You know when you have one of these really great days?  That was my day last Saturday!  I hope those great days are not few and far between for you!


My day started with a run with these ladies.  This is a small part of our Moms Run This Town group.  We’ve got a pretty active group on Facebook, and I love getting together with them.  I was going to do a long run of 7 or 8 miles… which then turned into me saying yes to 9 miles to go along with a friend.   (I look like a ghost that ate a bug in this group shot.  hahahaha!!)


I figured that run deserved a little treat, so I stopped by Starbucks.  I feel all cool and sneaky when I ask them to put my Grande into a Venti cup, which also gets extra whipped topping.  But seriously, there is always some Frappucino left in the blender which they just throw away, so why shouldn’t they give it to me!  (Note – I even have fingernail polish on, big night ahead!)


Then I was cold, so I decided to go for a soak in the tub.  Turns out we only had some kids bubble bath, so Bubble Gum scented tub it would be!


After lounging around a bit with the kids, it was time to get ready for a party.  It was a party at my “new” job – an “after holiday” party.  I bought new shirts for both Alan and I for the occassion.  It’s so rare we get dressed up for fun events, our clothes needed a refresher.  I might have been the only 49 year old shopping for themselves at Aeropostle that day, but what the heck, I liked the shirt!


Alan’s shirt is from American Eagle.  Feeling quite young and trendy 😉  Yeah for big name tags!!


The party was at the “Toledo Club” which is an old building downtown.  It used to be a men’s only social club!  It’s filled with lots of ambiance, and beautiful vintage decor and intricate wooden designs.  My pictures don’t do the building justice.  Go check out the link!  It would be a beautiful place for a wedding reception.  We even had professional shots taken!


Luckily our friend is a member there so he gave us a “members only behind the scenes” tour.  Very interesting!  5 floors of beautiful open stair cases, and rooms galore.



This room was just mesmerizing and crazy!


Some of my coworkers dancing the night away!


After a fun night of socializing, I think I stayed all the way up until midnight.  Phew, that’s a late night for me!


Q:  Do you enjoy soaking in a tub?

We have a very comfortable garden tub with jacuzzi jets.  I rarely soak in the tub – I think I need to make that a priority!

Q:  Do you find yourself asking if an article of clothing is “age appropriate” when you shop?

Bahaha! Asking for a friend.

Q:  Does your employer have a holiday party during the season, or afterwards?

It’s nice to have this party after Christmas.  December is just too busy!

12 thoughts on “Hitting all the high spots last Saturday”
  1. I think it was Meg’s blog I was reading, where she said her family does Christmas in January. I think that’s a good idea for families and jobs because the holidays are just too busy. My job’s party was in December but thankfully a weekday.

    It looks like you had a really wonderful Saturday. I love soaking in the tub but don’t do it nearly as often as I probably should, it’s a great and inexpensive form of self-care plus good after a run (and it warms you up when it’s cold).
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Volunteering 101: How to be a Rockstar Race VolunteerMy Profile

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever had a weekday work party, but that would eliminate a lot of scheduling issues. And cause a lot of people to call in sick the next day! 😉

        1. Oh yeah, that makes sense! I worked at one company whose party was alcohol free. Nothing fancy at that event, but we did get huge steaks because it was in a farming community!!

  2. No worries about clothing being age appropriate, but my mean wife sometimes vetoes certain shirts when we go out. No running, beer, or shirts with the word “sucks” on it allowed. Which eliminates like 90% of my closet!

  3. I love your off the shoulder top! And I just replied to your comment on my blog at how I want to see more of your “real life” clothes. 🙂

    So yes, I ask myself OFTEN if something is age appropriate! So normally, if it’s just casual wear, I am okay if it isn’t technically age appropriate. Like in the summer, I’ll putz around in really short jean shorts (probably shorter than a 35 year old should wear) and a tank that says N’amaste home with my cat”. But that’s for casual summer, you know? So I say Alan can wear his beer shirts and sucks shirts as long as he is in a casual environment. 😉

    As for “real life” clothes, if something looks like it is a little young, then make sure that’s the ONLY piece that looks on the young side. Does that make sense? It’s the same for the showing skin rule. If you’re showing a lot up top, cover your legs. If you have on a super short skirt, cover up top.

    Also, sometimes if a certain style is a little young looking or trendy, just get it in a solid color or a more mature print. That can help too.

    These are only my fashion thoughts and I am no expert!!!

    I will say for the short shorts things… as long as my legs look good, I will continue wearing short jean shorts in the summer!!!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Nothing is set in stone until you’re dead.My Profile

    1. Good fashion thoughts ! I don’t go for short skirts or shorts for me anymore, but I agree – if you’ve got the legs, go for it! Hmmm, a week of my clothes? Could be an interesting blog post!

  4. What a good starbucks hack! I’ll have to remember that 🙂

    You and Alan look great!

    Hahhaha I feel like I usually know if something is age appropriate. Like if it has cut-outs of any kind I figure it’s meant for young people …or celebrities lol!
    Kristina recently posted…Today’s the Day!My Profile

  5. Looks like a great day! I love a warm bath, I just don’t usually make the time to take them. My work doesn’t have holiday parties- well they sort of do but its during the work day. Not much fun at all!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Slowing DownMy Profile

    1. Between my husband and I, we have been lucky to go to some pretty nice parties. A couple of years ago they had a “casino” night, and we won a gift card to Cedar Point. I think that was the best thing we got at a Christmas party!

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