I’m back!  [to running that is!]  I took a short hiatus from running after vacation, which really felt like forever.  I had to avoid looking on Facebook at all of my friends out running and having fun.  You know how it is – looking at that person running down the road wishing it was you out there running?  Yep, that was me.

I was going to stop running for 14 days, but it ended up being 12 days because Sydney wanted to go on our early morning Daybreak Diva run with the group.  The run went OK, but I was still feeling my hammies, so that was not a big surprise.  I haven’t actually done anything to fix the situation yet, just resting, so I was not expecting any miracles.  Still, overall I’d give the run a 7 out of 10.  Not too bad! (makeup never needed at the Diva run!)


After another rest day, it was time for a 5K!  The 5K is one that Sydney has participated in before, so I really wanted to join in.  It was actually the race we first ran in together in 2012!  (can I get an Awwwww for that shot??)  We ran as a mother/daughter team that year!


Oh how times have changed.  I remember she was in tears just a quarter mile from this finish line shot because she had a side stitch.  She got those a lot!  But I encouraged her to run her fastest and we could come in under 30 mins.  Finish time: 29:50!  Bam!!


The theme of this year’s Women Distance Festival was “Runaway Bride”.  It’s a women’s only race and the guys got to volunteer.  And, there was the one guy running who was the bride!  He got to be the “rabbit” at the race.  I have to give him credit for running in a strapless dress!  I’m sure that was a challenge!


The participants were encouraged to dust off their old bridesmaid dresses and wear them at the race.  Since I was not in shape for any PR, I decided to do it!  It was a last minute decision for me because I felt totally silly wearing this dress, but what the heck, why not?


This is the dress I wore to my brother’s wedding 28 years ago.  It actually used to be a long dress, but shortly after wearing at the wedding I hemmed it short so I could wear it to a party.  Yep, I was really into that dress and figured I should wear it more than once.  OH MY, what was I thinking?  It has a big bow in the back.  I’m thinking big puffy sleeves should make a fashion comeback!! (eek, no)

Anyhow, I was very happy to find out that dress was quite “runnable” due to the short length and I was quite happy with my performance.  It was a nice crisp cool morning, so I didn’t melt – surprising because that fabric sure didn’t breath!  Finish time:  26:55.

Bow in back - so much fabric!!
Bow in back – so much fabric!!

I got first in my age group, so I got a cute little runner charm.  They had a ton of door prizes too, so Sydney and I both got some goodies (me, socks – her, a bag).  I even got a mug which I think is very fitting 🙂



IMG_2526 IMG_2538


I even went shopping at the mall (where the race was held) after the race.  YES, I did get some odd stares.  I hope the race bib on my dress explained my odd outfit.  It was a good conversation starter with the sales clerks!


The bad part was after the race.  Later in the afternoon I was feeling crippled!  Apparently I had worked my leg muscles hard the day before at an aerial park (blog post coming soon!), so my quads were super sore walking down stairs.  Just like I ran a marathon!!  That’s a first for me.  Also, I’m fighting a cold right now so I was just completely worn out.  I even took a nap after the race.  Ugh.  Nothing like a 5K kicking your ass, right?  Phew!


Q:  Do you feel sore after a 5K?

Q:  Have you ever run in a costume (or dress??) before?

Q:  Have you been an attendant in a wedding before?

I’ve only been a bridesmaid in one wedding!

10 thoughts on “Runaway Bride 5K… and I’m back!”
  1. Wow! 26:55 is an amazing 5K time. Congrats! I wish I could do a sub 30 5K. Maybe that will be my goal for next year:)

    So far I haven’t fell sore after a 5K or a 10K. But since I will be working on being faster during my upcoming races, that might change.

    I haven’t run in a costume and I’ve only attended one wedding in the past three years. I wasn’t a bridesmaid at that one. Looking forward to being one though!
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    1. Sad thing about being sore – I didn’t think I was even “pushing hard”! I mean, I didn’t want to mess my hammies up too much, so I just tried to run at a good pace, but not push hard (because I can’t really!). Oh well. Sub 30 is a good goal to set – keep on pushing!
      Thinking back I’m surprised I’ve only been in one wedding. I guess a lot of my friends didn’t get married until much later (or not at all).

  2. Ha! What an awesome job in that dress 🙂 You ran a great race! I have had my butt kicked by a 5K but I bet a lot of is fighting off the sickness too.
    I have a dress very similar thing and cut it so I could wear it again and I think now, did I really I would use that again LOL well hey, maybe I can run a race in it lol The sleeves are awesome!
    That is a cute tank!

    1. It’s funny – I ran into so many people who said they also have worn a dress like that! It took a lot of courage for me to get out there wearing it. My friend asked me why I still had the dress. I figured it was fate that I still owned it so I just had to run in it! You shortened yours too?? ha!

  3. Hey, I found you on Meg’s blog so I’m going to respond! I also run and work in tech so it’s neat to find another techie on here. I’m glad you had a great 5K and 26:55 is an awesome time especially in a costume like that! I have run in a costume a few times, but 5K is my limit for it. I have a friend who runs marathons in costumes and I can’t imagine that.

    I’m glad you had a good trip and break, too.

    1. I *always* get passed by people wearing costumes in races… (and old guys, and people pushing strollers)… so it was fun to be one who was passing someone else this time! A marathon in a costume? That’s impressive. I could not imagine doing a distance farther than a 5k in a costume either!
      Thanks for visiting my blog! Techies unite!! 🙂

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