Let the records show…. my family was EARLY for something!!  Yes, we were 2 whole minutes early to the EARLY passholder entry time!!  I could pretty much end this post right here because it is newsworthy enough, but I’d like to show you all of the fun stuff going on at Cedar Point for Halloween.


Cedar Point was decked out in it’s holiday finery for their annual Halloweekends.  I think we got to the park for the last warm weekend of the year.  It was almost 80 degrees by the time mid day rolled around.  With the early entry we got to go on a several big coasters before all of the crowds arrived.  It’s a really nice perk!


The really fun part of Halloweekends is the silly scary stuff they have all around the park.  How about some “Kettle Carnage”?  Look at the foot in the pot.  Ewwww!


Holly Tosis and Ginger Vitus were at the kissing both.


Take a look at the Peep Show….


Spoiler alert!  This is what was inside…


The barnyard was full of the cute regulars!


We went into one of the “beginner” haunted houses as Sydney called it.  It was not a scary house, and no one would jump out at us.  They had puzzles for us to solve in each room.  I actually thought they were hard puzzles!!


We tried to go into one of our favorite kiddie haunted house, the Mansion on Boo Hill, but when we got in there the hostess told us the house was for families with “smaller kids” and just stood there looking at us.  What the what??  No entry because our kids were too big?    Look how sad you made my family! 🙁  Don’t worry, we’re going to try to get in there again next time we go.  Seriously, there is no age limit on the haunted house!!


When the lines got really long for the rides, we went into the dinosaur area.  They were particularly ferocious that day!!


I still can’t believe how warm it was that day.  80’s in October?  That’s crazy.  We are going to get back there again one more time so we can go into the scary, night time haunted places.


Q:  Are you regularly on time for things, or late?

I am fashionable late.  Always.

Q:  Do you like to go to haunted houses and scary places?

Q:  Can you believe they didn’t let my family in because my kids were “too big”??  


4 thoughts on “Cedar Point Halloweekends”
  1. I try not to be late… my family always kinda preached that growing up, if you’re on time, you’re late. Be early. It’s harder now that I’m an adult though… and especially hard with things like traffic. Cedar Point looks super beautiful for the Fall and you guys get some nice Fall leaves and weather. Here, the leaves just fall off the trees rather than change color, and it stays hot. It stinks that they wouldn’t let the kids into the haunted house! Why would something like that have an age limit?
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Weekly Rundown: October 16-22My Profile

    1. That is interesting about the leaves in your area! We do get some beautiful colors. I was running today and noticed they haven’t all turned golden yet, but I will get a picture from my favorite park when it does. It’s incredible!

  2. The only reason i can see an age limit is so rowdy teenagers don’t go in there and ruin it for little kids who made me scared. But a family with teenagers who want some good clean fun is different from rowdy teenagers! Seriously, that’s the only reason I can think of, but they shouldn’t have turned you away.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Friday 5! (Random!)My Profile

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