I can’t believe there’s only 5 days until Christmas!!  Sadly our snow has melted, so it’s not still looking like a winter wonderland around here.  My fingers are crossed that we might see some more snow by Monday though!!

We’ve had all of our Christmas parties.  My side of the family got together this past weekend.


For all the cat lovers out there, here is my Mom’s cat.  She’s sooooooo friendly!


I have to admit, I didn’t start ordering a lot of my kids presents until about Dec 15th.  10 days seems like *plenty* of time to get online stuff here.  for free.  Apparently not.  I’m sweating it out right now hoping the delivery dates that were promised will really happen.

And then I got that email today that no one wants to receive…


Aaaaakkkkk!  Luckily Alan found a replacement item at the mall just 3 miles from our house.  What a great find!

I also did some online shopping for myself today.  I pushed the “Purchase” button on a large item.  Do you have a guess what it is?  I’ll tell you it weighs around 120 lbs… I can’t wait until it gets here!!

This reflective running top may have fallen into my shopping bag too.


I still have a lot of wrapping to do – well, when my packages arrive.  And guess what, I didn’t order enough Christmas cards so I’m still waiting for another pack of those to arrive too.  I thought I was so ahead of everything this year.  haha!



Q:  Do you send out Christmas cards?

Q:  Did you end up doing a lot of last minute shopping this year?

Q:  Did you buy any gifts for yourself??  Come on, you can tell me! 🙂


11 thoughts on “The countdown is on! (eek!!)”
  1. Funny how over the years my card list has dwindled down to less than 10. Years ago, I had to buy 3 boxes of cards and books of stamps. Now I use the cards left over from last year! Not sure how or why that happened but kind of glad I don’t have to bother with it now. I did all my shopping last Monday. Just decided to get it done all at once and forced myself out the door. Weather was nice and I live very close to a large shopping center and several strip malls. Your mom’s cat looks like a Maine Coon. I am cat sitting two Maine Coons over the weekend and one looks just like that one. I bought myself a pair of Bluetooth over-the-ear headphones for Christmas and then, unexpectedly, had to buy myself a new Apple keyboard when my old one passed away. And I just couldn’t resist a new Under Armor running jacket from Running Warehouse. We might get snow on Christmas Eve but it will certainly be cold. Morning lows next week will be in single digits.

    1. I hope those Maine Coons are nicer than my mom’s cat. She hisses and lashes out at everyone, except my mom! It’s crazy.
      We do receive less cards each year. I guess keeping in touch via Facebook has eliminated the need for them.
      Those are some nice gifts for yourself! Enjoy!

    1. Clearly you have been privy to conversations with Alan! I could have just saved money and “shared” his trainer. 🙂 I had debated that idea of a trainer, but I really wanted the convenience of having a spin bike that would always be there. I don’t want to have to take my bike downstairs and hook it up. And let’s be honest, Alan would be the one hooking it up for me! Time will tell if it meets my expectations!

  2. We do send out Christmas cards. Did you buy two 60lb dumbbells??? Hehehe. Wow you waited until the last minute to shop! That would give me anxiety. Hey what did you think of this season of Survivor? I will give you my full thoughts once I know you’ve watched it and I am not spoiling anything…
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Christmas Door Decortaing (VLOG)My Profile

    1. With our mixed up schedule of parties, holidays and other fun stuff, we have missed 4 nights of Survivor watching. We are very far behind!! No opinions formed yet because I can’t even remember what the heck was going on. I’ll be catching up soon.
      Well, you know I am always late for things, so it seemed like Christmas was WEEKS away! I’ll pretty much just be delivering Christmas cards to our neighbors, so my cards should be ok… if they really do arrive today!

  3. I don’t know what weighs 120 pounds… certainly not me… a treadmill maybe? I know I would be buying one of those if I lived in an area where it snowed.

    I haven’t bought anything for myself this Christmas. I’m low on funds with having to pay for PT so I am trying to save as much as possible. I’m hoping I get some good gifts even though I secretly wish for a whole new lower body (especially new glutes… glutes that work… bigger ones would be nice too, just sayin).

    I love the new shirt you got! I agree that shipping and ordering items is such a crapshot this time of year… I was worried some of my gifts wouldn’t arrive on time too.
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Kiawah Island Half Marathon (1:46:57)My Profile

    1. Me either! I stepped on the scale after a long time off, and got 119.9. WINNING!! 🙂 (exciting because all of these extra holiday calories aren’t exactly burning themselves off!)
      I hear ya – this glute/hammie stuff has got to end [soon] for both of us!!!

      1. I went to a different doc this week and he gave me some other exercises. It’s kinda weird but helping. I haven’t weighed 120 since high school… I lost weight when I went to college then lost more when I started running. Most people would never think I weighed 120 at any point. I’m 5’0″ though so I can weigh under 100 and still be in the healthy range.
        Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Kiawah Island Half Marathon (1:46:57)My Profile

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