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I’m getting closer to starting my training for the Glass City Half Marathon on April 22nd.  I’m trying to just keep my base up, and maintain fitness.  Oh, and try not to break anything!  I didn’t quite succeed at that unfortunately.

Miles run last week = 16

Monday – Rest day from running – walked 2 miles on my treadmill.

Tuesday –  3.5 miles, feeling good!!  However, I had some weird shin pain when I woke up.  After I ran, and was at work, I had to ice it and could barely walk on it!  WTF?  Oddly enough, by noon, I didn’t feel a thing.  I swear it’s always something!


Wednesday – Spin bike, 30 mins.  I decided to give the spin bike another try.  This time I only did “easy” riding while sitting on the seat.  No classes or nothing strenuous.

Thursday – 3.5 miles – Oh no!  Feeling suspiciously sore again!!!  I’m guessing this was related to the spin session on Weds, so I’m considering that a trigger.  Will not be trying my spin bike again for awhile 🙁  Disappointing!  Sucks because I really like my new spin bike!  I’m just counting on the fact that someday soon I won’ t have to worry about “triggering” anything!

Friday – Rest day  Still feeling a little sore from aggravated hammies 🙁

Saturday – Long run – 9 miles, 9:44 pace.  We had a big group run with my Moms Run This Town group.  Always fun to chat and catch up with everyone.  When I saw the picture I felt bad that my big head got in front of the person behind me!!  Doh!

IMG_5760 (1)

My friend had to run 14 miles.  I ran 9 with her, and was happy to be done at 9 miles.  Not sure my body was willing to go any farther than that!


Sunday – Rest day!  I volunteered at the Dave’s 10 Miler & 5K.  Got a sweet Yeti shirt which matches my Boston jacket.  Win!  Aren’t these fun shirts??


Alan ran, and it was a foggy day.  Super crazy foggy!!


Oh – I didn’t tell you about my new Boston jacket!!  So, the 2015 “celebration” jacket for Boston is purple and orange.  The colors have certainly grown on me, and I like it now.  But let’s face it, there are a lot of colors that don’t go with purple and orange!  Ever since that year I have been wanting another jacket that they sold at the expo.  I was super excited when I saw one up for sale on Ebay – new with tags even!  There was  a bit of faith involved because the jacket was coming from London, but it arrived, and I love it.  You’ll probably see me wearing it a lot!

IMG_5714 (1)

Got my Boston gear on!  🙂

IMG_5740 (1)

I was thinking 16 miles seemed like a low amount, but my body was feeling a bit beat up from Saturday’s run, so 16 was going to be it!  I wanted to start out this week fresh again!  Still a bit of hammie annoyance going on, so hopefully without the spin bike this week I’ll be getting back on track.


Q:  Have you ever had shin splints?  Did they last a long time?

Q:  Do you ever get random pains that go away as quick as they came on??  

I really have NO idea why my shin hurt – but I’m thrilled the pain didn’t stick around!

11 thoughts on “Training Tues Recap – shins and jackets”
  1. You look sharp in the Boston jacket! I had shin splints randomly for several day once. This was a long time ago. I tested (had to, it hurt too bad) and they went away in a couple days and never came back. Random pains that are quite noticeable anf t hrn disappear in hours? Yup! Can’t even think of an example though. I cant spin either, it aggravates my it band really bad.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Weekend Wrap UpMy Profile

    1. I definitely get odd pains when I’m tapering for a marathon, but this kind of a pain was totally random! I certainly hope it doesn’t come back because it was bad. Do you remember this jacket from Boston? Several of my friends bought it that year. Couldn’t get it out of my mind!

  2. I love the Boston Jacket! I like the black and the highlights of yellow and blue on it. I agree that some years the jackets are not very cute. I wish they would offer more colors or something, or just keep it basic with the original Boston colors. Glad you found a deal on one too.

    I did a spin class and it hurt my injured area really badly. The seat just made me more sore “down there” so that’s one cross training I can’t do. Thankfully I can do BodyPump and a lot of cardio machines like elliptical so that helps!
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Weekly Rundown: January 15-21My Profile

    1. Last summer a bike ride was not pleasant – but now it’s more tolerable. Sitting on the seat of the spin bike didn’t bother me, but I guess it wasn’t my hammies friends. Waaa!
      I’m not sure if I do like the color options every year for Boston – I think a basic blue & yellow jacket would always look nice! Did you know they sold my purple/orange Boston jacket at TJ MAXX in Toledo?! Yep, one more reason I feel a little odd wearing it. Bizarre! And no, I didn’t buy mine there, but I sure could have saved $$$$ if I had!

  3. I have been plagued by shin splints off and on for a couple of years. Went to a PT last year who put me on a regiment of calf raises and single leg balance exercises. Pain went away and has not come back (knock on wood). I still do a ton of calf raises 4-5 times a week and I do the balance exercises daily. I use a 3” thick foam pad to make balancing more of a challenge. I also foam roll the calves and shins every day.

    1. Nice job at keeping those shin splints away! Sounds like you are on the right plan. I have no idea if mine was a shin splint, but I’m glad it went away. I do need to get on a balance board one of these days and get some strength in my ankles and lower leg muscles. My last trail run was tough on them!

  4. Yes, I have definitely had random pains! And of course they worry me because I get injured so much. I’ll get random pains in the bottom of my foot or knee that go away by the next day. I don’t even know if they are associated with running? Im glad your shin is better and I hope your hammies feel good for your next run!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Let’s Talk About Running ShoesMy Profile

  5. That boston jacket is so beautiful! I saw it when you posted on Instagram, looks GREAT on you!!!

    I’m sorry the spin bike seems to be triggering a pain, but hopefully your hammies feel better next week. My hamstrings have been SO sore from deadlifting over the last couple days, I can’t imagine having to deal with actual hamstring pain. I feel for you!

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