Well it’s that time of the year again!  Time to look back at my year, and ahead to the next.  Gotta say, 2017 wasn’t my year for achieving goals.  I feel like it was more about taking a humbling step back.  2014 & 2015 were the top of my game, 2016 started the slip down, and 2017 was some of the worst running I’ve had lately.  “Worst” because I’ve been in a a recovery mode for quite some time and unable to reach the goals that I’d like to.


I ran 1,155 miles in 2017.  I almost stopped at a weird number, but I decided to hit the treadmill for 2.6 miles on 12/31 just to get to something even.   My brave friends are still out there getting the miles done in “feels like -6” weather outside, but not me – hey, that’s why I own a treadmill!


I’m surprised that I ran that many actually.  I didn’t have any mileage goal for the year, and I’m definitely getting to the point where I think quality miles are more important than quantity of miles.

2017 wasn’t all bad though.  I did get to run my first marathon relay with my family, and a good friend!  Our experience at the Glass City Marathon was a fun one for all of us, and we are planning on doing it again.  It sure brought me great joy seeing my kids compete, and enjoy the race.  I didn’t do as well at the half as I was hoping to, but eh, that was my year.


Remember when I was interviewed by Matt Fitzgerald (author of “How bad do you want it?”) at the Glass City Marathon?  That was very exciting!


In June I ran the Mohican Trail marathon with Alan.  It was freaking hot day, which made the hilly course even tougher, but I really did have fun and enjoyed it.  It was a fun day with crazy trail running friends!  It was my 12th marathon too!


I got to represent Run Toledo at several of their races.  Again, a great group of like minded running friends!


I completed my 8th consecutive year running in Columbus – this year was the half marathon, which brings my half marathon total to 18!


I was a coach for the Dave’s Running 5K training group.   I ran in all sorts of weather, in the evenings! – which is a first for me!  (I’m such a treadmill lover!)


IMG_4827 IMG_5376 PR5K group2

I got 1st in my age group at two 5K’s this year.  Always a good moral boost!



As a family we traveled to many great places, like Colorado, Boston, Michigan, Kentucky and Mexico.

What’s on tap for 2018?  To be honest, I have a few goals but they seem a bit in conflict.  I want to run a 50 miler, and I also want to finally rid myself of hamstring pain!  Can I get totally injury free if I don’t stop running?  If I stop running, when will I be able to train for the 50 miler?  That’s the big question at this point.  Seems like the weeks I have taken off in the past hasn’t fixed the hamstrings, but who knows.  I’m still working with my physical therapist, Alisha, who has been a great resource so far.  Hopefully my (our) efforts will pay off.  Because… enough already.

Other things I’d like to do:

  1. Keep my home office desk organized!   (it has been such a messy eyesore!)
  2. Improve weekly meal planning  (eliminate multiple trips to the grocery store!)
  3. Establish a strength training routine (my home gym is pretty much fully equipped!)
  4. Practice patience and understanding (this is so needed in any house with a teenage daughter!! drama!!)


Q:  Do you have any resolutions or goals for 2018?

Q:  Did you have a mileage goal for 2017, and did you reach it?

Q:  Describe your 2017 year in one word!

Mine – “challenging”.



15 thoughts on “2017 recap – 2018 goals”
  1. I gave up on resolutions years ago. Seems like I never made it much past February no matter how good my intentions. I did not have a firm mileage goal but I thought at one point I might get 2000. Then reality payed me a visit in the form of a calf injury and I ended the year with 1669. My word for 2017 would have to be BOSTON. My only previous BQ was in 2013 and I thought I would never get back but I had a good summer, picked a good course, and took advantage of aging up. Have a Happy New Year!

    1. What, you did not go run another mile to get to 1,670 for the year?? 🙂 You still had a lot of miles even with injury!
      My plans are to *hopefully* be in a good enough shape (injury free!) to run a fall marathon. I really want to run Boston in 2020 (on my birthday!) so the qualifying window would start in October 2018 I think. Seems so far away, but not really! Darn all of the planning involved in a BQ! Congrats on yours!!

