I have been on a massive project to organize all of the pictures we’ve taken in 2017.  They all get sorted into folders by month on our server, and then certain events get stored in those folders.  As I was looking through my pictures from last week, I enjoyed looking at all of the fun things I did, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Day 1: My holiday week off started with a ladies crafting night with my friends.  I think my crafts turned out pretty good!


I especially like the “excited” look of my mouse.  What a cutie, right?


There was a pretty big crowd for our night of laughing and drinking.  Always a good time!  (thanks for hosting Dianna!)


Day 2:  Hockey game!  The Toledo Walleye won!


Day 3: Turkey Trot prediction run.


I took Sydney and a friend ice skating.


Her friend was clinging to the wall all around the skating rink for most of the time, but I did convince her to get out of her comfort zone a couple of times.


Day 4:  Day trip to Frankenmuth, MI.  Frankenmuth is a Christmas themed town with the world famous Bronner’s Christmas shop.  You haven’t heard of it?  It’s HUGE!


I found the coolest ornament there.  I am not sure why we didn’t buy it… but if we go back again, I definitely will!!


Day 5:  Decorated our house outside because it was 60+ degrees out.


I also helped out at packet pickup for the Run Toledo Turkey Chase race over at Dave’s Running Shop.  Packet pickup is a sweet gig – I get to see a lot of people I know AND get a race shirt.  Nice!


Day 6: ….. hmmm.  I didn’t do much of anything.  Yeah!!

Day 7: Turkey day!!  Ran a 5K with my neighbors around our neighborhood


Had a delicious breakfast with a bunch of our running friends at the park.  We missed the running part of the morning, but we were there for the food 🙂



Had my parents over for Thanksgiving dinner.  eat. all. the. food.


Zack was my assistant chef that day and helped me prep the turkey.  I should have reviewed the list of ingredients for our turkey rub because it included two kinds of pepper.  I HATE pepper!  It made for a very flavorful turkey (Alan loved it!).


Day 8:  Our library loans out “things”.  We got a metal detector and were on a mission to get some treasures.


Check out this priceless sinker we found.  Success!


Day 9: I helped set up the Black Friday sale tent over at Dave’s Running.  Boxes and boxes of shoes!


Decorated our house for Christmas.


Ran the Holiday Hustle 5K.  Got two more ornaments for the tree!


Alan and I went to a Holiday party after the race (thanks for hosting Tom!).  Drink of the night = Christmas Ale.  Yummmmm!!


Day 10: Finished decorating our house for Christmas, and went to see the Nutcracker.  LOVE that ballet.  Little known fact:  I danced ballet in middle school and also as an adult (years ago!!).


Seats up in the balcony = a great view


Phew, what a busy 10 days.  Lots of fun.  Lots of pictures! 😉


Q:  Christmas lights outside at your house?  White or colors, or both?

We have both!

Q:  Do you use pepper (table pepper)?

I DO NOT.  I have no need for a pepper shaker.  Only salt!

Q:  Do you copy the pictures off your phone to a computer at your house?You should!!!!!  I also started using Google Photos this year.  LOVE it.

10 thoughts on “Photo organization and 10 day recap”
  1. That blogger ornament is so cute I can’t believe you didn’t pick it up!

    Your little mouse is very cute. I bet Luna would love to get her paws on that and bat it all around the house haha!

    Is it weird that I don’t use salt or pepper? But boy so I use onion powder and minced garlic! haha

    1. That ornament was even on sale! Kicking myself now. Only $3.50. I guess the hobby of blogging isn’t really a big seller. haha!
      I’m shocked that Luna *hasn’t* attacked my mouse yet. I’ll have to get a video of her attacking our tree. It’s crazy!
      Onion powder and minced garlic sounds delish! I’ll have to try that.

  2. I procrastinated all week and never got the lights put up despite having mild, sunny weather. Flying out to Denver today to run the ColderBoulder 5K and visit friends. Colored lights definitely up next week when I get back. I use pepper, but I could live without it. I have a friend that just puts loads of pepper on everything. Never seen a person use so much pepper on their food! I have all Apple products so everything syncs up although sometimes I have to search folders to find them.

    1. I was thinking just the other day of the Bolder Boulder (such a fun name!). I didn’t know there was a ColderBoulder too! Have a great trip and a fun race.
      I do have Apple products, but I just haven’t been able to let it take control of my pictures. I’m such a control freak over that!

  3. I love all the pictures and I *need* that blogger ornament! It is so cute.

    I have salt and pepper shakers out because they are shaped like pilgrims and it was just Thanksgiving but they don’t actually have salt and pepper in them. They are a decoration.

    We don’t do outdoor lights and only have one Christmas tree up so far!
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Hartsville Turkey Trot 5K (22:40)My Profile

    1. My mom used to have a collection of decorative salt and pepper shakers when I was growing up. I loved them. I really need to get a set because I think they are adorable!
      I thought we were doing really “good” this year with a nice looking outdoor light display, and then our new next door neighbor put up 8 inflatables, lights down the driveway, lights around the house, on the basketball hoop, TWO of those projectors…. YIKES.

  4. Dang what a great vacation! Your packed a lot in. 🙂 I love The Nutcracker. It looks like you see the George Balanchine version? I am taking my fourth graders to see it on Friday. They do a special performance for kids for 6 bucks each. If you see it “for real” the cheapest ticket is $85!!! I did not know you took ballet!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Friday 5: My Home GymMy Profile

    1. I suppose it was the Balanchine version – I don’t know any different! We have been seeing the ballet from this studio for years now and the price have gone up for sure. Wouldn’t be too bad, but then they slap the $7 service fee on each ticket. Ouch. Balcony seats it is!
      Yes, I was even on pointe!

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