On our recent trip to Mexico I was happy to see some other “crazy runners” out there every morning.  It was the same people every time, and usually they were by themselves.  In my mind I categorized each one and figured out their back stories.

There was one guy who had a race shirt that said 21K on it.   Guess what?  I think that’s a half marathon in kilometers!  Or maybe it was 22K.  Either way, it was new to me!

There was the guy who was shuffling along wearing cotton t-shirt and shorts.  Kudos to you dude!  Heck, he was running more than I was on the trip!

And also that lady who clearly was training for a marathon because I saw her during my morning walk, and then after we had breakfast.  Still out there running the miles!  I did have to go on a “long” run a few years ago with Alan for my marathon training, but I’m pretty sure we ended up running about 15 miles.  That Mexican heat is brutal to me!

I also got to thinking while I was passing other women runners, what brand capris are they wearing?  How can they be wearing that t-shirt when I’m out here sweating it up with just a sports bra and shorts on?  I’ve been told you get acclimated to the heat, so I think I’m at a disadvantage there.  I’m pretty much a “run in as little as I can” kind of runner in the summer.  Phew!!

As far as clothing goes, there really are a lot of choices out there for functional performance wear.   A lot of my runner friends say they can’t run in shorts because of chaffing, and love to run in capris.  I get that!!  I think a great tip for new runners is to dress in your comfort range.  I mean, not everyone is comfortable wearing just a sports bra or even shorty shorts (not me!), and luckily there is something for every level of coverage.

I was recently included in this graphic from Tommy John about staying comfortable during my workout, and here’s my advice:

TJ Fitness Tips

Yep, Fabric, Fit & Function are all part of the equation of dressing for the occasion! Don’t forget that under layer either.  The right base layer can make a huge difference on if you have a comfortable run, or need to adjust too many times!!  I’ve had my share of wardrobe malfunctions… they aren’t fun!


Q:  Women – do you prefer to run in capris or shorts in the summer?

Q:  Guys – have you seen (or do you own) “manpris”?

I swear that’s a thing, and I’ve seen them around here.  I think it’s a great option!!!

Q:  Ever have a bad race due to clothing issues?

I didn’t really have a bad race, but I have worn tank tops that creep up more than I expected and I spent the whole race pulling them back down in place!

Q:  Have you ever had to do a long run on vacation?

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