      1. Based on previous years, Boston 2020 qualifying window should open on Sunday, September 16, 2018. The BQ window usually opens AFTER the first week of registration and BEFORE the second week. I ran Erie in 2013 and qualified for both 2014 AND 2015 with one BQ but……. missed the cutoff both years due to the new registration process. I highly recommend the Tunnel Marathon near Seattle in September or the BQ2 here in Chicago.

  2. Great recap. My 2017 millage goal was 1,000 (844 in 2016), and I hit 1,118.2 (lol .2)

    2017 in One Word – Run.All.The.Miles (that’s one work right?) See my blog post coming out tomorrow and you’ll understand.

    3 Goals for 2018
    1 – Spring Marathon – Glass City
    2 – IONMAN 70.3 in July
    3. Fall Marathon – Maybe Marine Corp, Las Vegas or Detroit, not sure yet.

    Love all of your poses in 2017, can’t wait for 2018!!!
    Richard Brown recently posted…Santa Hustle 1/2 Marathon RecapMy Profile

    1. You sure did run a lot this year! Oh, and biked too. Your word could also be “advancing” because you have also been getting involved in all sorts of Dave’s/MIT/Run Toledo stuff!

  3. So I’m not totally convinced I actually HAVE high hamstring tendonopathy, and neither is my ART/sports med guy. I’d have to have an MRI to confirm and I’m too broke/cheap for that. BUT… active release therapy has really helped me. I’ve only been twice, but I’ve already seen a difference. I ran 10 miles this week, which is super low but twice as much as last week. I think the week I took off completely probably didn’t necessarily help, and I am running because I think if I don’t run, how would I know if the ART and PT exercises are really working?

    Anyway, if you can try Active Release, might be worth a shot. It’s like a sports massage on steroids and kinda hurts/makes ya sore. Glad you are still running and pursuing your goals even though things aren’t the greatest. Plus you did the 5K coaching group and inspired others, and sometimes that goes further than any PR you might set. You’re volunteering and coaching and keeping the sport alive for the next generation.

    Here’s to a 2018 without any major injuries or hiccups for ALL of us.
    Amy Lauren recently posted…Chronicles of Cross Training: Dec. 18-24My Profile

    1. Good thoughts on the ART. Last year when I was having issues I went to a sports massage lady and she really worked some magic. It’s always a debate when I can run, but not well, is it time to stop? When I had a stress fracture it was so much easier, especially because I knew it was going to heal!! Yes, a better 2018 for us!!

      1. I think bone issues are easier because they give you a timeline and once it is healed, it is healed. With soft tissue injuries you just never know how long it will take. Depends on blood supply, area, and honestly the person… some people are just slow healers maybe.

        Sports massages are amazing and magical- you have to go to the right person and that can be hard to find. I would say that ART is fairly similar but more targeted?
        Amy Lauren recently posted…Chronicles of Cross Training: Dec. 18-24My Profile

    1. Seems like life just irritates it some weeks 🙁 I did a workout with Sydney yesterday and we did wall sits. Now I have a whole other side of my legs sore! ha! I am really hoping my new spin bike isn’t getting the hammies mad again, that will really disappoint me!

  4. I understand challenging! That could have been my word as well. You still had some awesome experiences and I think collecting experiences is a great thing 🙂 Congrats on great mileage! I hope you can find something that changes the hamstring pain…that is one of my nemesis areas and it stinks, but it can change 🙂 Mine has been quiet for awhile…dare I type that lol but after aching deeply on and off the squats and stretching seem to helping me.
    Go get that 50 miler!

  5. I think as “runners” and people interested in just moving, we should all have some sort of goal. Just like you, my #1 is to get my issues figured out (specifically hip). Alisha is going to bury me Friday when I see her as I haven’t been able to do PT (chiro 3 times this weekend).

    No mileage goals. I’d love to see a 1,000 mile year, but with lowering my race totals in 2018 I doubt I will, and that’s ok. Whenever I decide to do a full, I’m sure I’ll hit that mark.

    2017 in a word, or how about a phrase: FOMO. That’s done with.
    Dan Clark recently posted…2018 GoalsMy Profile

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