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Glass City half marathon training started this week!  Kinda!  I basically picked out my plan (Hal Higdon HM3).  Then I sat down and figured out “when I felt like” doing my long runs, which turned out to be Thursday, because that’s a day off work for me.  Then I shifted all of the days in the plan to match my schedule, and my training calendar ended up starting on a Saturday!  AND, it was a Rest Day!  Hey, it works for me, so I’m going with it.

While I’m not a Glass City Marathon Ambassador this year, I am on the “Road Crew” committee.  Technically, I’m the head of the committee, so I’m still involved in the race “inner circle”.   I think we’re even figuring out what our secret handshake will be.  (ha!!)

12 more weeks until GCM half, so here we go!

Miles run last week:  19.2 ?

Monday – 4 miles, 9:58 pace on TM.  Nothing new here.  Feeling a bit “meh” on this run.  Feeling the normal hamstring tightness, but nothing bad.


Tuesday – XT day.  Walked 2.5 miles on the treadmill while I watched some shows in the AM.  Started watching the Bachelor.  Why are those shows so long???  I need shows that last 25-45 mins for optimal treadmill watching  🙂

Wednesday – 3 miles, 10:09 pace on TM.  I woke up feeling kind of sore all over today.  Not in a sick kind of way, but just like I had done something strenuous on Tues.  Not sure why this was!  I had 3 miles on my plan, so that’s what I did.  I felt sore, and it was a struggle to get this done.  Definitely a bummer run.  Blah.


Thursday – ??? miles, ?? pace.  Track night!!!  Yep, that deserved 3 exclamation points!  I work as a sub as a coach for the Dave’s Marathon in Training program.  I saw there was an opening at track night for the “beginner half” group on Thursday. 


Obviously I have to sub for a pace within my range, and something that won’t injure me, so I thought this would be an easy night.  My mistake was thinking that beginners are all slow.  Sure, some are, but some people out there just run a faster pace!  I got teamed up with the faster guys because “I run fast”.  Doh!  I didn’t expect to be challenging myself, but I did!  We ran fartleks, and my watch doesn’t work properly in the building, so I have no idea what we ran.  It was a good workout for me, and I had fun with it – pushing the pace on the last few seconds to give my running partner a challenge.  He liked it, and called me the “fast coach”. 🙂  Always a confidence boost!


Friday7 miles, long run.  I was going to do 8 miles but didn’t have enough time.  My body didn’t mind stopping quite honestly, so I called it quits  I was feeling the effects of running 3 days in a row, with speedwork last night.  I went to PT and Alisha gave me some new exercises.  Ugh, a few of them are pretty hard for me, and I’m curious to see how my body reacts to the bump up in intensity.


Saturday – Rest day!!

Sunday4 miles, 9:22 pace.  I ran 2 miles with my kids and then the other 2 on my own.  I felt like my kids need to start getting ready for Track season, so I guilted them into joining me.  Actually, Sydney complained about it being “so cold” outside, which made Zach want to join in “no problem!”.  The day started out with frost, but by 3pm it was almost 60 degrees.  I washed my car!!



I would say this first week started out pretty good.  My challenge will be to follow the cross training recommendations, which will be just walking at this point.  Wish it could be my spin bike, but that seems to be a stressor.

I’ll leave you with a fun picture… the other day my cats were found sitting on the bed next to each other!  I feel like this means the planets are out of alignment for sure!  So watch out, who knows what is in store for us! 🙂



Q:  If you have multiple pets, do they hang out together??

Luna and Zoe usually do not!  They don’t fight too much, but they aren’t besties.

Q:  Any Bachelor fans out there?

I’m not super into it – and I fast forward through some of the boring stuff – but it’s a good time killer.

Q:  Do you take your car through a car wash?

I am NOT allowed to take my car through the car wash.  Alan would freak!  He thinks they cause scratches with the reused water and brushes.

11 thoughts on “Training Tuesday – GCM half, 1/30/18”
    1. Funny thing about that – in the “more annoying things that don’t work for me right now” dept, I have injured my arm! My bicep has hurt even before Christmas so I can’t do weights 🙁 My PT gave me some exercises for that too, and I hope it goes away. Sooooon!!

  1. I am kind of training for the Mesa-Phoenix Half coming up on February 24th. I have put off doing any type of formal training by constantly reminding myself “It’s only a half and it’s downhill.” I will probably regret saying that on race day when the downhill destroys my quads and I limp across the finish line. With the brutal temps and tons of salt here in Chicago, I really don’t have a choice but to run my car through a car wash just to get the salt off. I just looked at the temperature and it is 12*! Crap. Time to layer up and get out the door.

  2. Your PT seriously sounds so awesome to support you in the running and give you exercises. Plus it looks like a great training week overall with the longer run, cross training, and coaching the beginner program (I miss coaching so much! I used to coach kids, though). Love that you’re on board helping with the half, too.

    I feel you on shows being too short or too long for treadmilling. Sometimes an hour is too long to run but I want to watch the whole show. Thirty minutes is too short. I try to just watch mindless crap like Price is Right for that reason, lol.

    As far as car washes go, the first time I went through one… the kind you put your car in neutral and sit inside while it goes through, I was super scared and paranoid!
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Weekly Rundown: Jan 22-28My Profile

    1. I have only been through an automatic carwash once I think. I liked it! My kids really want to go through one. As for the TV shows, I usually end up watching one 30 min episode (22 mins I think?) and then watch a bit of International House Hunters. I think I have 32 episodes on my DVR so I keep chipping away at them, day by day!
      Yes, my PT is pretty awesome! I like that she keeps in touch with me via email so if I have any issues or need something modified she’ll make suggestions without me needing to go in all of the time.

  3. Look at those sweet furry babies 🙂
    You had a great first week. Track sounds super fun and that is a great way to get your more intense workout done. It has got be fun pushing others along!
    Walking sounds good, because it seems like the recovery may be more valuable to you for now with your hammie. Maybe you can do a lightweight upper routine or something and just let the legs worry about running 🙂

    1. Due to a whacked out arm, I can’t do any weights right now, but as soon as it’s feeling better I will be on board with that! It was a lot of fun at the track. I get to go again this week, with another group. Looking forward to it!

  4. I think you did an incredible job on your training this week Lisa 🙂 I only have on pet. I was thinking maybe we could adopt another dog, but I’m not sure the love in my heart can split in two. My husband is pretty sure of that about himself too. So it will be us and out sweet dog for now <3.
    Nathaly Abrahan recently posted…Oatmega Bars Review.My Profile

    1. Thanks! You would be surprised, your love multiples, not divides when there are more than one! I say that from experience with my two kids. I thought I would feel guilty about having another child, but really it makes it twice as nice!!

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