It was a whirlwind weekend… which seemed to carry on to a whirlwind week too!

My weekend started out with a hair appt.  Nothing special, but since I wait 12-14 weeks between my hair highlighting, I felt like a million bucks when I walked out of the salon.  It was waaaaaaay overdue!

It was appropriate that I was feeling like a rock star, because I spent the afternoon over at the Rock’tober Racing For Recovery packet pickup.  Fun that it was rock and roll themed… and even more fun that we were trying something new – a drive thru packet pickup!  Yep, I got to man the walkie talkie for a bit and communicate who was driving up for a bib pickup.  I really feel for people who have to announce names in public now, because I was sweating it reading names off of driver licences while the person was right there in front of me.   Oh man!  Hopefully I got most of the names pronounced correctly.


My friend took a video of the process, and I make a cameo at the end!  Too funny!  Step 1: drive in and give your name…


Step 2:  drive thru…


Step 3: Get your stuff!


Next on the Friday agenda, we sent the kids off to the high school football game, so that meant a date night for Alan and I!  This whole football game thing is working out in our favor.  Too bad it was the last home game.  But our team did crush it this year, so yeah to that!!

We went out to dinner at Packo’s.  Have you heard of Packo’s?  It was made famous on an old TV show, M*A*S*H.  Klinger was from Toledo and he referred to Packo’s in the show.  Packo’s is famous for hot dogs, so that’s what we got.   Yum!


Packo’s is in the middle of downtown Toledo.  Funny thing was, when we got downtown we wondered if there was a game or a concert going on because there were so many people downtown!  Toledo has really done an incredible job revitalizing the place.  We were blown away.  We were once again feeling like rockstars because we went to this really cool rooftop bar called The Heights.  It was so dimly lit (in a good way!) when we arrived that the bouncer carded us.  Bahahaha!  It was a really incredible view of the city.  Next time we’ll have to eat dinner there.


Spectacular view of the city from up at the bar.


The Maumee river view.


Lounge tables with fire pits!  Good thing it was the warmest October night I have ever seen.  Perfect for being outside.


Saturday I spent the whole morning moving the server at my company to my new space.  Due to some technical difficulties, my “quick morning” job ended up lasting until noon. 🙁  Enough said.

Also on Saturday, Sydney headed to the District championship for cross country.  Both the girls and boys varsity teams made it to this level, but only the girls ended up moving on to the next level – Regionals!  It’s a really big deal.  For the last meet of the season Sydney ended up running JV instead of Varsity, but they asked her to accompany the team at the District championship meet as an alternate.  I’m a bit bummed she didn’t get to run Varsity because she did run Varsity for most of the season, but hey, if you’re not going to be on the team, the next best thing is being asked to be the backup plan!  She’s excited to join in the fun, but gets a break from running 🙂  It’s a great experience for her, and she’s just a freshman so there will be more years of XC in her future.  Here’s the team being silly.  Great group of girls, so glad she has made all of these new friends this year!


Saturday night finished off with a family wedding reception.  Good times, good cupcakes, and a happy bride and groom.  Here I am with the bride, my niece…


Sunday we headed to Cedar Point for Halloweekends, but I’ll tell you about that in my next post!


Q:  Have you ever heard of Packo’s?

Q:  Have you been to any family weddings lately?

We went to one last year too.  My nieces and nephews are getting to be that age – I hope they all get married so I can enjoy some more delicious wedding cake and a party!!

Q:  Have you ever been to a drive thru race packet pickup??

6 thoughts on “Catching up, weekend fun”
    1. The drive thru was a big hit – especially for parents with kids in the car! The rooftop bar was so cool – I can’t remember the last time I have been to such a “hip” place. We were living large 🙂

  1. I went to a wedding a few weeks ago. It was a small wedding but quite fun, they had a lot of wine and sangria and the actual wedding was very quick. Besides that, the food was good and I saw a lot of family members.

    I’ve never heard of Packo’s. Guess we don’t have those down south.

    I like the idea of a drive-thru packet pick up, but I understand why it’s usually in a local running store or business, so they can get you to come in and spend money while you’re there.
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Weekly Rundown: October 16-22My Profile

    1. The drive thru was at the race sponsor’s building, so they did get people stopping by. But yes, I’m sure GU sales increase exponentially at packet pickup – that’s what I usually buy!

  2. Tech fails or annoyances are the worst…technology makes life so convenient, but it makes me crazy when it won’t work.
    I love a rooftop bar, the views are always so cool at night 🙂
    You sounded really busy! You need a day off to recover lol

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