The Miracle on Main Street 5K is an evening race.  It happens right before they light up the streets of Sylvania and have a parade to welcome the season, and Santa, to town.


A 4pm running time is highly unusual for me. I’m kind of a snob when it comes to my running schedule. Even if the weather was going to be beautiful outside at 4pm or 5pm, I will still wake up at the crack of dawn (and run on my treadmill if needed!) just because I like to get it done in the morning. The chances of me getting out and running on my own in the afternoon decrease exponentially as the hours go by! BUT, a 4pm race time… well, I have to show up because I paid for the race! (and I signed up to be a race volunteer. Totally not cool to bail on my helper duties!)

So when race day rolled around, I had my outfit all ready to go, but I was feeling kind of off. My body was achy (which I think was related to lifting weights the day before, which I haven’t done in forever!), and I was actually feeling like I needed to take a break in our day of baking Christmas cookies to go take a nap. It was that bad!

Sadly, I didn’t get to go nap. But what I did do was “dress up, and show up”. It makes a world of difference. After I got “suited up” in my Run Toledo singlet, I was feeling more in the mood to run. I grabbed my Shuffle for some speedy tunes while I raced, and headed out the door.  Game on!!

We had a large number of Run Toledo Ambassadors at this race, along with a few Glass City Marathon Ambassadors. Look at this group… we’re a fun crowd for sure!  (me, in the front row)


I set a PR at this race last year, even though I was struggling with some of same hamstring issues back then. This year, I was just hoping to see a “decent” time on the clock. Even with that PR last year I only managed to get 3rd in my age group… don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of my time, but with my best time only getting 3rd, I knew my chances were pretty slim of snagging anything this year.

I like this 5K course because it has some “hills”. The first big downhill is immediately after the start, so that makes for a fun warm up! The hills are nothing major, but compared to the pancake flat routes I usually run, it was a great variety. The course is through some residential and business areas, so there is always something to be distracted with!

I think I have found the solution for “bad race pictures”… wearing sunglasses! I like this shot because I’m cruising to the finish line. See the arm warmers pushed down? That means “I’m working it!!”. (looks like the lady on my right is working it a little harder than me though!) And yes, I was TOTALLY working hard not to swing my arms in scary directions and stand up straight. Nailed it!! Finish time: 25:28. 6th in my age group of 53 total. Not too shabby. Age group awards went through 5th place, so no ornament for me this year.


After the race I headed straight to see Santa. Asked him for some new hamstrings. He thinks I’m odd.


The beer garden was my next stop to sample the new Elfin’ Ale from Upside Brewing which was created for the race. It was a bit hoppy, and strong, but it hit the spot! After realizing I was trapped in the beer garden with my beer, I chugged my drink the best I could because my volunteer duties awaited me. Sorry to be late because I was too busy celebrating!  (It looks like I am the only one drinking in this shot… I guess I’m just THAT fast.  Got there before the crowds!!)


I worked the refreshments table after the race which was a fun volunteer position because I got to see lots of friends!


All in all, it was a great day. Couldn’t complain about the weather one bit (50 degrees and sunny in December??), the course, or the delicious snacks and drinks after the race.  Race swag is also pretty cool – scarves!


Give it a try next year if you’re looking for a holiday race in this area.  I’ll be back there!


Q:  Parents – did you take your kids to visit Santa this year?

It’s always fun when your kids ask Santa for something totally different than they told you!  [which results in a crazy shopping frenzy trying to locate said item] (not)

Q:  What is your favorite holiday beer?

Q:  What’s on your Christmas wish list this year??

6 thoughts on “Miracle on Main Street 5K recap (2017)”
  1. You ran a great race! That is a speedy 5K time 🙂 I have a Christmas run that is later in the day coming up too and some years I nail it and sometimes I am just too sluggish in the afternoon lol It is hard when use to the morning runs.
    I think you are right about the sunglasses you look fabulous! I always have crazy expressions lol

    1. Thanks! My stomach is usually not too happy with afternoon runs either. I did ask for a pair of Goodr sunglasses too for Christmas. Everyone is wearing them!

  2. This looks like such a fun race! I love all the pictures and how they have the race logo on them. Plus it has something for families, kids, adults, etc. The light are beautiful too.

    Congrats on a speedy time even if you didn’t get an ornament (you got a beer so that makes you a winner). I’d love to ask Santa for new legs… ones that aren’t constantly injured!
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