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With just one week into my plan, I’m having a bit of concern.  The best way to describe it is having a Forrest Gump moment.  You’ve seen that part of the movie where Forrest has leg braces on, and starts running, and as he’s running the braces are falling off and he’s getting faster??  Well, my Forrest moment is quite the opposite!  The more I run, the more I feel my issues getting right back to where they were and it feels like I have clamps (hamstring tightness) slowing me down!!  Uggggh.


But I’m not yet ready to give up hope only one week into my plan, so here’s what went down this past week:

Mon:  First day of training!  Started with a 5 miler in the AM that went pretty good.


Ended my day with a long bike ride to get ice cream with the family.  We actually had too much ice cream!  Could have shared them.  13.1 miles.  Probably wasn’t the best idea for my hammies, but I couldn’t resist biking with the kids.  A great reward for all of those miles!


Eat all the ice cream!!


Tue:  XT day.  Walked 2.6 miles before work.


Wed:  4 mile run.  Hammies were sore by the end of this run, but my stomach was far worse feeling before the run.  GI issues are usually not my thing, but they kept me close to home today for fear of the worst!


Thurs:  2 miles.  Supposed to be a rest day, but had my last Daybreak Divas run with Sydney… except the run was canceled due to some rain, and we were still up and dressed pre-dawn, so we ran a few miles (2!) and went for a treat.  I will miss my early donut runs with Sydney during the school year!!

IMG_2596 IMG_2593

Fri:  45 mins of cross training on the AMT machine.  It’s a lot like the ARC trainer I think, but it’s a Precor brand, not Cybex.  Adaptive Motion Training.  I have a heck of time getting into a rhythm with it (feet moving up and down, not back and forth), but once I got it going, it was a sweat fest!!


Sat:  7 miles at the park.  No time expectations so I that was enjoyable.  Sadly, my hammies weren’t having the best day and I was glad to be done at 7 miles.  (Cue the sounds of impending doom in my training plan).  *sidenote:  I like to look at the pictures of myself running to see how my form is.  I try SUPER hard to make everything look right when I run past, but yet I still see myself heel striking and like this, wonky arm swing.  You should try it too sometime to check out your form!


Sun:  Rest day!!  Well actually I went on a tennis date with Zachary so I did a little bit of active fun stuff.  I wish we played a little better, but we are having fun learning together!


PS, I’m digging how my new Athleta skirt can be used for walking, running, and now tennis!!   Love those kind of functional items 🙂


Weekly mileage:  18.1 running (whoo!)  Sure doesn’t seem like much, but oh well.

This recap I’m linking up with Courtney over at Eat Pray Run DC.  You’ll find more recaps of people who are having way better training weeks than me, so that will be a nice change of pace for your reading pleasure 🙂


Q:  Have you ever used a Precor AMT, or ARC trainer?  Do you find them awkward??

Q:  Do you like the movie Forrest Gump?

A classic, right?

Q:  Do you often have GI issues with running?

Usually only happens if I run in the evening, not morning.

17 thoughts on “Training Tues 8/22 – Columbus edition”
  1. Obviously you’ve been fighting the hamstring issue for awhile, and given your last update of “Not doing the therapy seems to help”, any thoughts going forward? I know you said week one, but I know how much I dislike being injured and just wishing you the best!

    ARC trainers at the Student Rec Center (before they took away our memberships). Definitely a weird feeling. Always thought my knees were going to buckle if that makes sense.

    Running is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get (come race day).

    Funny enough Moly, Nikki, and I were talking about this Friday (she grabbed our packets for us for the double race Saturday). Neither Nikki or I ever have issues, but for lack of a better way of saying it, we take care of it before leaving the house. Seems to be a common problem that thankfully, is not so common for us!

    Usually only happens if I run in the evening, not morning.
    Dan Clark recently posted…Boy Scout 13.1 Training – Week 8 RecapMy Profile

    1. The PT will work I think, but only if I cut my running waaaay back (or stop). I was hoping to finish off with Columbus, but I might not make it that far! Then it’s back to PT.

  2. I swore by the Arc Trainer when I was injured. It helped me keep my cardio in decent shape and really works the back of your legs a lot. I think the machine you were on is very similar- it’s great cross training for running because there’s less stress on your knees. I’m glad you had a good week except for the GI issues, that is never fun :(.
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Weekly Rundown: August 14-20My Profile

    1. The jury is still out if the AMT was good for my hamstrings. It’s frustrating because it always takes about a day to figure out if something works or not. Days just clicking by…

  3. Hey there! Love your blog! I’ve seen the precor machines that you are talking about at my gym but I’ve always opted for the elliptical. Is the precor machine a better/harder workout? I’m going to have to try that next time.

    Being new, I’m not sure what’s going on with your hammies but I hope that you have better luck. Sounds like you are doing PT for the issue. Would foam rolling be helpful?

    Happy training!

    1. That AMT is very interesting! Just takes a bit to go in the “right direction”, but it will give you a great workout! Hamstring issues – high hamstring tendinopathy. Been going on for awhile 🙁

      1. Sorry to hear that! Hamstring issues seem to have a long recovery time. Hopefully it won’t hold you back from your training cycle!

        I’ll have to try that machine next time I go to the gym!

    1. Sore hammies suck!! I hope you are not catching what I have. Wish I could get out there more than 3 days, but I’ll take what I can right now. Do you have a race picked out?

  4. Well you know about my hamstring and my sprained ankle. It’s been a long summer! Although the ankle is much better I can’t seem to get passed running 2 miles. I did 1.5 early this am and my hamstring was irritated but could of just been a fluke thing. I guess I will see in the morning. I also am struggling with trying to shorten my cadence and land on my mid-foot and not my heel-easier said than done. Your perseverance is admirable! Btw… I like how you described the hamstring issue. That’s exactly how mine was but I’ve never been able to get anyone to understand that feeling.

    1. Maybe just one of these days I’ll have one of those Forrest moments where I’m running out of control with speed, but dang it, it’s been too long since I’ve seen that happen! It is challenging to shorten cadence. I keep thinking of you telling me that when I’m trying to work on my form. Do you look back and wonder how you ever ran 26.2? (or is that just me that wonders how the heck I ever pulled that off!! I can’t even fathom running that far right now!) Hang in there, we’ll get there again!

    1. Thanks, it really is frustrating! Not sure I’ll make it through this training cycle, but hopefully I’ll be linking up with you with some good weeks sometime soon!!

    1. Well boo on the GI issues! When I have them they are bad, but luckily it’s not that often.
      It’s amazing the motivational power a donut has with my daughter 🙂 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

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