And with a click of the gun, the Summer To Do List was done!  The click was from my Nerf gun, and it was the last thing on my kid’s summer list.  Nerf War!!!  I’m usually not too excited to be involved in a Nerf war because A) my aiming and firing skills suck and B) everyone always seems to hit me in the face “accidentally”.  But this time I had fun!


I think my son took pity on me because he gave me a really cool rapid fire gun.  It has whistling bullets.  Wicked sweet!  Fear me Zachary!!


The other activity that got crossed off the list was a trip to Funagins.  Funagins is an inflatable park.  We also learned that the inflatable slides were actually water slides, and since we didn’t wear our bathing suits, we got a bit wet!  Oh well, it’s summer!!


My favorite attraction was the bouncing pillow though.  I could have bounced all day on that thing!  Except on the green stripe. The green stripe was extra hot on our feet and we just sprinted across that color!

IMG_2668  IMG_2700


And here’s what happens when you hand your phone over to your son to take a picture 🙂  I think I see foam on his tongue from the foam pit!!


And just like that, it was Back to School time.  I now have a high schooler and a jr high student.  Wow!! 


Don’t worry, that was staged.  I’m sure they were really quite excited about going to school.  Or at least getting new shoes.  That’s ALWAYS fun!


I did have a Summer To Do list of my own, but it mostly just involved going to Sonic for shakes, and the ice cream shop several times.  Done!


Q:  Did you make a To Do list this summer?

Q:  Do you remember getting new shoes every year for school?

That was one of the highlights of school shopping for me as a kid!!  As a mom, not so much.

Q:  Are the kids back to school in your area?




6 thoughts on “Summer to-do is done and it’s BTS!”
  1. I always got new shoes for school each summer. It was one of the highlights of going back to school for me. I used to wear the Skechers- before they came out with the performance/running shoes… we’re talking the old school ones with the S on the side that were platform! It looks like you had a wonderful summer and so did the kids- that bouncing pillow looks awesome but I bet I would be super sore the next day.
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Weekly Rundown: August 14-20My Profile

    1. The shoe store I went to as a kid has a tree (fake) with a slide coming out of it. It was the biggest treat to go there!!
      I actually was not sore from that bouncy pillow – but – we did go to SkyZone (trampoline park) and I did flips. Holy moly, that was not a good idea. I was so sore the next day!! Lesson learned.

  2. Happy Back To School! You guys had an AWESOME summer. 🙂 I can’t believe Sydney is in HS! So she’s in 9th grade? What grade does jr high start for Zach? Teachers started in my district on Aug 16 and students started Aug 21. Today was the 3rd student day and I am EXHAUSTED. I mean, I am NO FUN when I get home from work. It’s basically pjs, eat dinner, watch tv, go to bed. I hope I get more energy and can be a better wife soon! I don’t remember getting new shoes for the school year growing up, but I’m sure I did. I do make a summer to do list and now I am going to make a fall to do list!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Hats By PeachMy Profile

    1. Yep, a high schooler!! Our buildings are K-4, 5 & 6 (middle school), 7 & 8 (jr high) and 9 + (high school). I can just imagine how tired you are!! For me I think the change of activity (kids loudness, being on the go all day) would be the biggest change for me and I’d want to just chill out alone! Calgon, take me away! 🙂

  3. The kids went back to school today in the county where I live, and I’m here at the beach loving seeing their pictures on Facebook and not minding one bit that my sons are adults. My daughter-in-law is a math teacher and today was her first day back to school, but as a teacher workday – her students don’t start back until the day after Labor Day.

    I hope your kids have a great school year! They’re cute kids!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Runfessions Of A Technologically Challenged Sand HaterMy Profile

    1. Thanks! I used to start school after Labor day too (in Michigan). It seems early around here – but I’m learning that school athletics pretty much start the 1st of August around here, so the summer seems extra short!

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