So besides the obvious thing I love about today (FRIDAY!!  My day off!!), I thought I needed some “up” talk after my last post.  Let’s talk about 5 good things today!

You won’t find Pumpkin Spice anything here on my favorite list, but you will find some awesome things that might be new to you.  I put some links in here so you could find the products, but I have not been compensated for any of these items (but I would gladly take them if offered!!  haha).  Here are some of my favorite things right now….

Saucony Kinvaras

My heart still runs true to my Newtons (Motion & Gravity, which I own a million pairs of!), but my Kinvaras really put a spring in my step!  I will be buying another pair or two of these for sure.  Who knew I could find love in another pair of shoes!


Dobby Be Free skort from Athleta


This skirt is the bomb! (I’m wearing it in that jumping picture too)  It’s super light weight material, and stretchy.  I was unsure when I first got it if I’d like the color, since I’m all about black bottoms (they match everything!), but I am finding ways to make this work because I love it so much.  It’s actually a fun pop of color!  I think it’s the “cargo shorts” of running skirts.  Perfect length, shorts underneath stay in place… but the best part is that it has 3 large pockets (two on the outside, one on the inner shorts leg), all capable of carrying my phone, PLUS the key zipper pocket in the back.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt.  I need to buy it in black 🙂

I also wear it for tennis!


Claws (on TNT)


Has anyone seen this show??  I’m guessing not, but I’m hooked on it!  The reason I started it watching it was because of the main character, actress Niecy Nash.  She was on Scream Queens, and I thought she is pretty cool.  The show is not my typical genre, with sex, drugs and violence, but it also has a touch of humor and the story keeps me coming back for more! Very interesting characters and plot.  I’ll be sad when my DVR runs out of episodes, but I saw that it was renewed for another season, so yeah!!

Iced coffee from ALDI, mocha


I’m always looking for a good deal on everything, and I thought I’d give the ALDI iced coffee a try.  I was hesitant because they didn’t have it in “light”, but heck, after a workout a few more calories isn’t going to hurt me.  Maybe it’s because it’s not “light”, but this coffee is so flavorful, I could drink it all day.  Yuuuum.  (NOTE:  When I looked this picture, I was saddened to see that it said “seasonal item”.  What the heck?? If they get rid of it, I’ll be so ticked off!!)

Stealth Racerback Tank Top from Athleta


Oh, and off the clearance race at Athleta, I also got this tank top.  Soooooooo comfy!  I got it in a blue color (which is shown in the picture, yes, that’s the blue color), and also in black.  The colors are very similar, but trust me, they are not the same!  (this info is mostly for Alan’s benefit, who probably thinks they are the same color… they are not, I needed both!!)  The material is a different kind that is soft, but breaths really well, and the fit is really good.  Gives me curves where I need it!

Here’s a tip –  if you don’t want to pay those full prices for clothes at Athleta, consider getting an Old Navy or Athleta Visa.  They run some great promotions to get points which can be used to buy their clothes.  You can use the points at the GAP too, but I never shop there.  Old Navy clothes deals for my kids and me, and almost free workout wear from Athleta for me.  Win, win!


What are you loving now??

Q:  Do you use a credit card for miles/points/rewards?

We also have a Capital One card which we use for travel rewards.  

Q: Do you have an athletic brand you typically shop for?

I think I would buy a lot more Target / C9 stuff if I didn’t get so many deals from Athleta!  They also have great deals there.

Q:  Have you seen Claws (or even heard of it)?

There are soooo many shows on TV that I’ve never heard of – especially on the “other” networks like TNT.  Glad I found this show!

8 thoughts on “5 things I’m loving right now”
  1. I shopped at Athleta for the first time last Friday and picked up a new pair of shorts. They hosted an event for tri club and offered us all a 25% discount which was awesome and made the shorts much more affordable. So far I like them, too!

    Aldi is one of my favorite stores, but I hate that things come and go so much there. I find items I really like and wish they carried them year round. The salmon burgers that were there a few months ago were so good, and I’m glad I stocked up on 4 boxes.

    I love pumpkin spice things but it’s too hot for that here! I am burning a candle to try to summon fall temperatures for tomorrow’s race.
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Weekly Rundown: September 11 – 17My Profile

    1. I think Athleta’s stuff is a bit pricey, but the rewards $$ make it a deal for me. I hear it’s going to be 20 degrees cooler next weekend. Looking forward to that!!

  2. Hey Lisa! great to catch up on your blog.

    That iced coffee looks delicious. I miss coffee and dairy mixed together. But now a days that could be the worst combination for my stomach. Sometimes I kinda want to try it again and see if I get sick or not.

    I don’t have an athletic brand I typically buy for. I normally would go for the most affordable ones for everything related to fitness gear, except for shoes and socks. Because of that, my exercise clothes can go from Forever21, Old Navy, Adidas, Underamour, and Nike.
    Nathaly Abrahan recently posted…Huge life update: My Engagement Story.My Profile

    1. My favorite running shorts are from Old Navy. They don’t sell them any more though, just for one season. I’m surprised they didn’t continue them – they are great!

  3. I have a Southwest card, Chase Sapphire, and Hilton Honors. They all give points or miles and some can be combined like booking a Hilton using the SW card. I have a neighbor who is a Saucony rep and twice a year she has a garage sale of all her sample clothing. I am also a big fan of the Mizuno Breathe Thermo tops and tights. I have been running exclusively in Hokas for the past year. Never heard of CLAWS but will have to check it out. Seems like there is nothing of much interest on the regular channels anymore. I primarily watch Netflix, HBO, and other cable channels.

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