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2018 is all about new beginnings…. so I’m starting out with a few!  I’ve got a new job!  This is my first week at my new job, and so far it’s been good.  Well technically, it’s a shift of employment.  Let me explain… I’ve worked at my tech company for almost 17 years.  Basically started working at it when it was just a bunch of us working off fold up tables and not even sure if we were going to get paid, or how much vacation time we should get.  Oh, and we even got to make up our own job titles.  Mine is VP of Technology.  I’ve always told everyone that I’m in charge of anything that has a plug.  True story, I was!

Then I had kids and went to 4 days a week.  Then I started working as a contractor, so 2 days at my tech company, and 2 days at a bank.  I’m a programmer at both jobs and I’ve written several core systems at both companies.  The only problem, when I wanted to take some time off work it felt challenging to determine which one to cut my time from.  The kids are getting bigger and sporting events are happening all fall and spring that I want to attend.  And how about my family being at home all summer?  I wanted in on that action.  I’ve been thinking about this change for a long time, just not sure how it was going to look.  I finally decided that time was now, just go for it!

So discussions were had, schedules were made, deals were signed – and now I work 3 days a week at the bank, and “as needed” at my tech company.  I’m very lucky that I have the option to work remotely at my tech company, unless some issue requires me to be at the office.

Along that lines, I’m also shortening my days – ending earlier so I can be home with my kids, which will really help when the sports are back again.  And… in the summer I will be working only 2 1/2 days – so I can go on adventures with my family.

It was a very odd change because I’m so used to having partial days at each office, but so far I haven’t accidentally driven to my tech office on my lunch hour  🙂

I’m excited about this change going forward and being able to spend more time with my family.  I truly enjoy the work I do programming software, but I also don’t want to miss out on the stuff at home.

Here’s my cleaned out desk – because I won’t need all of my personal stuff there anymore.  Sad, no?  My coworkers said they will miss my daily dose of humor.  I do like to think I bring a smile, or maybe a smirk, to most places I visit!! 😉


I would say that this give me a whole additional day to go for a run, but don’t even get me started on that.  Sigh.


Q:  If you work, how long have you been at your current job?  Is that the longest you’ve been at the same company?

Q:  Would you work even if you have to?

Q:  Do you have any big changes happening in 2018?

14 thoughts on “New year, new job, new schedule!”
  1. Congrats on the change, it sounds like it was 110% the right thing to do and will make you so much happier. I was scared to make a change last year but it has all worked out for the best and I am much happier now too! Being able to stay home with Cecil several days a week is important because he likes to be held 24/7 and I feel like it’s my duty to do that! lol By the end of this quarter I’ll be work from home full time and he’s not going to know what to do – he’ll probably get sick of me 😀
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    1. Cecil is indeed spoiled, in the very best way 🙂 I’m glad your work situation has turned out good for you. I was wondering what was up with your job.

  2. I went to work part-time for the U. S. Postal Service after graduating from college just so I could pay my bills until I could find a REAL job. 33 years later, I retired from there, still not having found a REAL job. Oh well. Wives, kids, dogs, neighbors, relatives, in-laws, life….. they all conspire to suck time away and before you know it, its gone! Fortunately, I was in a position where I could retire at 55 so I have not done a damn thing constructive for almost 10 years. I thought about continuing employment at another company after I retired as many of my colleagues did, but I have come to value my free time too much. Run, race, repeat.

    1. Alan is also enjoying his early retirement. No aspirations to get out in the working world again from him either! That’s great that you were able to retire early. I haven’t figured out exactly what my days will look like when I hang it up for good, but hopefully it’s very relaxing!

    1. Thanks! I thought it would be weird working 3 straight days at the company, but it all went well. Now I just need to learn the names of my coworkers!! I never interacted with many of them, but I really should learn their names.

  3. I’ve been at my company for almost 10 years. This October will be 10 years. It is only my second job ever. I never realized you are a programmer but I am a technical writer so I work with tons of programmers (and my husband is one). I’m so glad you were able to change jobs, with shorter days, and can work remotely. I’m 100% remote and it is NICE… more time for a run is great (when I’m running, bleh!) but the flexibility is good for things like appointments because let’s be honest, every business is 9-5 which doesn’t work with most traditional work hours!
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    1. Techies unite! Is your writing job on a project basis, or do you work a certain number of hours a week? What do you write about? Software at your company? (I have so many questions!!)

  4. It will be great having you home more during the summer! And me and the kids won’t have to lie about how we had no fun at all while you were at work. ha

  5. Congrats on changing things with your job! Any change for family ia a good change, moments are precious 🙂
    This winter started off rough, don’t be hard on yourself!

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