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Hello everyone!!  Before I get into the workout recap I must tell you…. Alan and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary today!!  Wow, right?!  Here’s a shot of our wedding day.  Sorry for the blurry pic – it’s a tiny little picture that sits on my desk.  But you get the point… we haven’t aged a day!! 😉  I will be posting a fun post about our anniversary tomorrow – so please stop back!


We have a romantic dinner planned for tonight.  Very much looking forward to that.

Also, the Southern states are on my mind.  I hope you are all safe!!  My aunt and uncle live in Lakewood FL, and they didn’t have any damage, but do not have power.  I sure hope they get the power back on for so many of you that are missing it.  Thinking of you all!

Here’s my workouts for the past week.  I gotta say, things are really looking up in the running department.  I’ve been doing my exercises religiously and keeping the workouts low key have been very beneficial!

Mon – 5.5 miles.  I ran with my speedy friend for Labor Day!  Yes, I’m feeling so sure of my running abilities lately that I gladly accepted an offer to join her on a run and I didn’t end up crippled!!  Hooray!  And, we enjoyed some donuts post run per our usual traditions 🙂  Funny part – I thought I had 5 on my plan, and we ended up running 5.5.  Later I realized it was actually 6 miles.  Doh.  I really need to read my calendar better.


Tues – Rest day!

Weds – 7 miles.  I ran the first 4 miles on my treadmill, 10:45 pace.  Then I headed outside to run a few miles more.  My plan said 5, but I was making up for that short run on Monday, and it was just going good so I ran 3.1 more miles @ 9:04 pace.  In fact, my last mile was an 8:44.  WOOOHOO!  I am feeling more confident with each run I do.  (ps, not a sponsored ad for Running Warehouse on my arm warmer… but I do like to shop there!!)


Thurs –  Rest day!  Sadly, I have pretty much given up on the cross training on my plan because 1)  I’m lazy and my schedule doesn’t allow me to get to the gym on my lunch hour for a longer cardio session, and 2) I don’t want to do anything to “jinx” my comeback, no setbacks needed!

Fri –  Long run, 12 miles. 9:39 pace.  I decided to go for 12 miles today.  Around mile 9 I was questioning that decision!!  😉  However, it was still 3 miles back to my car, so it had to be done.  Just like last week, this turned out to be a good run overall!  I’m off my plan in terms of the long runs now, so I’m just winging it.  The weather was just incredible, crisp and chilly!


Saw a bunch of deer on my route.



Sat – Rest day.  Spent the day at the Tiffin Cross Country Carnival.  If you live in this area, you may have heard of it.  I think there were 39 schools there!!  Great [long] day of racing fun.

IMG_4590 IMG_3188

Sun –  3.33 miles, 8:58 pace.  I saw my weekly mileage was so close to 25 that I had to get out and run.  I know, I know.  Never a good idea to run just to get a total for the week, but I honestly felt good enough to skip this typical rest day.  In fact, the last .33 was at a 7:59 pace.  Yes, a 7 is in that number!!!


Weekly total: 28 miles!!  Woot!  That’s my highest mileage week since June.

I’m linking up with Courtney over at Eat Pray Run DC.  Also with Sara at Sara Runs This Town.  Check out all of the fun workout recaps over there!


Q:  Married peeps – what anniversary will you be celebrating this year??

Q:  Do you like to wear arm warmers?

I love them!!

Q:  Anyone signing up for Boston 2018??  Boston fever is back!!


23 thoughts on “Training Tues 9/12 – Columbus half edition”
    1. Thanks! At the XC meet, it was a rainbow of school colors all lined up at the start line. Very fun to watch! I would hate to get in front of those high school boys ripping up the course!!

    1. Yeah! I’m guessing it’s a “training run” for you though? That sounds like a fun weekend for you. I used to live in Worthington after I graduated from college!

    1. Congrats on your 10th!! That’s a big deal too! Arm warmers are the bomb! Maybe it’s because I’m an indecisive dresser when it comes to running, but I feel like they are so versatile!

  1. It sounds as if your training is going very well! I may be the queen of arm warmers! I live in the south and you will often find me in a tank and arm sleeves in the winter. Happy Anniversary. I also have a tiny picture of our wedding I keep on our nightstand. But, I will report we have aged. After 30ish years, we look nothing like the picture any longer. LOL. Thanks for linking on the Weekly Wrap!

    1. 30+ years is awesome, congrats!! I can see arm warmers being a necessity for running in the South. Probably not a lot of chance to wear any long sleeve shirts or jackets I’m guessing!

  2. Sounds like a great week! Happy 25th Anniversary! I celebrated 13 this year. I don’t wear arm warmers much. I’ll be registering on the last day Sept. 18, crossing my fingers I make the cut off.

    1. Congrats on 13!!! I really hope you make it too! I know the sadness of being cut from Boston and it is not fun, and so not fair!! – but don’t get me started on that again! I’m still bitter about it) Good luck!! 🍀 👍🏻

  3. Happy Anniversary! That is a wonderful milestone 🙂 I am working on 28 years, hard to believe some days!
    You running is going fabulous!! I get being nervous to cross train, every time I have a leg day my glutes ache and it impacts my runs…but it supposed to be good for me right LOL
    The crisp air is the best 🙂 We had a tiny break and summer came right back.

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