The snow is here!! I am so excited to have snow on the ground! The snow could not have come at a better time either, because it started snowing on Saturday, the day of our family Christmas party. More on that later, but it makes the setting just perfect I think.


I didn’t even know it was going to snow. Imagine my surprise when I opened my garage door on the way to meet my friends at the park trail for a run. Not sure WHY I didn’t grab my trail shoes, but I toughed it out in my “street” shoes.


We ran 7 miles on the trails, but honestly, it felt like 14 miles! I was ready to call it quits back at 5 miles – but when you’re out on a trail, you really don’t have much of a choice other to finish it off in order to get back to your car.  Half way through we ran into some other friends.  (photo credit Sarah P!)


The snow continued to fall while we were running. A pair of glasses would have been nice to deflect the flakes from our eyes! We ended up with some frosty eyelashes.


I was also feeling like an old lady as I huffed and puffed behind my friends who were easily cruising through the trails. But hey, I got it done, and I rewarded myself with the new Starbucks Christmas Tree Frappuccino. It tasted better than it looked! 😉


When I got home I had to run .3 miles more around my house because my mileage was only at 6.7 when I left the park. Normally that wouldn’t bother me, but since I would be seeing a lot of people that night, I didn’t want to have to say “I almost ran 7 miles” if the topic came up in a conversation. LOL!!!

After a day of cleaning and prepping food, my in laws arrived for our family Christmas party. All 17 of them!

IMG_4939 IMG_4933

I spent my evening chowing down on all of the delicious food everyone had brought. #wearingmystretchypants #needtorunmoremiles


The kids had a good time running around our newly finished basement. Best part – the insulation was so good we hardly even heard them down there!  We so much fun playing with my 3 yr old grand niece.  I miss those little kid day (well, when they are in a good mood.  haha!)



You can always tell when my in-laws come to visit. They are mischievous!  My neighbors should be clued in immediately that we did not decorate like this – we despise Bud Light!!


It was great to see everyone. Even though I suck at being a hostess, I think the party went off without a hitch, thanks to Alan 🙂


Q:  Do you have a party go-to recipe?

Mine is crockpot cheesy potatoes (also called Funeral Potatoes I think?).  I used to be asked to only bring a veggie tray, but I guess my cooking skills have shown through and now I’m allowed to bring real dishes!!  hahaha (true story)

Q:  Is it snow covered where you live?

Q:  Have you tried any seasonal Starbucks drinks yet?

I was not digging the look of the green colored whipped topping, but over all it was a good drink!

4 thoughts on “Snowy run, and party fun”
  1. I’m getting cold just looking at that snow. It never snows here and I’m kinda glad… doesn’t get that cold here either.

    The green whipped topping was a major turn off for me and the frappe looked gross, but everything else sounded good and I’m glad it tasted good. I do love the Starbucks frappucinos! My go-to for parties is always a dessert like homemade chocolate chip cookies. Dips are also easy to make.

    I think a snowman with a beer can would fit in well in my neighborhood, haha.
    Amy Lauren recently posted…Weekly Rundown: Dec. 4-10My Profile

    1. Do you ever vacation in snowy places?
      Yes, that green was pretty odd looking in the drink. The barista was quite proud of her creation – that made me happy too, like I was getting an award winning drink!!

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