown single track trails before we found it.  You can tell I’m super excited about it – and I was stressing about poison ivy most of the time!!  Itch.  Itch.  Itch.  (luckily that was a bug bite)


But finally, there it was!!!  Very much worth the trip.


Here we are climbing up….

So if you happen to participate in the Mohican Trail Run anytime soon, hopefully they will take you on the root climb again.  We do plan on running the 50 miler in 2018 – because “50 in 50”  (I’ll be 50 years old next year.  eek!)

And if you happen to be in town spectating the Mohican Trail run, make sure you stop over to Mohican Adventures for a whole day of fun while those suckers are out there on the trails!!! 🙂


Q:  Are you afraid of heights?

Q:  Are you allergic to poison ivy?  

Ugh, I’m soooooo allergic to poison ivy.  HATE IT.

Q:  Have you ever heard of Amish taxi?

I don’t know a whole lot about the Amish community, but I do find it very interesting and enjoy learning about their culture.

3 thoughts on “Mohican Adventures adventures!”
  1. What a fun day! I don’t know about that aerial park… I can see you have harnesses on… I generally don’t like heights a whole lot. It is a fear that came with old age! I guess if I felt like the harness was really safe, then maybe I would do it!?

    Ugh I freaking hate poison ivy!! Yes I get it and I still have a scar on my leg from getting it on vacation. I also have a scar from the frostbite I gave myself while applying ice packs straight onto my poison ivy overnight! I am sure the poison scars will go away because they always do, but I hope the frost bite does too! Because the discolored skin just makes my shin look dirty!

    There are a lot of Amish farms around my hometown of Millersburg PA. I never heard them called Amish taxis, but did know that they are allowed to ride in cars (just not drive them) because I would see them getting rides in vans from non Amish people. But of course we saw them on the back roads with their buggies too. The Amish around Millersburg have a lot of businesses, mostly building, landscaping, and of course BAKING. Oh my gosh, the Amish make the best baked goods.
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    1. We did actually zip line on part of the course having our equipment the same way, so it was definitely safe to catch us – but it was a scary feeling being wobbly and feeling like we were going to fall!! A good scary though 🙂
      Yes indeed, Amish baked goods are delicious!!
      Oh wow, frostbite from an ice pack! That sucks. I hope that scar goes away too. I don’t know why I let my rash get so big back in June. Next time I’m getting that shot right away. Yuck!!

  2. You guys were so thrilled to walk around the trail in the rain! ha And I loved the go cart racing, especially when I got to smack Zach into the wall.

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